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  1. There is one bottle of Prosecco or sometimes sparkling wine included per sailing in YC in each suite. We just like to bring our own good quality Champagne to celebrate, more of an embarkation ritual for us.
  2. Thanks for posting! Hope this is still in effect in October.
  3. Please don't apologize! Your English is better than most people's Swedish who subscribe to this forum.
  4. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Respect mine!
  5. So sorry for you! I understand totally. You basically have lost an entire day of enjoying the ship. Many of us are not happy but MSC DOES NOT CARE.
  6. Hopefully by then they won't need to assign boarding times. Our case was different since we booked at the last minute.
  7. I am sorry to say that even in YC, even with only 16 suites out of 100 sold, even with a Diamond status, even with a YC2 suite, we are not given a choice for the embarkation time. This sailing is in just 24 days. Hopefully by the time you sail, they will have improved the system and learned something from the other cruise lines who have the courtesy of offering choices. In this case YC does not matter at all. We asked. Like you, we are in SW FL so we will drive to the port and have the flexibility of leaving that same morning, as early as we'd like.
  8. There is such a big difference in service between YC and Fantastica. I certainly agree with you for the non YC customer service issues and for the poor IT department. We have been spoiled with YC. On another note, I see that you use "cruiseships.com to keep tabs on your sailings. I did for a long time but they did not seem to keep up with cruise lines' and their ships. Is it better now? Since this is my thread, I guess I can hijack it, LOL.
  9. We also understand the need for social distancing and scattered embarkation times but if only MSC followed the example of other cruise lines and asked instead of assigning embarkation times. I hope they improve their system and listen to folks like you and me. Hopefully this issue will have been corrected by July of next year when you cruise. This is only a 4 day cruise, our first one in 16 months. We are excited and anxious to board and enjoy the empty ship, like you mentioned.
  10. Excellent retort and one I could not have put into words better. It's really unfortunate that some folks can be so nasty on the internet. We cannot block them here but at least we can click on that little button called "Ignored Users" which is what I did for whatever this poor excuse for an Englishman is. Sorry we will miss each other by just a few days, Stealth Cruiser.
  11. I think we are on different cruises. Yours is on August 6th right? Too bad! My embarkation time is also 12:20. My friends' embarkation time is at 11:00.
  12. Before the pandemic, some cruise lines started staggering times for embarkation. They asked what our preferences were. MSC, understandably, is now staggering times but they did not offer a choice and there is no possibility of changing the time they assign. If you miss the assigned time, you will be allowed 1 hour leeway to board late. I wonder what will happen then. For Yacht Club passengers, the times are also staggered. We asked if we could board earlier so we could join our friends. We were told "no". This sailing is less than a month away and there
  13. Unfortunately, MSC is the only cruise line that we know of that does not allow us to bring ANY wine or alcohol on board. It's a shame really since we like to celebrate embarkation with a nice bottle of Champagne when we first arrive in our stateroom.
  14. Our 9/27 cruise to was jus cancelled. Evidently, there are still many concerns about the Black Sea area,
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