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  1. I checked in at 9:00 pm local time in Arizona for my upcoming cruise to Alaska.
  2. We have stayed in Vista suites on the Spirit and Miracle- sister ships to the Legend. The view from the aft is worth more to us than the larger interior of a Grand suite! The price is much better, as well. We always get a Vista View on deck 4. It has a separate bedroom, 2 tv’s, a jetted tub, a huge closet and vanity area, and 7 floor to ceiling windows. Deck 4 has a larger overhang which gives more protection from the sun, rain, and anything falling from above. The balcony railing has less of a slant to it which makes for a bit more useable space too. Definitely go online to look for videos of
  3. I would presume your points are gone. According to the Barclay’s site it says, “As long as your card is open, active, and in good standing, your Fun Points do not expire.”
  4. Thanks to all of you for the prompt replies! Having never redeemed these points before, I wanted to get it right and not screw myself out of the maximum benefit. Good luck to all of you in your accrual of points!
  5. Is it just me, or is the Barclay’s Carnival Fun Points site the least user friendly ever? I am trying to redeem the 100,000 Fun Points I have for the maximum value of a $1,500 statement credit. I have 4 different Carnival cruises booked, and only one of those is paid off. I am presuming, dangerous I know, that I can use that statement credit for any of the remaining 3 cruises that I have booked. Do I need to pay off $1,500, using the Carnival card, on one of my cruises to turn around and redeem points for that one transaction to show up up as a statement credit? The “experts” at Barclays kept
  6. I sent my request in on 5/27/21 and it was approved in a couple of weeks. The email that Carnival sent me said that the shareholder benefit is currently applicable to sailings through 7/31/22. In order to request OBC for sailings after that, I will need to submit a current stock statement after 2/28/22 when the new shareholder benefits are released.
  7. Since you are the first cruise, I would presume all of the rooms will be ready when you step on the ship! Everybody should be able to drop off their carryons and head for the food!🎉🧳🍽🍺
  8. I called today to get my double meta upgrade from a 1F to a BF. Previously, I have talked to 3 different people to try to get this done, but the computers would not allow it. Today when I called, they said my room had already been upgraded and she gave me the new cabin number. I was so surprised that they did that and didn’t send me a notice or anything. Maybe it just happened. I ended up picking a different room and had my choice of many on that floor on both sides of the ship. I am thrilled to have a balcony to Iceland!👏😀🛳🎉
  9. I am booked in 2023 though. We disembark on October 1st. I am presuming the weather will get much colder around then so they will sail the Prima back to the United States. It is my hope that will happen, as I have never done a back to back and would love to do a TA too.
  10. I tried to upgrade to a balcony today with my points, and the computer still wouldn’t allow it yet. I will keep trying back every week.
  11. It looks to me like the cheapest lowest category of balconies showing are all on deck 9. There are a ton of them on deck 9! Since we don’t have a full layout map of the ship it makes it harder to figure out a more desirous location for me. I am going to keep calling too, because I booked an inside planning to upgrade that to a balcony. I would also like to know if my cruise is the final one of the season and the cruise after mine is a transatlantic. Thanks for keeping me in your loop!
  12. I hope she meant there are up upgradable balconies YET! 😀
  13. There was another thread about this topic. A few of us have been trying for weeks to do the upgrade with points. It appears their system is not allowing it yet, as the ship is still being built. We were told to call back every couple of weeks to check if the system was allowing it yet.
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