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  1. However, the OP stated that they will need his and hers scooters. Maybe one scooter would fit as you described but two presents a real challenge.
  2. When I see a scooter in the hall I call or visit the Purser's desk. Within minutes it is gone. Situations such as yours is exactly why they should not be allowed to get away with it. It's rude to wheelchair users and downright dangerous in an emergency. Let the ship security team deal with the offenders.
  3. Perhaps I missed it, but the Zuiderdam doesn't appear to have a helipad. So evacuations would need to be done by "low hover" with the patient winced up in a basket. FWIW, during a back scenes tour on a Cunard ship, the medical director said that it's his medical evaluation to weigh the condition of the patient versus stress of an air evacuation. It's a sad situation and a lose/lose for all parties involved. He she been evacuated by helicopter we may be reading of how the added stress worsened her condition.
  4. If you both need scooters then you absolutely need either a HC stateroom or a larger suite. Getting it through the door is only 10% of your problem. Where you will park and charge it once inside is the other 90% of the problem. The need to park and charge two definately makes things more difficult. Very few ships will store and charge scooters for you - they must be stored and charged in your stateroom. I'd suggest you look at the Disabled Cruise Travel forum to start. Also ask on the Princess Cruises board as somebody may already have rented scooters on the Star Princess. When you find an itinierary you or your TA should discuss accommodations for two scooters with the line's Access desk.
  5. You might want to start by searching the Disabled Cruise Travel forum. If you are dependent upon dialysis ashore that will impact your itineraries. A cruise line won't let you sail if there is a high probability that the ship could have to skip a port where you had scheduled dialysis - especially tender ports.
  6. Booked a couple of weeks before departure once, but not a couple of days before. The ship was sold out but an online TA still had some inventory. A lot of us here are from the US where it's not possible to book at the port. Agents can check in passengers with existing bookings but cannot make new bookings. Anybody who claims that they got a great deal by showing up at the pier is spinning a "Guess how little I paid!" tale. Last minute pricing isn't always the lowest. Often the best deals come right after final payment would be due. All cruise lines use dynamic pricing and all the variables that go into their calculations make it impossible to predict when the lowest price point will occur.
  7. This is really a medical question which should get professional medical attention. Suggest that she consult her physician about the motion sickness problem. Her overall physical condition and any current medications need to be taken into consideration.
  8. New York Cruise Terminal schedules According to the New York Cruise Terminal web site QM2 is scheduled to make all sailings from Brooklyn in 2019. (Unless, as mentioned above, something should happen to make the Brooklyn terminal unavailable. )
  9. azalea4va, you have told us that you consider cruise lines in general - and NCL in particular - as engaging in deceptive business practices. Yet when asked why you would book with them again after a initial dissatisfactory experience you claim that there was "no alternative". Unless you cannot or will not fly and use QM2 as a transatlantic ferry, cruise ships are not A to B transportation. We do have alternatives be it another cruise line or skipping a cruise and opting for a land vacation instead. You are already angry before even stepping on the ship. As others have suggested it may be best for you to cancel the cruise. Post you sentiments on their social media pages and let them know why you've decided to cancel. Spending our money elsewhere is the loudest message we can send to a business. .
  10. Can't wait to see the protests from the people who soon will have a medicial prescription for marijuana. (The public was sold on legalization as compassion for people with cancer and other painful medical conditions.) This means that they have to leave the park and request reentry to take their "dosage". I am glad to see a limit on stroller wagons and baby SUVs and wish the NYC subway would do the same. Every one of these things brought into a packed subway car means that three or four people won't be getting on.
  11. You've not given us enough information to guide you. If it's a round trip from Southampton then leHavre, France is expected to be a port of call and not a turnaround port. France would not normally have customs and immigration agents at ports of call because all passengers would "in transit" - getting back on the ship and leaving the same day as opposed to disembarking into France. It may be the French government that is telling the cruise line no disembarkations and if so nobody from the cruise line will be able to change that. Are there other segments of your itinerary where some passengers are boarding or disembarking at leHarve? If that is the case then you might be able to arrange an early departure. You do realise however, that if you can arrange a leHarve disembarkation that you will not get any pro-rated refund for your fare. Whatever you do don't "jump ship" in leHarve. It will present some serious immigrations issues for you when you present your passport at a train station or airport.
  12. The kennels are very popular and often sell out when booking opens, but perhaps there was a cancellation. Here's one recent review of the kennels: Queen Mary 2, Traveling with a Dog
  13. Can't speak for others, but for me it's the former. The weight of the diner has nothing to do with it but their behavior does. Excess by a handful of people limits choices for others.
  14. Good that he eats them but 10 strips is why some lines established "Bacon Police". About dozen or so able-bodied people will dash over and empty the crab leg pan. Mobility impared people won't stand a chance. But hey, there's plenty of food so they willl just have to select something else. Women and children last? Doesn't sound like a very civil or pleasant experience to me.
  15. I have to disagree with you, because somebody else's plate does indeed affect fellow passengers. When "getting your money's worth" becomes an excuse for taking something to excess any business will either put in cost controls or end offering it altogehter. Take for example "Bacon Police". A recent review of the Carnival Pride reported that passengers are served only two strips of bacon or slice of ham per pass through the line. The people who piled up their plates with bacon are to be thanked for that. A Cunard passanger witnessed a woman with a huge plate of strawberrys - that she was picking out of a fruit salad. Like a few strawberrys on your cereal or yogart? Too bad because one person just ate all of them. And then there was the "endless crab" promotion at a US seafood chain restaurant. For $20 (2003) people went back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths. The CEO lost her job after it almost bankrupted the chain and they never offered it again.
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