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  1. The earliest I can make a reservation in the main dining room (explorer) is 6:45pm.  Is this everyone's experience or have you been able to do earlier?  We usually like to eat and then hit the early main show.  I am not sure what time the shows will be but I am thinking we will not be able to do this.


    With MTD can you just show up at 6:00 and get in?  The early assigned dining is too early.  Does anyone know when the main shows times typically are?  We are sailing on the Explorer Nov 2024.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Ret MP said:

    I don't know, things may have been "nonviolent" because the ship diverted from there.  We don't know how violent or not things may or may not have gotten if they did show up.  And I'd consider it an incident if an entire ship (don't know what ship this is about) full of guests and crew had to divert from a port because of protests, violent or not.  I'm sure those that provide the support and depend on the $$$ that these ships bring in would consider it an incident and enough of an incident that the hierarchies of RCCL didn't want the passengers to see it. 

    I am sorry.  It was certainly an incident.  However not an incident of any passenger having a problem on the island, which I think is what people were asking about.  A storm is an incident too but not one to make someone worried about travel to the island.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Charles4515 said:

    One day a number of years ago some Haitans on a few small boats staged a non violent political protest and held up some signs. Hardly an incident. Royal Caribbean simply cancelled the stop. Which proves that Royal Caribbean is not going to take any chances but mostly they did not want passsngers to see a protest.

    I saw that and agree that I would not classify that as an incident.  

  4. 12 hours ago, rolloman said:

    Slow your roll...there have been incidents in the Labadee cruise port...just google it or read one of the other multiple threads on this issue that have popped up over the years. 

    I googled it and could not find any incidents in Labadee.  Not sure what you are referring to.  Other than a couple bad reviews and a couple hundred great reviews by cruisers I couldn't find anything.

  5. 22 hours ago, S.A.M.J.R. said:

    I don't have a dog in this fight, and this itinerary change would really suck, but something else that jumped at me...

    They will put you in a "like for like" cabin if you stay with the new itinerary.  But the original booking was on Rhapsody and the new itinerary is on Rhapsody.  So why wouldn't they just keep folks in the cabins already assigned?  

    I agree with this.  Same ship, same dates.  Why wouldn't you have the same cabin.  This makes no sense at all.

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  6. 5 hours ago, Badatz2 said:

    You always paid for luggage.  It was just included in the airfare for everyone even if all you took was a handbag.   Nothing is ever, "no charge"

    True but there was no extra charge for baggage.  You could bring 4 large bags for 2 people without paying an additional fee.  It made it easier to bring more clothes.


    I guess if you want to break down the cost of your cruise there would be 50 categories of what you are paying for.  Might be an interesting exercise. Any takers?

  7. 7 hours ago, Mick B said:

    Also, for anyone travelling by air both before or after a cruise, there may be limits on the weight of luggage, so packing heavy or large  clothes that may only be worn once for a cruise that hardly anyone is going to notice or care about seems pointless when the space in the cases can be used for things that you do need on a more frequent and practical basis.

    Point well taken.  Back in the 80's most people dressed up in formal attire every night.  In the 80's there was no charge for luggage on most airlines.  Times certainly have changed.

  8. Just now, Liljo22 said:

    Yes its break even but the allure for some is not having to worry about the bill at the end.  Plus it gives you the freedom to try drinks you would not normally order.  If you don't like it, just order something different.  


    You can bring 1 bottle per person of age in the cabin.

    Thanks.  And you are right about trying different drinks.  That is definitely one benefit of a drink package.

  9. 1 minute ago, Liljo22 said:

    Nothing wrong if the drink package doesn't make sense to you.  Its expensive and not for everyone.  For a lot of people, 5 drinks is not a crazy amount.  A mimosa in the morning, a drink by the pool when you return to the ship, a wine at dinner and a couple of drinks for after dinner entertainment and you are there.  


    True.  I guess I just can't see doing that 10 days in a row but that is me.  Plus what you described is breaking even, financially.


    Looks like I can bring on 2 bottles of wine for no charge. Is this accurate?



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  10. I must be different from most.  I am heading on a 10 day cruise in Nov 2024.  Drink package would be $1,500 for 2 of us for the 10 days.  That is 10 drinks a day at $15 a drink to break even.  That is 5 drinks per day per person.  While I may have 5 drinks in a day once or twice, my wife's max may be 3.  On some days we may have 1 or 2.


    I can't justify it.  It is a port intensive cruise and I am sure we may tip a few back while on shore. I am thinking it is borderline insane.  I wonder how many of these packages do they sell?  Is there any data on that that anyone has access to and can share?

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  11. I went to a street festival in the Tampa area about 5 years ago.  Vendor was selling high end jewelry and watches for well under "market" value.  I started talking to him about where he gets his inventory.  His story was that he was able to buy all of his items from Disney.  Anything in lost and found from all of the parks and resorts after a period of time was sold to him.  I have no idea if it is true but had no reason to doubt him.


    I couldn't believe how many items he had.  Kind of sad that soo many people lose/forget things while on vacation.

  12. We did the Ice Bar on the Getaway last July.  We paid $18 a person which gets you two drinks while in the bar.  It is cold.  I thought "no big deal" but was really ready to leave after 10 minutes.  You can take pictures of yourself behind the bar and around the room.


    Pretty neat experience but I think I am one and done.  Drinks were strong but small.  Expect to tip the bartender some cash for helping with pictures etc.  Everything is ice including the seats.


    They take reservations and it does fill up.  It is only open later in the evening.  Best to make reservations well ahead of time (while on board).

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  13. On 1/25/2023 at 10:18 AM, Liljo22 said:

    Wait.  Are they complaining about restaurants and entertainment on a cruise they never took?  That's a new one.  

    "Next, the package we purchased included beverages and specialty dining. However, when we went to book reservations at the specialty restaurants, we found that all but 2 were closed; not full from reservations - but temporarily closed! We were not told this prior to booking. Shameful NCL.

    Then, we noticed the entertainment was incredibly scaled back -- virtually non-existent. Sure, there were a couple crew-based tribute shows but nothing notable; scaled way back. As others have posted, NCL has cut back entertainment staff and overall staffing is clearly an issue."


    I agree that complaining about things that they never experienced (for sure) may be a little over the top.  Things may have worked out different onboard.

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