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  1. We were in a Vista View so they could have been upgraded to a Grand suite, but out of 80 people expected, no one shows. Weird!
  2. I just got off the Carnival Miracle cruise to Mexico- October 12th-19th. I received an invitation for a cruise critic get together for our 2nd day at sea. The invitation had my room number but was addressed to Pamela Garrett. Since that is not me, I decided to drop by the event to let them know that Pamela’s invitation must have been sent to the wrong room, in case they wanted to try to contact her to come. The get together was scheduled for 11:30 at the Red Frog Pub. When I got down there at 11:20, there was another couple waiting. They too had received an invitation for their room addressed to a person that was not either of them. None of us had signed up for a roll call, and we were puzzled how we got invitations. Two Carnival people from the entertainment staff were assigned to the get together. They told us 3 that they were told there would be 80 people! Tea, water, lemonade, and pastries were set up in the Red Frog Pub, on 2 big tables. Nobody showed up, except us 3! We sat and visited with the Carnival people for an hour, and we had a great chat. It was so strange that there was such a big miscommunication somewhere!
  3. This is a great question! A few years ago, we sailed the Miracle to Mexico. Thanks to this forum, I found out that you could self tour the Queen Mary for free. We didn't have to show our cruise tickets. There was a small bell hop booth right at the entrance, and they let us leave our suitcases there while we checked out the ship. Nothing on their website at that time mentioned free admissions for self guided tours. Without the passing on of knowledge from previous cruisers, who share on this board, we would have missed a great opportunity. According to the Queen Mary website now, you must have an admission ticket, hotel reservation, or restaurant reservation to get on the ship. I am presuming you need to purchase a ticket just to eat breakfast at their cafe, because the cafe does not take reservations.
  4. Some friends of ours are wanting to join us at the steakhouse the first evening of our upcoming cruise. They will be paying for their dinner, and we will pay for our dinner. Is it one free bottle of wine per table, or one free bottle of wine per bill?
  5. Last year, on the Splendor to Mexico, there was a woman who entered the hairiest chest contest! She had some wig hair or fake fur that she had sticking out of her bikini top. She did not win the contest but gave it a good go. I didn't expect to see that but enjoyed the show!
  6. Spirit Class- Vista Views-Deck 4=heaven! We love the views and sounds, and deck 4 has a larger overhang for shade and privacy. After all of the food we eat, we can help to get our steps in too by walking all the way to the back of the ship.
  7. The Miracle is the ship sailing to Mexico in October.
  8. Spirit class is our absolute favorite. You haven’t lived until you have stayed in a deck 4 Vista View cabin, formerly called aft-wraps. We have done the Spirit twice to Alaska and twice on the Miracle to Mexico. In October we are going on the Miracle one last time before the Panorama takes her place. I hate any ship layout that plops the dining room and kitchen in the middle of the ship. The Spirit Class are so walkable end to end. Now, if Carnival would add a Thallosotherapy pool, like they have on the Splendor, I would be one thrilled camper!
  9. Spirit Class! Heaven to me is one of the deck 4 Vista View aft wrap cabins. Love the serenity area and the ease of getting anywhere on the ship. Have sailed both the Miracle and the Spirit. My second runner up would be the Splendor because of the Thalasso Therapy pool.
  10. We are big fans of the Spirit Class ships! Have sailed on the Spirit and Miracle and love the ease of getting from one end of the ship to the other. I don’t like the layout of ships that have a dining room midship that makes you have to go up, across, down, or around because of the galley. My favorite rooms are the aft wraps on deck 4 with those huge balconies and separate bedrooms. The Inside cabins with the French doors are terrific values. Joe Farcus was quite the visionary to come up with the 10,000 grape lights in the dining rooms. The lights are those cheap light fixtures with the milky globes above every toilet in new homes. I guess Joe figured if you paint the inside of the glass purple and put many of them next to each other you have instant grape clusters! I like the quirkiness of the decor, the roominess on the ships, and the serenity area for adults.
  11. The Thalassotherapy pool on the Splendor alleviated my knee pain so so much! I went twice a day on sea days because it felt so great. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t help your wife’s aches and pains. I say go for it.
  12. We have the exact same room on the Miracle this fall! Aft wraps on the Spirit class ships are so special. I like the way you succinctly graded each aspect of your cruise. Nice review!
  13. The Spirit Class ships are: Spirit, Miracle, Pride, and Legend. The Legend goes to San Juan once in awhile. I am guessing for the dates you want that you will be looking at some bigger ships.
  14. I am not sure of the ships you are looking at, but we always choose an aft wrap/vista view on the Spirit class of ships. They have separate rooms, whirlpool tubs, a walk in closet, a huge dressing area, double sinks, 7 floor to ceiling windows, and the best views in the fleet. For the price of a Carnival vista view on these ships, you can’t find anything comparably priced or sized on other cruise lines. That 180 degree view off the back of the ship, combined with the sound of the wake are priceless to us! To me, it seems like the big advantage to the suites would be they can sleep more people.
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