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  1. Does anyone know what time of day one can start booking excursions? I am aware that one cannot start booking excursions until 180 days prior to sailing but at what time on that day may one start. I am in California and it would be helpful to know if the 180 days prior is based on Monaco time or London time or east coast US time.
  2. Good suggestion. Wish I had thought of that.
  3. euro cruiser thanks for your input. Might you by any chance know of a modestly price water taxi service from Capri to Sorrento? We will be on a cruise that over nights in Sorrento and we are hoping to spend some time in Capri and have dinner there but unless we can find a way to get back to Sorrento at night the only other alternative I can think of is to stay over night in a hotel in Capri and I doubt if that will be at a modest cost.
  4. Not surprised to hear that but disappointed. Didn't know that they don't run at night. I find that odd.
  5. Does anyone know how late the ferries run from Capri to Sorrento starting in mid-April?
  6. Someone please clarify the dining venues on Silver Moon that require reservations and are an extra cost. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know if Indochine can accommodate someone who is gluten intolerant?
  8. Preston, May I ask, what are the suite numbers you are referring to?
  9. But just how bad is the noise above 937? When does it start? Does it go on all day? When does it end.
  10. We were told by Silversea their rate for a Venice hotel is $660/night and a Rome hotel is $770/night. Don't know where those rates fall with respect to Simply or Grand but my guess is that these days it the Simply rate.
  11. My guess is that this topic has been covered before but what hotels does Silversea generally use pre and post cruise in Venice and Rome?
  12. Can anyone who has stayed in this suite tell me if there is much noise (moving chairs, tables, etc.) from the The Grill, the Pool Bar and the Pool Grill which look to be situated above the this suite?
  13. We are considering an Antarctic Cruise from Ushuaia to the Antarctic and then on to South Georgia and then to Buenos Aires on a new 260 passenger, 23,000 gt polar rated ship. We know about the seas in the Drake Passage. But what can we expect as far as the seas around the South Georgia islands, the Falklands and then on to Buenos Aires?
  14. In my experience the only time the U shaped walk described on deck 5 is closed is on those occasions when you are not docked and they are launching the tenders. Once they are launched the area to walk is free and clear of obstacles with the minor exception of the aft area where there is a small hot tube and some lounges. Usually not very crowded and easy to navigate around.
  15. I would suggest you check out Tours By Locals. https://www.toursbylocals.com/Copenhagen-Tours It's a great website and a great organization. Although we have not used them in Copenhagen, we have used them all over Europe. I'm confident if you check out the guides on the website and communicate with 1 or 2 of the guides by email you'll find a great guide who can tailor make a tour for the 4 of you and drop you off in Nyhavn.
  16. We were on essentially this cruise in 2016 on Voyager but in the opposite direction - Barcelona - Southampton. Had essentially a day and a half in Bordeaux. It was a great cruise. Not sure how things will work nowadays due to Covid 19 but we had a private guide for a full day who took us to the Medoc region in a very comfortable van visiting chateaux, tasting wine and lunch. Cost back then for the 2 of us was 480 Euros (would have been 530 Euros if we were 4) and worth every Euro. The 2nd day we booked Regent's morning 4 1/4 hour Saint Emilion Exploration excursion but went off on our own as we used the tour as transportation only. Our guide from the day before called a great wine shop for us and we had the best wine tasting of the trip at no cost, although we did end up buying some wine. Doubt you can go off on your own now due to Covid restrictions likely to be in place on ship tours. If we were to do it again I think as far as for Bordeaux I'd opt for a private guide.
  17. Cold layup for two ships. Not a good sign. That likely takes them out of service for a least 12 months.
  18. We had a similar experience with 3 days in St Petersburg. A private guide is the only way to go. Wherever we went, including the Hermitage lines were not an issue. Out guide took us to the front of the line and to areas where we visited that others could not or did not go or see.
  19. And I wonder who that would be?
  20. Wonder whaat they do with respect to submarines, even those that are on the surface?
  21. And what does common sense tell you?
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