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  1. Door decorating is not a common practice on Cunard and I hope it never will be. At best it's folk art. At worst it's about as appealing as subway graffiti. On some cruise lines where decorating is taken to hideous excess the management is finally starting to rein in the practice and requiring that decorations be flame-retardant.
  2. FWIW, just yesterday I got a promo email from Cunard that included a November 2021 Caribbean sailing on QM2 out of New York. Cunard evidently anticipates the CDC allowing foreign flagged ships into the US by then. Whether on board covid restrictions will still be in place by then is anybody's speculation.
  3. Elimination of assigned tables would be a deal breaker for me as well. (It's also why I'll never sail NCL.) Some of my best memories came from the camaraderie of a shared table.
  4. In the US the "Jones Act" was temporarily suspended during past emergencies to allow critical shipments of essentials. No way do I see the PVSA being suspended to allow cruise ships to operate. Cruse ships have no domestic competition in the US but environmental zealots would lobby against it even if the CDC had no objections.
  5. Sailing solo is not for me until shared dining tables can return - that and other restrictions can be lifted. At this point anybody who books as to presume 1) there is a good chance that Cunard will cancel the cruise and 2) the onboard covid restrictions will still be in place.
  6. It's in the "10-K" report that Carnival has to file with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Carnival Corporation 10-K January 26, 2021
  7. Cunard stopped accepting them a few years ago. Two major banks in New York, Chase and Wells Fargo, stopped selling them as well. Amex closed their storefront offices in 2012. I would say go to the issuer's website and find out where they can currently be cashed.
  8. In another three months the rollout of covid vaccinations should have a noticable impact on the new infection rate. As for me, I'll not do anything other than necessary travel until all masks mandates are lifted.
  9. It would likely be enforced as it is in New York under "reduced capacity" indoor dining: Every other table removed or marked off as closed. Cunard might even have a host/hostess to escort passengers to a table rather than let people sit where they please as had been the case. They will be highly motivated to enforce this or cell phone videos of passengers dining together just like the "good old days" will be all over social media and tort lawyer's web pages.
  10. Gook luck. One, Cunard claims that they will enforce social distancing. Hard to do with 6ft or 2m of distance. Two, Cunard has not as yet had "anytime" dining at dinner except for Britinnia Club and Grills passengers. These people are assigned a table for the entire voyage. Three, a group of solos who show up at breakfast or lunch in the main dining room will be questioned by the Maitre D'.
  11. If you decide to mail a box to the hotel make sure to check the Customs Declaration requirements of the USPS. Previously worn clothing and shoes are not assessed any duty. That's why White Star, and now Luggage Forward, state no toiletries, jewelry, electronics, etc. can be in the bag. You don't want to go through this expense to have your box held up in customs or returned to your home address.
  12. Yes, isolation applies to everyone. Cunard explicitly states that only passengers who are traveling together will be allowed to dine together. To be considered "together" the group must have their bookings linked. It's a very isolating experience for solo travelers but anyone who books under the current situation at least knows that to expect. Or should know what to expect if they did their homework.
  13. Yes. One can credit or blame the EU “Healthy Gateways” protocol for the restrictions. I saw what this meant for solo travelers and decided to take the refunds. I won’t spend that kind of money until the “old normal” can return to Cunard . Nobody is forcing you to book. Cancel if the on board restrictions are unacceptable.
  14. No, and won't book until shared dining tables can return. I was to be embarking on an EB TA tomorrow and to sail on the QE for Alaska in August but both were cancelled. For me cancellation was a good thing because I would otherwise be financially committed to sailing under restrictions that are unacceptable to me.
  15. OP, you have been on these boards since 2006. This is a tough crowd if you were hoping for agreement and sympathy. Why are you doing business with companies that you believe to be running Ponzi schemes? Check the T&Cs of your active bookings, take whatever refunds you can get and.be done with it.
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