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  1. We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands. Overpriced but quite an experience.
  2. We just did that last month. The hotel kept our luggage until our room was ready. They texted us while we were exploring and put it in our room, so it was there when we got back to the hotel. Very easy, no hassle.
  3. Our itinerary said that we would be tendered also, but we docked. If you are the only ship in port, you should dock also. There wasn’t a shuttle, but taxis were very convenient, especially to go to the Igloo hotel. It is a must see and so much better than the one in Tromso. Enjoy, it is an awesome cruise.
  4. Thanks so much for the info. I have seen som before, but nice to see in one place. I know I can use Grab, but is there a good transfer company to use from the airport to Marina Bay Sands?
  5. We docked in Bordeaux while on the Riviera in 2019. It was so convenient to be able enjoy the gorgeous city.
  6. That would be awesome, especially since we overnight there. Thanks for checking. You beat me to it. 😃
  7. We will be going to Ho Hi Minh City in February. I hope we get to do the Ho Chi Minh Slalom, as our Captain on the Azamara Quest called it. There are 16 curves in the river making it interesting. I doubt the Riviera, being twice the size, will do it unfortunately.
  8. We were the last cruise before the Simply More program started on Oct 1, so I didn’t have any of the info for the new program. Sorry. 😞
  9. I was impressed how Celebrity handled this difficult situation with boarding everyone so late. The line to get into the terminal was horrendous, but everyone waited patiently. It moved pretty fast and we were in the terminal in a half hour. The security and check in lines took another half hour but it was done quite well with the large crowd. We then went up to a large waiting room with seats in sectioned areas to wait for our section to be allowed to go to the ship. It looked like it could a very long time but it was only another half hour and we were on the ship. I must commend Celebrity for providing a very orderly and efficient way to handle this most unusual situation.
  10. Did they let you stay in the cabin later than 8:00AM due to arriving late?
  11. For those onboard, do you know how long will they delay disembarking to wait for luggage to get to terminal?
  12. In January, on the Viking Venus, we arrived 2 days late due to weather. We were lucky that we planned on staying with friends for 3 nights in England before going home. Those waiting to board were put up in hotels. Bad situation.
  13. We are on the next cruise. They notified us earlier that there would be a 2 hour delay. They said it could be later based on weather. They are sending an update at 9:30.
  14. Thanks so much for this information. We won’t head down till you dock.
  15. We were also on the Montreal to Miami cruise. I was very disappointed in the sight lines. They were so bad, I didn't take any photos of the shows like I normally do. There was plenty of leg room, where we didn't need to stand up when people walked by. We did need to move our legs over though. We loved the comedian. The production shows weren't that good, but I don't expect them to be on O.
  16. I think they are basically the same. Below are descriptions and photos of the Jacques Lobster Thermidor from my 2016 Riviera cruise. Below is the Vista Maine Lobster Baked in Shell. The main difference is that the Vista one was a much bigger shell rather than two smaller ones in Jacques.
  17. One of the reasons we booked the Aug 2025 Polynesian Dream cruise was that Aug and Sep are Tahiti's coolest months.
  18. Not at all. Never heard a thing. You have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your cruise.
  19. That was what I was referring to, but it only shows if you have signatures turned on.
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