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  1. I was in Dominica many years ago when cruise ships very rarely came there. It was an island paradise. I went back a few years ago and it was not the same,too many souvenir stores.However,I still recommend it as a place to go to.
  2. Yes,that is the name .Many basketball players appear in the film .Roger played for the Indiana Pacers.Although my name appears in the credits I do not gain anything monetarily for the film. I got a free copy of the DVD and a hand written letter from the Director of the film thanking me for my contribution which was 45 conversations ,phone and e-mail.I had a very good friendship with Roger .Unfortunately he passed away in 1997 .
  3. Our new TA recommends Chubb for an upcoming cruise. I am familiar with this company but have never used them.Any opinions will be appreciated ?
  4. Are you familiar with the Hall Of Fame basketball player Roger Brown ?He played in Brooklyn as well and in 2011 I contributed to the making of a documentary about him .The film was shown in theaters and was on PBS stations. It is currently on You Tube .I believe that every basketball fan should see this film.
  5. We have only been to these islands once but I loved Curaçao when I was there in 2010.
  6. World B Free aka Lloyd Free graduated from Canarsie HS in Brooklyn,the area I lived in. i had the opportunity to see him as well as John Sally .
  7. Paul Rutter was the best CD we ever had on a cruise.
  8. We cruised on the Grandeur 4 December’s in a row out of Baltimore and everything about the cruise was great.
  9. For some reason I cannot seem to respond to your last post about Canarsie .I lived there 36 years. It would really be something if I knew your brother-in-law. I lived on E.91 between Ave M and N. East 94 between Ave N and Seaview Ave and East 104 between L and M.I was very active in Civic ,Political and Religious organizations and I knew many,many people. My first name is Lenny,last name begins with the letter G.
  10. I always check that site before booking a cruise.When I was in high school I had a job in a restaurant and saw things that disgusted me .
  11. My best friend who I have known since we toddlers who graduated NYU with a degree in Math believes that if 2 strangers have a conversation for at least 2 hours they will find that they share something in common.I personally have found that to be true. I love the art of conversation especially on cruises. On the first sea day of a cruise I wear a Born In Brooklyn tee shirt.That generates a lot of conversation. On the second sea day I wear a Canarsie,Brooklyn tee shirt.I get a few people stopping me to say they lived there at some point.On the third day I wear a tee shirt from the town I live in currently and have gotten one response thus far.On the fourth day I wear a tee shirt that I bought in Princeton,NJ that has a quote by Albert Einstein and people read it but never say anything.
  12. There are some wonderful places in Brooklyn,Queens and the Bronx that many tourists do desire to see such as The Bronx Zoo,Prospect Park in Brooklyn and Forest Hills in Queens.
  13. Re:Math.One of my daughters is a Math Teacher .She teaches Math Teachers .Obviously she did not get her appreciation of the subject from me.
  14. I had a cousin who was a clinical psychologist who was still working into his 90’s.He was my inspiration to study psychology. When I took a class in Abnormal Psych all of the students were invited to a lecture at Brooklyn State Hospital by the Head Psychiatrist.It was fascinating until 3 guys came out and grabbed the guy.He was a patient who somehow got out of his room.Then the real Psychiatrist came and he bored us all.
  15. Aha, I see that we have something in common,sort of. I majored in Psychology and got a job with the only company in the US that had an Industrial Psychology department.It happened to be one of the giants in the health insurance industry.I spent 38 years working in insurance doing everything that you could imagine.I was able to incorporate my psychology background into the job.I minored in Sociology and English which helped me with the job as well.When I retired I was the number 3 person in the company. I was 55 and went to work for an Advertising Promotions firm and when I left I was the Vice-President. I have a doctorate in Theology but never went into that field. While employed by the insurance company I wrote manuals and developed job evaluation studies.In my spare time I wrote poetry,short stories,plays,a TV show and a book .I left the advertising company because the President relocated the company to NJ and I could not do the commute. Aside from posting probably on CC I play 54 games a day of Words With Friends on line .Many of my opponents are CC regulars.It keeps my mind sharp . Math was my worst subject in college but I still managed to graduate with a 3.59 GPA from one of the top colleges in NYC. I was on the college debating team and still enjoy a friendly debate today.
  16. Yes,I agree with you.People in Long Island and in NJ refer to Manhattan as the city.However,it is not likely that people would want to be in most areas of the Bronx and a lot of Brooklyn and Queens.
  17. I always ask the Cabin Steward for lotion and usually get the better product that is given to people in suites .
  18. When people refer to NYC they actually mean Manhattan .NYC has 5 boroughs.
  19. My first cruise was in 1973 to Bermuda.The second was in 1994 to the Caribbean.Third in 2008 to Alaska.Fourth In 2010 to South America.We did not start cruising on a regular basis till 2011.
  20. I am not sure that it is the safest big city but I accept your position. I left NYC in 2003 because I could not walk more than a block safely.I moved to a relatively small town of 32,000. There has been zero crimes of violence since I am living here. The only crime is shoplifting and occasional dui’s.
  21. The most enjoyable cruise ever for us was a Cunard cruise.I would like to do another.
  22. We did not cruise on a regular basis till my wife stopped working.
  23. I have no interest in post counts.CC can remove them if they wish .I start threads that I believe will be of interest to people.
  24. When my wife and I were on the Gem we would go every evening to see the singer guitar player Leo. When he saw me he would say to the people watching “Lenny from NY” is here.
  25. Has anyone ever done a back to back to back cruise ? We have friends that do one every January. To date our longest cruise has been 14 nights. While I would be interested in a longer cruise Mrs. 66 is not. We are doing a 14 night in October,a 12 night in December and possibly a 14 night in Feb.
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