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  1. Why would they do that? To make it more painful for the people who bought this thing at $100?
  2. The after hours trading has it down to $45.50. It could hit the $30s during the week. I would consider getting back in at $30. The $100 OBC perk is not a big deal, but it's a nice dividend if you buy in at $25 or less ($2,500 investment) if you cruise once or twice a year.
  3. It's easy to say "re-buy". It's more difficult to say at what price. Is it $35, $25, or lower than that?
  4. It's back over $47, but that is way too risky for this stock. Originally, I thought I'd buy in the $30s, but now I'll wait for below $30 to buy.
  5. That article fails to even mention the $billions in debt that RCL took on and the cashflow that will pay interest rather than dividends or that much of the debt is convertible in the low $70s. How can this thing double in a year with all of those obstacles out there?
  6. The stock is pretty volatile and maybe investors are hanging in there in the hope that the slightest sign of good news will bring this thing back up. They'd be better off selling now and buying it back when it dips into the $30s.
  7. I have to admit that Robinhood has replaced FanDuel for me, but I just use it for entertainment purposes and the fun of buying and selling and trying to outguess the market. I have $300 in the "game", but my retirement is all in mutual funds managed by professionals with an appropriate stock/bond mix. My RCL investment was in an IRA and I dumped it at 72.50 over a couple of weeks ago. I do think it will get very low again and in the $40s next week.
  8. This is a bit of damage control by Azamara and not much more. At a time when it's important to have Bonnie on these boards and other assuring regulars and others, they cut her to save some $. If the "team" is reading this, you lost me when you were inflexible on my FCC that I bought onboard your ship. If you're not flexible, you lose. Your ships and people on board have always been your strength, but Bonnie has been there helping clean up your messes. Good luck without her.
  9. In that article, Carnival says there is more to come. It was only a matter of time. The industry kept adding more and more ships and disposals were few and far between. Royal Caribbean has some older ships that could could be scrapped, but Celebrity and Azamara really don't. The Silver Galapagos is now retired.
  10. I don't know why anyone would hate a cruise line. What I do see on Cruise Critic too often is people criticizing certain cruise lines to make them feel better about their new favorite cruise line. However, to his point, major events that rock the travel industry often have devastating effects on some businesses. We have to look no further than the time and place of the original owner of the Azamara ships. This is a bit different since Royal Caribbean owns these ships and not some start up. I don't think that it's unrealistic to run Azamara the same but under Celebrity leaders
  11. Nobody knows how far the cruise stocks will fall, but you need a strong stomach to hold it at the current price of 57. If they announce that all cruises are cancelled through 2020, it will head down fast.
  12. All cruise line stocks felt the effects of that announcement.
  13. Pimental said something to that effect when they decided to purchase the third ship. I am going on that and nothing else.
  14. Those Azamara ships are still very profitable. I can see them rolling the brand into Celebrity, but not retiring profitable ships until they are ready to go. I think some Azamara passengers may gravitate toward Silversea, but the difference in formality doesn't wash well for many. We have a Silversea cruise on the new Origin in the Galapagos, but that is far from formal and probably once in a lifetime on Silversea.
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