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  1. Any suggestions for a sit-down restaurant within a short distance of the Incheon Port International Cruise Terminal?
  2. I'm sure the concierge at your hotel can arrange a car for you.
  3. As a general rule, weather and sea conditions allowing, you have 2 zodiac trips each day. One a landing where you get out of the zodiac and walk around and the other a zodiac cruise. Those are included at no extra cost. Then there are kayak trios and submarine trips. Both of them are extra cost. I don't recall the cost of the kayak trips but the sub trip cost $1,000. Both of them also subject to weather and sea conditions as to go or no go. Weather, wind and sea conditions determine everything on an Antarctic cruise so be prepared that schedules can and most likely will change. Just go with the flow.
  4. Either way you could have delays. On our cruise we left Ushuaia 4 hours early to dodge a storm and returned a day early for the same reason. 2 other ships in Ushuaia were delayed leaving 2 days due to weather. So pick your poison. We had 10 - 12 meter seas going and coming and it wasn't too bad. We had met with an expedition guide on a Med cruise who was there to talk up the Venture before she was launched and were advised to get a specific motion sickness medication, Stugeron. It worked great. Not available in the USA but you can get it thru an online Canadian pharmacy. Takes a few weeks to get it so plan on that. We tried it at home before we left to make sure we had no ill side effects and had none.
  5. Yes. Go to Seabourn Square and ask them to apply your credit to the cost of your excursions. Easy peasy. Have a great cruise.
  6. Can't say what the situation is on Pursuit but on Venture you step onto the zodiac then onto a box then onto the deck of the zodiac and with more than ample assistance from the crew. Have to guess it's the very same set-up on Pursuit.
  7. No special status for the meal on the return to EZE. We were surprised to be taken to a restaurant after return to EZE and learned it was due to the fact we booked our flights through Seabourn Flight Ease.
  8. If you book a private transfer my guess is that the company you book with should be able to provide guidance on this.
  9. I would suggest you check out Tours By Locals for Hong Kong https://www.toursbylocals.com/Hong-Kong-Tours and contact one (or more) of the guides who specializes in full day shore excursions in a private vehicle and tell them what you want. I'm confidant they will customize their tour to meet your needs.
  10. We found googles very useful when running in the zodiacs. Had sunglasses too.
  11. We were on a Venture Antarctica cruise in January’23. Shortly after boarding, I don’t recall the exact time but I think it was around 1:30pm, the captain made an announcement that we would be leaving Ushuaia early to get ahead of a storm. We left at 3:00pm and lucky we did. 2 other ships were stuck in port for 2 days due to the storm. So could be risky to go into town.
  12. Not true on our Nova sailing this past August. Often difficult to get a sun lounge with all the books and other paraphernalia strewn about on unused lounges with no one in sight for hours.
  13. If you haven't been and you have the time (it's a bit outside of Copenhagen) you should go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. https://louisiana.dk/en/ It's a magical place.
  14. google seabourn venture deck plan and open the pdf version. Look at the key to the symbols and you will find "self service launderette." It's on deck 5 just aft of suite 528.
  15. Thank you. I will of course resect the culture. I would guess the same is true in Korea. Correct?
  16. Vicki was on the Nova this past August. She was great. Does anyone know where she went?
  17. I know tipping in Japan is generally not expected but does that apply to a private tour guide? Is a tip expected or would it be insulting to tip?
  18. We have had good success both pre and post Covid with Tours By Locals.
  19. My guess is that this topic has been covered before so please forgive the redundancy. In what time zone is the 120 days counted from for booking purposes? I seem to recall that it's in Monaco. Has that changed?
  20. Cruise line excursions, be they Seabourn and the "included excursions" on Silversea and Regent, are generally not for us. Although we have from time to time used the so-called "on your own" transfers into a city or town to meet a private guide. We have taken a few very special "extra cost" excursions where we have been assured that the head count is low but we prefer to hire private guides.
  21. Itinerary indicates she’s not scheduled to depart until 23:00.
  22. Why not check out ToursByLocals since you've been happy with their guides. We have always been happy with their guides.
  23. Just checked. I was wrong. It was an Airbus A320.
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