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  1. hubofhockey

    Millennium Revolution -

  2. On other cruise lines, spa services are discounted on port days (or parts of those days). Does Azamara do something similar?
  3. hubofhockey

    Are children allowed in Blue

    After they "revolutionize" ships, Blu will be tighter after they add more Aqua cabins. I'm hoping they start disallowing suite passengers or just telling them that there is no space. I suppose parents could book adjoining cabins with older kids in a second one, but as others have written above, it's not too common.
  4. hubofhockey

    changed itinerary

    You might want to give Celebrity or your travel agent a call, explaining your situation. You never know. You are getting hit by two things experienced cruisers learn. The first is that ports and port times are never guaranteed. The second is that there are differences between refundable and non-refundable deposits. I wouldn't give up now though. Make some phone calls and maybe they'll offer you something like moving that non-refundable deposit toward another cruise.
  5. hubofhockey

    Hotel in Hong Kong

    Booked it for mid-October. Great to see you enjoyed it. We only booked a king with a harbor view, but it's big enough and I can't imagine spending too much time in the room.
  6. hubofhockey

    Millennium Revolution -

    It's the only revolution where the rich rise up and take away from the poor. In this case, aqua class passengers are getting the shaft.
  7. hubofhockey

    Azamara does not communicate well

    First of all, I agree with you that Azamara does not communicate well. A couple of years ago, I had deposit down on a cruise that was canceled because of turmoil in Turkey. Did I find out about it from Azamara or even my travel agent? NO!!! My travel agent was never notified by Azamara and Azamara didn't notify passengers either. So, my October SE Asia trip is a second chance from them. Second, if I got an email saying it was the other terminal, I would usually go with that email as an override of the information on the website. We booked a hotel convenient to Ocean terminal because of what is on the website. Third, my cruise has an overnight in Halong Bay and Azamara lists this as a tender even though they built a full dock at the terminal to service cruise ships like Azamara. I highly doubt they will communicate this to passengers anytime soon, if at all. You would hope that Azamara would beef up its back office since it now has three ships. If they don't these types of issues will continue to grow. The pre-cruise experience on Azamara is frustrating. They are very lucky that they have large group of loyal passengers who enjoy the cruises so much, because they are not a customer friendly organization and those companies like them will eventually pay the price.
  8. hubofhockey

    Azamara does not communicate well

    There is a list on the website what terminal they port in each city. This is the link to that list. Hong Kong does say Ocean Terminal.
  9. hubofhockey

    Bangkok Shuttles - How late at night do they run?

    My vendor, Expique, will take me back to the cruise terminal. I would think that there would some accommodations to get back to the ship from there. I hear it's not in such a nice area.
  10. hubofhockey

    Bangkok Shuttles - How late at night do they run?

    Thanks, there is an Expique night tuk tuk tour that I'd like to do 7-11 pm on. I suppose I could pay the taxi fee. I really don't know whom to ask on this one.
  11. We have a couple of overnights in Bangkok and would like a late night there. Does anyone know if they run from city location until 11:30 pm? Thanks.
  12. hubofhockey

    Four Perks now on the EDGE! what does that say???

    I don't understand why they are rolling out this same strategy fleet wide. A TA for an upcoming cruise said that for ONLY an additional $1450 for each of you ($2900), I can upgrade you to a suite with Retreat, etc. In other words, cost of cruise, instead of my $5150 for 12 nights Aqua class would be $8050. I guess there are some people who think the $8050 for a suite is a better value than $5150 for Aqua, but I don't know these people.
  13. hubofhockey

    Edgeification of current ships

    Those photos are all great if you are booked in a suite. If you're not, you are SOL. For now, I'm thinking if you book Aqua, you get refreshed cabins and an overcrowded Blu. With standard veranda cabin, you get the refresh of the cabin and a new look in the MDR. I wonder what space on M ships is given up for the retreat for the suite passengers.
  14. hubofhockey

    Once you try Az, you ever go back to Celebrity?

    Of course, we'll do Celebrity and we also have Silversea Silver Galapagos booked. Our Celebrity is Boston (our hometown) 12 day reposition via Caribbean and Key West to Fort Lauderdale. It's in Aqua class AFT cabin at a great price. We look forward to all of our cruises and embrace the differences. We'd get bored for sure only doing one line.
  15. hubofhockey

    Edgeification of current ships

    Since this thread is relegated to changes in the cabins only, I would think that they will add the large screen televisions, the advanced technology elements (use of smartphone for entrance and maybe temperature control), add the Spree charging stations, new bedding, and update the bathrooms. I'm good with the changes to the cabins and I'm very happy that they aren't touching current balconies, especially considering we have an AFT deck 11 veranda cabin with the extra square footage. We all know that the Edgeification is more than just cabins though and the big losers are Aqua class passengers (they're adding more cabin, meaning Blu will be overcrowded, impacting the best aspect to Aqua) and taking space away from non-suite passenger to build the Retreat for suite passengers. There will be good and bad after they "revolutionize" the ships. I'll wait until reading Millennium review before I would consider cancelling our Summit cruise for October 2020. We have A1 Aqua in AFT cabin for 2575 per person (with 2 perks $360 paid gratuities and classic drink package) for 12-day reposition Boston to Puerto Rico to ABC islands, to Key West to Fort Lauderdale. It's such a great value that we will most likely keep it unless the Millennium reviews are pretty much all incredibly negative. I am pretty sure that we will never book an Edge suite cabin or any suite. I'd rather pay less and get a veranda on Azamara or Oceania for an overall nicer experience. Our choice for Millennium between Aqua and Suite total was 5150 total vs $8050. I'll keep my $3K in the bank and "live like a simpleton" for 12 days. I think I can endure.