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  1. What is the current brand of Champagne included on SS Mariner? TIA
  2. Thank you for posting this interesting information Sujormik! Now that we know these lists are not readily available, we will be sure to ask, something we SHOULD NOT have to do. We are newbies to Azamara so not familiar with any of these “secrets” ...”faux-pas”. Disappointing!!!
  3. Since Cuba is no longer on the itinerary, we will not be on this sailing.
  4. You are right. We had the 4 night to Cuba booked and were offered a $66 compensation. It took them a week to offer this and Key West which we have visited 6 times. Meanwhile, we made plans to change the other 2 cruises we had already booked to Cuba with Regent and Azamara who gave us wonderful incentives. When we called Virgin to cancel a little while ago, the rep tried to get us to switch to another voyage 3 times. Can't blame them, I suppose! He finally agreed to cancel.
  5. Looking for information as to all the tables are multiple seating or are there any tables for 2 for the Le Petit Chef dining experience?
  6. Looking for information as to all the tables are multiple seating or are there any tables for 2? I will start a new thread with this question also.
  7. Thank you for your review! You just gave me 2 brilliant ideas: I shall have a fabric bouquet ready for that vase. I had been trying to locate the field to order fresh flowers but had given up because I thought it was not an option since it was impossible for me to find it on the website. After more research, I found it and ordered a bouquet of spring flowers. Is that what you ordered and were you happy with them? I also ordered a robe for hubby's birthday now that I can navigate the ordering fields.
  8. Here comes the “flaming”! The mattress is covered the cushions are NOT...
  9. Yes, I was just wondering about a solution since I never like to be around cushions and bed spreads others may have used. It’s usually an issue because of lack of space. This time, they are going in a big garbage bag and if the butler will not remove them, they can stay on the balcony. I hear there are quite a few more on Edge than on the other ships. I’ll even furnish the big garbage bag.
  10. We will be getting on next Sunday! Do tell all about your experience and tips when you get off, FrostyMan. Have a wonderful sailing!
  11. Mafig, we put a deposit down the minute Virgin posted this option and before the ship was even built. We later were given the offer to book before the prices became available to the general public and we were able to get the stateroom we wanted (called a SWEET AFT SUITE - EVEN BIGGER TERRACE...what a name!) When the sales opened up to the public, however, the staterooms seemed considerably restricted. Not sure if they now give only guarantees but that would not work for us either. Glad we booked when we did as we like to try different lines but probably will not book again with them since this line seems to be oriented more towards millennials and we are way past that, LOL.
  12. Oh Thank You! You make me feel better about having reserved at Le Petit Chef. There have been so many negative reviews about the food there. As far as the steakhouse is concerned, I love good red meat so will report back. Thanks again for your wonderful, informative and humours review.
  13. I, for one, agree with you 100%. Let them flame me too. I once walked out of Blu because of a screaming child and never went back during the length of the cruise even though this was our assigned MDR. Now, I have reservations to Eden, Le Petit Chef and the Steakhouse on Edge in 2 weeks but your post and other critiques are seriously making me reconsider. Should we cancel? I hate spending money to get aggravated.
  14. BrendaJ, thank you for a wonderful review. Wondering if you tried "Le Petit Chef" and if so, was it worth the experience? We booked it but now wondering (after reading some bad reviews about the food) if we should just concentrate on eating at Luminae which I am excited about. Not even sure I want to keep the reservation for the steakhouse, we just might cancel that one too! What would you do? BTW, I just found a great new feature on these CC boards. We now have the ability to "ignore a user" something I shall immediately use for this Keithm.
  15. You are absolutely right. I quit writing reviews a long time ago and now I keep my opinions to myself because this type of trolling/flaming is senseless and ridiculous. Looking forward to sailing on this ship in 3 weeks!
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