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  1. We are on the January 9th Panorama. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  2. 100 days but I do not feel very confident that it is a go. I have not heard 1 peep about west coast departures for January 2021. My fingers are crossed and we are ready to sail! 🍀🤞🛳
  3. Spirit class is our favorite too. We love those Vista View rooms! The bowling alley cabins are great, and the French door inside cabins are amazing too.
  4. We stayed in cabin 5236 on the Miracle(sister ship to the Legend). It was considered an obstructed view, because the lifeboats were on the deck below. When we stood at the balcony and looked down, we saw the tops of lifeboats and water between the lifeboats. When we sat on the chairs on that balcony and looked straight out, it was an unobstructed view of the ocean. We cared about the view looking out the window and sitting on the chairs. Looking straight down at the side of the ship didn't matter to us, so we considered the view unobstructed. Plus the “bowling alley” was about 3 times as long as a regular balcony , and we enjoyed that too.
  5. Thank you for sharing that beautiful video! We dearly missed going to Alaska this summer, but we are booked for next summer. We can’t wait to get out of the heat for a week!🌞
  6. I am so impressed with the the amount of respectful discourse on this thread! Experienced cruisers have brought up many facets of problems to consider. Here is my problem with the current muster drills: my spouse is hard of hearing. Once you, or a loved one, uses hearing aids, you notice that many other people use them too. This issue is predominantly age related, but not always. Accents from ship crew members delivering information at the muster drills can be problematic. Not all short people, kids, those who are hard of hearing, ... can be in the front row. You are lined up according to when you step up to the muster station. People talking around us, tall people in front of us, and never being able to see who is talking doesn’t work well for many. Now, will the staff have to be wearing masks when they deliver the muster drill speech? That would add a layer of confusion. Hard of hearing or not, we all rely on visual information provided by a speaker’s face. I don’t think we are alone in feeling the current system is not an effective system for information delivery. I propose that there should be another area of check in at the port that shows the muster drill video. Part of the check in process should require the watching of the video. It could also be a constant loop on the video screens in the cruise terminal. Everyone in the waiting area is already a captive audience and will have been exposed to the videos before stepping on the ship. Once onboard, check in at your muster station and get your card swiped. Any one not checked in at muster stations by sailaway will have names constantly announced before the ship leaves- kind of like the no shows who are late to check in before leaving a port. Crews still have the chance to practice directing people to certain areas, insure they line up in single file, wait their turn, get help from crew members, give directions..at every port stop-especially tender ports. I definitely agree with the post that said in the event of an actual emergency, the passengers responses will be much different for the crew to handle than the current drills.
  7. That is great information you have! I was thinking that there is typically a Spirit class ship in Alaska. Since Carnival can’t have many visits to Glacier Bay, a very preferred itinerary, that maybe only 1 larger ship would do the Alaska inside passage. It would be a way to cut back without losing that itinerary totally.
  8. I hope they aren’t working their way down to the Spirit class ships! Those are my favorites.
  9. Deck 4 Vista Views are the best! The overhang is bigger so you can sit outside rain or shine. The glass on the railing has less slant to it than the upper deck vista views. The separate rooms are the greatest accommodations. I would never book deck 5 over deck 4. Prepare to be spoiled. Once you’ve stayed in a vista view, no other cabin will do😀!
  10. The vista suites and bowling alley balconies are two different rooms. We have had 4228 on the Spirit and the Miracle. For us, it is the best suite hands down! The grand view off the back of the ship combined with the churning water is our idea of heaven. We did stay in a bowling alley balcony on the Miracle- room 5236. It was considered an obstructed view balcony, because when you looked down off your balcony you saw lifeboats, instead of water. When looking outward from the balcony, there was no obstruction. I love the Spirit class ships because of their unique variety of rooms. The Vista View balconies used to be called Aftwraps.
  11. We booked the Panorama to Mexico for next January. Fingers crossed!🤞🏻 🌴 🌞 🍹 🛳
  12. How easy is it to change from one fare(not ES) to a different promotion that is also not ES but will be a couple hundred dollars cheaper than what I booked? The early saver OBC doesnt apply to me because I did not book early saver. Both promotions have the same onboard credit and are for the same ship and date. How hard is it to cancel one fare while applying for a new fare? I am guessing the downpayment wouldn't be transferable so It would take awhile to refund. I also paid for 2 dinner dates at specialty restaurants. Can those be transferred over to the new reservation? I am not sure the saving of that money would be worth the hassle of probably having to wait for refunds.
  13. I am so hoping you will sail as scheduled, because we are booked on the Panorama on January 9, 2021. Be gentle and dont tear up the ship! 🤪🌴🍹🌊
  14. Aft Wraps/Vista View cabins on the Spirit class Comedy shows Lobster Bisque in the steakhouse
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