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  1. You stress out trying to find it and hopefully do OR just say Oh Well and join the line for picking it up at the port.
  2. More passengers for crew to possibly have confrontations with about it - Unlikely to change things for ALL the Main Dining Rooms. If they have a specific MDR or specialty dining venue that is strict about it - could see that happening MAYBE.
  3. Sure for the number of people they book on the excursion all pooled together that $4 can add up quick. Depending what country - could be a really good days pay.
  4. Personally wouldn't order the same exact thing 6 times - Would hope chicken, beef, fish, pasta taste different - if they don't I think Passengers have a bigger issue than what people are wearing to dinner. 🤡
  5. Friends have the Old Plus package, we have the New Plus package - Sailing on Sky - Both say Sabatini's is $35 and $39 for the other two options.
  6. Every cruise I've been on (all Caribbean) sailings it's been the same. Personally find Embarkation night the most interesting to see what people wear for dinner. Many factors can go into what people are wearing or not wearing that night.
  7. Baked Alaska parade - Is that when people wave the napkins around?
  8. Did for an accessible excursion at Grand Turk - only had room for 2 wheelchair users on the tram so they added a later one. Many factors - excursion company availability, how many other ships in port, how long the excursion is, how far from port it is etc.... Might find once on the ship spots are open - just weren't available to pre-book online
  9. Yes You are not alone - Start chat 60 ahead of me, get down to I'm next "Type yes if still waiting" 6 times and Poof instantly 40+ ahead of me. Also did the phone number 4 times and each time told "please hold while I look that up" get disconnected. Great Customer Service.
  10. Split between two people makes it even easier to carry that much cash.
  11. Take bags off carousel - take airline tag off and put princess tag on - Makes a little faster in the baggage area chaos if you put the cruise tags IN the tag holder just take them out of luggage/purse/carry-on and screw them on before finding the cruise rep.
  12. Have different reason for OBC but similar situation of not seeing it anywhere - Gifted OBC from friend (purchased as onboard gift not referral) + $25 for booking cruise while on last cruise - Neither showing up on App/website. Called Customer service which says - They see both in their system and go to Guest Service onboard to confirm during sailing. Why customer service can't get it to show on our profile for us to see since it's showing in their system is beyond me. Good thing friend sent the confirmation OBC purchase email to us for proof.
  13. Limited experience but for our group wine/beer did come A LOT faster than cocktails. Yes order as soon as seated for cocktails. Found sitting at same table + ordering the same drinks every night made it a little faster. Waiting for table to get food Then order next drink worked well - some trying to order more drinks (regardless of type) at the same time food was brought out slowed drinks/food being delivered.
  14. Standard size Manual folding wheelchair - can't walk at all.
  15. CH to MB is 5 miles EACH WAY - problem is narrow one lane roads make it take awhile. Not sure they'll let CH passengers into MB even if it is a ship excursion.
  16. Wonder - do they quarantine those who via the medallion tracking are known to have been around those who tested positive or even try telling these people of exposure.
  17. Have you sailed SKY Princess? Specifically with any tender ports... Princess basically said if it's a tender Don't bother planning on getting off so he cancelled and I had to find a new trip companion for next month. Will be really ticked if the Rep is found to be wrong and could have tendered into Belize- If weather/seas allowed it. Never had a cruise line tell us You won't be getting off at tender ports before even getting on the ship until Princess.
  18. Don't think anyone is actually getting told by Princess - just looking at itinerary on app/port websites finding out ourselves. No official email Princess notifications. Might see it change within 2 weeks of your sailing like many of us.
  19. Wonder if other ports will be switched around like others have reported for this itinerary in December/January - Same port stops changed to different days. Guess more will be making a quick trip off and back onboard without the beach nearby OR not getting off at all.
  20. Looking at upcoming cruise on the app onboard activities schedule for SKY Princess Caribbean cruise in a few weeks - Is the paper airplane contest for distance? Water color painting in piazza - is this paint anything or specific subject?
  21. Andy Cooney Cruise of Irish Stars - has a website - multiple Irish bands
  22. Must have given the best group rate - Just did a search and the Polka Group is on Sky again Jan 12-19th 2025 as well. At least according to some websites.
  23. Basically have to search ship and sailing date yourself. Personally part of a large group 800+ on Sky in a few weeks - called to find out how full the ship might be and the agent either played dumb or actually didn't know about our group when pressed about any groups being onboard. Multiple sailings over the years we've had our group AND a smaller group onboard at the same time - Felt really bad for those who weren't part of either group and didn't know about us.
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