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  1. I'm relieved I'm not still working at the university hospital. They got the covid cases. We were closed, but even when we opened back up, we don't take any infectious cases. They go across the street to the hospital. I still have a strong dislike for yellow.
  2. I work in a surgery center. We were closed except for emergencies (essentially fracture reductions) for a month. I never thought it would be quick, but a lot of people sure did. They're the same ones that seem to have difficulty wearing a mask and staying home. 🙄
  3. We have one in June and are already thinking about alternate plans. Ugh. Remember when everybody thought this would just last a few weeks?
  4. We spent the week at the Outer Banks instead of taking a big trip to celebrate my graduation. I'm not skilled and have a pretty basic set up and no post-shoot processing. What you see it what you get. The dog thought she was digging to China (hopefully not Wuhan). The sun only came out briefly, and only when I tried to capture the Hattaras lighthouse. T
  5. I added the sugar syrup to the limoncello. We tasted it before and after. I has a *very* strong lemon flavor, but is not bitter. Can't wait for it to finish aging.
  6. I wear one 95% of the time I am out of bed. I will admit that I switched from underwires to sports bras when my company furloughed me in April and haven't gone back. Don't look as good (uniboob) but so much more comfortable. And count me in for having no idea what a cossie is.
  7. Raleigh/Cary have several, all at least 30 minutes away. Durham (where we live) has none. We also don't have Lowe's Foods, but we do have a Whole Foods. Chapel Hill (15 or so minutes away) has a TJs, as does Raleigh. None are convenient. We voted the 15th, the day early voting opened. I wanted to get it done before we went on vacation. Went to the usual place--it's usually busy, but the line was 1/3 of a mile long. In 30 minutes, we moved less than 50 feet. A poll worker told us there was a polling station about a mile away with no line, so most of the end of the line went there. It took about 35 minutes. News reports put us at 11% of voters voting the first day. I need to check updated numbers (see vacation). Our polling station made national news for the long lines, but when they showed it, it was far shorter than when we went. I was impressed to see that most were wearing masks (and even covering both mouth *and* nose). I did have to ask the guy behind us in the first line to back up because he kept coming closer as he was talking.
  8. Here's my limoncello. Isn't it a pretty color? In a week, I'll add sugar syrup and mellow another 40 days.
  9. As an RN with 30+ years of operating room experience, masks should be disposed of after one use if disposable. If fabric (or any other reusable substance), they should be worn once and washed/cleaned. Masks don't prevent the spread of disease or prevent you from catching one, but decrease the chances. And, to be effective, they must cover your nose *and* your mouth. (hops off mask soap box). Seriously folks, just wear a mask and social distance. It's a relatively simple thing to do until scientists figure out what to do with this changing virus. 🙂
  10. We voted this morning. If only there was an option to turn off all the ads now.
  11. We are booked for Alaska in June. If we can, we'll go. If we can't, we'll find an alternative vacation.
  12. Not that I've seen in the years I've been voting. The local paper does, but it is obviously biased one way. As an independent voter, I would really like to see both sides of the ballot *without* bias.
  13. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/homemade-limoncello-1236891 It actually says 10-40 days for each "rest" period. I figure the longer the better.
  14. I have an absentee ballot, but hope to vote in person. I'm actually using the absentee ballot to look at the down ballot elections. I don't know anything about those races.
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