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  1. 10 minutes ago, ChiefMateJRK said:

    No.  NCL's website is an unsolvable mystery.  We've tried to figure it out, but more often than not there i no logic to be found.

    Some have had success in stacking discounts.  It's best to call NCL reservations once a booking is made and ask them to apply them both.  Please let us know what you find out.


    I probably will not be using the discounts.  If the 20% one was good through 12/31/23 we would use it.  12/31/22 is too soon and we have a few other getaway's planned to squeeze in a cruise before year end.


    I will be checking out all cruises just in case😀

  2. I logged onto my account and these show up.  I just looked based on another posted topic that mention the 20% discount on their account.  I just logged in and find it interested that I would never have known if not for reading it on CC.  No notification from NCL that these were posted.


    Does anyone know why I am getting these?  Can they be used together?  


    Thank you CC posters for making me aware of these.



    Coupon ID Amount Dates Onboard Credit
    10% Off Discount Future Cruise Credit   10% Off
    Expires On9/30/2022
    Sail by12/31/2023
    Not Applicable
    20% Off Discount Future Cruise Credit   20% Off
    Expires On9/30/2022
    Sail by12/31/2022
    Not Applica
  3. For extra room the angled balconies are great.  I had a larger one on the seaside and you could fit 20 people on it.  Of course this was in 2018 when the angled balconies were just a balcony.  All balconies were the same price.


    Now they are all different prices depending on location, deck etc.

  4. I won a bid on an upgrade from inside to balcony on 7/23/22 Getaway cruise for $10 over minimum bid.  When we got on board first reaction was oh no we will regret this upgrade.  We were way up front on deck 13.  Long walk to elevator/stair bank.


    Turns out it was a blessing.  We talked to many people near stairs that said the kids were very loud into all hours of the night.  Several had to call security at 2-3 AM.  We never heard a peep.


    I guess all locations have their pros and cons.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Rob-Bob said:

    I had 2 cruises in which I will lose.  I am at a higher level now though on another line so maybe I will be higher on MSC when I reapply.  

    I just looked at chart and I will be Gold with MSC matching my NCL Platinum status.  Most important is the 5% off the cruise fare which looks like you get at all levels.

  6. 12 hours ago, jchris1230 said:

    I am in the same "Boat" LOL! So I went and looked at the FAQ on the website the other day. Once it expires, you can reapply BUT you lose any cruise points that you accrued after you appled for status match last time.  Luckily I had only taken 1 cruise since then. Imagine having taken way more than that, you will lost all those points.

    I had 2 cruises in which I will lose.  I am at a higher level now though on another line so maybe I will be higher on MSC when I reapply.  

  7. 12 hours ago, psac said:

    NCL does not want to deal with a passenger with full-blown symptoms, up to and including death, so:

    If the non-vaccinated gets Covid during the trip, they''ll take their symptoms home and deal it off ship.  If they are already at the point of failing a test, they may turn into a medical emergency onboard.

    If the vaccinated gets Covid during the trip, they''ll take their lesser symptoms home and deal it off ship.  If they are already at the point of failing a test, they may show lesser symptoms, but probably not turn into a medical emergency onboard.

    Likely less to do with virus transmission and more to do with impact on NCL while the passenger is NCL's responsibility.


    NCL wants to use incubation time to their advantage so the folks who can get really, really sick, do so after they disembark.  Those who have taken the initiative to be vaccinated are a risk NCL is willing to accept since most of the vaccinated are not getting really, really sick.  It is now accepted that anyone can get it at anytime, so the focus has shifted to risk tolerance and mitigating the effects.

    Now this is an explanation that makes some sense.  I thank the poster for their opinion on NCL's thinking. 

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  8. 14 hours ago, logan25 said:

    Just as with vaccination and testing rules to date, if you don’t like or feel safe, stay off cruise ships which do not meet your requirements.

    Of course.  I do not have an opinion one way or another.  I have cruised 2x in the past year and will continue to cruise.  I will cruise whether there is a test requirement or not.  I do not care one way or the other although no testing makes it a lot easier.


    I just do not understand the logic.  

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  9. 1 minute ago, SeaShark said:


    Well, when somebody make a rule (like, for example, this one), you really need to ask THEM for the explanation behind their logic. The policy wasn't created by members on Cruise Critic, so we aren't really the right people to ask for the logic.

    Got it.  No questions on CC unless it is directed to people with specific knowledge of the topic.  No opinions or speculation allowed.


    That won't limit posts much.

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  10. My status match has expired because I haven't sailed with MSC since March 2018.  I had a March 2020 cruise canceled at last minute (first cancellation due to Covid).  It is sort of not my fault.


    Can I get my status restored or can I reapply for a status match.  Will MSC do that a second time or are you one and done?

  11. 7 minutes ago, d9704011 said:

    Why does it not make sense to you?

    Vaccinated or non vaccinated can get the virus and pass it on.  Actually if the unvaccinated has Covid you may see symptoms.  Vaccinated may not shows symptoms but can still pass it on.  No symptoms walk on to the ship ready to pass it on. 


    So you can still try to answer my question rather than ask me a question if you can offer any logic to this situation.  Even if it is "their rules" please give me a logical explanation. 

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  12. Just got off the Getaway. Kept waiting for my $100 shareholder credit to be subtracted from my charges.  It wasn't being deducted so I suspected it was not eligible to go against service charges.  I checked at customer service and they said no to service charges and no to casino.


    They said it could be applied to excursions but I already paid for all excursions prior to getting the OBC.  Needed to burn $100 somehow or lose it.


    We bought 2 tee shirts - $20. Waterproof camera case - $15. 2 Ice bar admissions - $36. 1 Deal or no deal entry - $30.  Oh well. 

  13. 21 hours ago, yankprintster said:

    I just did this back on the 22nd, so I'll give you a rundown:


    I did a mock booking on the NCL website for an inside cabin on a 16-day cruise I was interested in.  Lowest cabin category was IF and mock booking total came to $3502.32.


    Then I went down to the cruise next desk and booked it.  They mentioned it would take several days for all the promos to get added properly and to not be surprised if I check and see the price is higher than I expect.


    I received a confirmation email that showed a total of $3631.92, which was higher than the mock booking of IF category.  The statement mentioned it was an IA category stateroom (the two bump in-category upgrade).   It also had promo codes of DISXIN (assuming for in-category upgrade), DISC40, EASYFARE, LATITUDE, LATERW, SHX50).


    About 10 hours later, I got another confirmation statement emailed, and now the price matched my mock booking of $3502.32.  The stateroom now mentioned IF-IA instead of just IA as it has before.


    5 days later, I got the third confirmation statement.  A new promo code had been added, CNUD10 (cruise next 10% discount?), and the final price showed $3189.78.


    The three statements were all sent automatically to me.

    So it looks like you got 10% off everything including port charges, taxes and tips (assuming you got free drinks).  That is incredible.  Usually the 10% is fare only.

  14. 2 hours ago, makdex said:

    Got my bid approved this morning (Tuesday) for our Saturday sail on the Getaway.  Went from a balcony on deck 9 to club balcony on deck 14.  I wanted the bigger bathroom and thought the laundry service would be a nice perk.  Could care less about the food and wine.  Bid $10 over the minimum of $50 and ended up paying $120.  Got Vibe passes and Priority Pass so I am good to go with my Haven-Lite. 

    Good going.  I am on the same cruise and anxiously awaiting any news on winning an upgrade.  Nothing so far although I see many have been notified on this sailing of a successful bid.

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