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  1. They also had a husband and wife duo from Ukraine that did a acrobatic show. They were pretty amazing!
  2. The company I provided info on was not using the public bus and their shuttle service that included a coach ride back to Fira stopped at 2pm - but one could certainly take a public bus back if they wanted to on their own. I chose the 15 euro boat / bus combo as it meant we did not have to take the cable car up to Fira. The boat service we used took 15 minutes and then they also provide a short bus shuttle up to Oia - so you can avoid the steep walk if you prefer.
  3. I found the company that we used. There was no need for reservation. I'm not even sure if there was set departure times, seems like they kinda waited until the ferry filled up. We waited no more than 15 minutes it seemed. http://www.aegeantravellersantorini.com/transfer-to-oia-by-speedboat-private-bus-back-to-fira/ From what I saw, the public bus also seemed pretty reliable. In Oia there was a bus terminal that was easy to find where everything seemed to go from. It's filled with tourists - so shouldn't be hard to find the right destination :)
  4. I was there last week and used the boat/ferry service you will see immediately at the pier. For 15 euros you get a nice boat ride and the busses leave on the hour between 9 and 2 to return you to Fira. Service was very reliable and pretty efficient. We took cable car down with minimal wait but there were only 2 ships in port.
  5. Thanks, everyone. The Phoenician steps was more of an A to B that I thought could be enjoyable. What you've outlined above is exactly what I as coming across - the need to back track to Marina Grande in order to try to do both attractions. One of the tourist boat companies I emailed also told me they wouldn't be able to guarantee that we could get off at the Blue Grotto and stay on land at Anacapri. We are there in mid May - so hopefully lines aren't terrible, but it sounds like we might just do Mount Solaro and leave time for shopping in Capri town. Makes for a more relaxing day.
  6. Has anyone walked from Anacapri to Capri using the Phonecian steps? I'm not clear if it only takes you down to Marina Grande or if you can walk the steps and stay up in Capri. Also trying to figure out how to fit in the Blue Grotto and the chair lift in Mount Solaro. Has anyone done a boat transfer from Marina Grande to Blue Grotto and gotten off and stayed in Anacapri and then made their own way to the chair lift? It sounds doable but I'm confused about the chaos I've read about at the Blue Grotto in terms of people arriving by boat and the long lines on land. Looking to keep things on a DIY basis. Thanks for any help!
  7. Would love some opinions on Lindos and Rhodes Old Town or what you did there. We are in port from 7am to 5pm and I’m trying to decide what to do. I understand Lindos is about 1 hour away and while it looks beautiful I’m thinking it might not leave us enough time to explore Rhodes Old Town as much as I’d like. Both seem like such different experiences that I’m torn about what to do. Am I wrong in thinking that while Lindos looks like it has amazing views might be worth skipping as we will have already had the white stone village experience in Mykonos and Santorini. Obviously I know they are not exactly the same, but looking to maximize different experiences.
  8. Would you mind sharing what you found or did? I’ve found a 15 euro bus excursion on ShoreBee that drops you off for the day. We are considering that. Cheaper and longer than what out ship offers.
  9. We received a future cruise credit from Royal as a goodwill gesture when we missed a few days of a previous sailing and joined the ship late (great customer service!). It had to be used within 1 year so weave rebooked our original itinerary. Ive just noticed on the invoice they have sent me I don't actually see a line item for the credit being applied, but I don't remember the full price I expected to pay for the cruise....so my fault for not immediately reconciling. Can anyone tell me if they think I should actually she the credit removed or if the price they charged me was already reduced on their end? Thanks
  10. I think the same itinerary but May 10th. Enjoy!
  11. Yes - that's the flight! I had called Royal but at the time the agent couldn't find out the times for me. We are doing the Jewel as well - what sailing are you on?
  12. Itinerary says we arrive at 5:00. So even with travel we should be okay to make it to the airport by 8:45 (that'd be 3 hours before) - I thin(?) I've never done private transfer before, but assume someone would be willing to come get us as early as possible!
  13. Expert thoughts on if this is too early (11:45 flight ) to get from the port to FCO? We will just have carry on and do self disembark (have done it before, so have no issues) I've flown before at 1:45 and we were able to use a shuttle bus for around 20 euros. Realize we will likely need to arrange private transport to make it this early, but can we make it based on your past experience? It's an international flight to Canada. I've called Royal and they charge $93 CAD per person, but was on hold forever and got disconnected while she was trying to find the times for me. At that price, private transfer is about the same cost for me. Appreciate all input!
  14. Oh give me a break! The OP is clearly asking for opinions and personal experiences - that's what this whole chat board is based on. Just because he didn't word it exactly to your liking doesn't mean you should be a jerk about it. I've never made that trip, so don't have any suggestions. But I hope some of the kinder members of this forum chime in.
  15. Have you looked into Cinque Terre? There will be lots of ship excursions there, but you can easily do on your own and on your terms. It was one of my fave days and one of the cheapest! For around 16 euros you can get a day pass for the trains and hop among the villages.
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