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  1. I haven't seen any cancellations with respect to Hong Kong. The airport shutdown would have had an impact for a day or two, but I am not sure ships called on HK those two days. We embark in HK in mid-October and everything looks good now.
  2. We have a balcony and had the choice to bid on three different levels of suites.
  3. hubofhockey

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    I have been checking on flights because we leave in a couple of months (just monitoring) and yesterday's Cathay Pacific Boston direct to HK was canceled, but today's is schedule for taking off on time at 1:50 AM EST.
  4. If it's mainly the option to take or reject a winning bid, then maybe they will tweak it upon suggestion. That seems reasonable. I thought the larger objection was that newer passengers or passengers with high volume travel agents were getting the opportunities.
  5. Your opportunity to say no is before you bid. You should always assume that they are auctioning off unsold or least popular cabins which they couldn't sell. Don't past cruisers already get better deals, including free nights, other perks, and better pricing? Early bookers get choice of cabin. With respect to North Americans, often that early booking is risk free, meaning they can cancel all the way up to final payment with minimal penalties. At the same time, they can take advantage of every subsequent special that comes up along the way. This may be different for those living outside US/Canada, but those bookers have other protections. I don't know what is fair and what is not, but I can assume that cruise lines act in their own interest and are doing this to grow their customer base and raise revenue. A system where cruisers with the most points could just book a lower priced cabin and then offer $398 more to get upgraded to a cabin worth twice as much certainly seems less fair. Many here believe that is more "fair". Fairness doesn't seem easy to define.
  6. Why is this a problem? It's actually more fair to those who pay to choose cabins and these bids are often deeply discounted.
  7. Allure makes no sense for North Americans on their first Med cruise. It makes sense for Miami or Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean. Some of the S Class ships on Celebrity have decent itineraries and the M class gets to the nice Adriatic ports like Dubrovnik and Venice and some start in Venice and end in Rome.
  8. For Mediterranean cruises, you should look at itineraries you like first and also time in ports. In the Med, we have done Princess, Carnival (with our kids ), and Celebrity. We did different itineraries each time and learned from each. Our most recent in the Med was on the Celebrity Constellation and it was in the Adriatic and had two overnights (one in Dubrovnik and another in Malta). Most on their first to the Med really mean the western Med and want to see Rome, Florence, Naples, Barcelona, and a couple of other ports. Some itineraries go east to west and those are great for first time Med cruisers and you can look for itineraries that go from Venice to Barcelona or Barcelona to Venice. I would do it soon because they are looking at limiting the number of ships in Venice. Right now, I would focus on Celebrity and an M Class ship that go from Venice. M Class ships are 2,000 passenger ships, but have just about everything the larger ships have. I like the Celebrity deals where they throw in a couple of perks and we always take the Classic drinks package and either the $300 OBC or gratuities included, whichever is greater value. Overall, though, focus on the ports first, research them, time in ports second, and then the ship and line itself, while keeping in mind not only price, but also add ons like perks. My favorite Med ports - Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Venice, Naples (for Capri or Positano), Istanbul, any port close enough to Florence, and Athens. Expand your search and find what works for you. Also, look for cruises which have different starting and ending ports because it allows you to spend more time in two great cities. For first timers, Barcelona is just a big favorite.
  9. I would recommend a private tour in Kotor. We used Mont Travelers, but any well vetted tour reviewed in Tripadvisor would probably do. The drive up the winding mountains over Boka Bay is spectacular and unique. We also enjoyed Budva which we found more interesting than the town of Kotor (really not close). Our tour did get us to Cetinje as the Lipa Caves we visited were near there. Cetinje has a certain charm to it, but can be missed and the town seems like a throwback to the late 1960s and that probably relates to the economics of the area. If I had a do over, I'd skip the caves and do a sit down lunch instead in Budva.
  10. Agree with HGC above and don't know why anyone would want a "tour" of walking the walls. Go at your own pace and stay away from tours on those walls. Even with many people up there, it's a beautiful and peaceful walk that's great for photography as well. I wish cruise lines would be honest here and tell people to take their free shuttles in town and just buy tickets for the walls.
  11. Sushi on 5 is one of our favorites and we usually get the specialty dining package. Our next on X is Nov 2020.
  12. Thanks for that information. I had been hoping to see a chicken, duck, or some kind of beef dish on there or even something with some interesting spices (not bland) and it was a bit of a letdown, especially after seeing everyone rave about Discoveries.
  13. I feel like some of the negative comments are being made by those who are somewhat down on Azamara in any case.
  14. That's a pretty weak menu. It's basically fish, vegetarian, or turkey. Do they post these things on the TVs in the rooms or at the entrance to the dining rooms? If I saw this menu, I'd know ahead of time to look for alternatives.
  15. Celebrity says the same thing for their packages and will always change it. After all, they do want to sell them. Their preference is to get people in there the first night because most people avoid specialty dining on the first night. On Celebrity, they discount specialty dining on the first night as well.
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