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  1. We have had the pleasure of Jonathan on the Dawn a few times as well. He was in the GV this past March and also had I believe a few of the aft suites on deck 8. Hope this helps you.
  2. Just came back from the Dawn. Here are the list for all those looking for information. Alain Magnier...Hotel Director Tony Winkler...Food & Beverage Director Richard Matic...Cruise Director Jose Fletes Hulse...Executive Housekeeper Gary Alldredge...Guest Service Manager Prakash Correia...Executive Chef Noel Chavez...Restaurant Manager Raj Rodriquues...Beverage Manager Juan Franco...CruiseNext Manager Shirlyn Valdez...Group Service Coordinator We were fortunate enough to have Roy as our Concierge. He is fantastic. We had Jonathan as our butler. If anyone needs additional information please let me know. We had a fantastic cruise with fantastic staff. All starting from the top down. Alain is a magnificent HD.
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your review. We will be on the Dawn in next month and quite excited to be going back on her. Last time was before her refurbishment so looking forward to seeing her now. Glad to know the staff was excellent & friendly. I do hope we have a great Meet & Greet as well. There are many that have signed up so hopefully most will show up... Thank you again for taking the time!
  4. NJLVW

    San Juan Hotels

    Thank you JMcgo1979. Does anyone have any information on the Hyatt Place City Center? Would love some opinions if you have recently stayed here..
  5. NJLVW

    San Juan Hotels

    Would love to know your thoughts on the Hyatt Place City Center. Will be staying there pre & post cruise. Thank you for any information you can share.
  6. Thank you for the info. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Roy. We will look forward to meeting him. Any other info on who the HD, CD & butlers that will be are on board? Much appreciated.
  7. Does anyone have any info on the Dawn? Would especially like to know who the concierge, butlers, HD, & CD. Thank you
  8. Glad to see we are starting one for 2019. We are cruising in March. Does anyone have information on the Dawn? Would love to know who the current Concierge, Butlers, HD, CD & everyone else if anyone knows.. Thanx in advance...
  9. Loving the pictures and daily review. Just what I need until my cruise date arrives. Thank you for posting Carney’s menu. Love the new menu with some of our old favorites back. If you happen to go to all the others I would love to see them as well. Again, thank you for your time of doing this review!! It is much appreciated.
  10. Have a great trip. Will be following along as we will be boarding the Dawn in just a few weeks. Sounds like a great start to a great vacation!
  11. Have a great trip. Will be following along as we will be boarding the Dawn in a few weeks! Sounds like a great start to your vacation!
  12. I celebrate my Birthday every year on board. I usually let my PCC know ahead of time. When I arrive in my room there is a card that we just bring to dinner any night we want. I personally like the cake they have for birthdays.. We usually just have it brought to the room as we are so full from dinner. Enjoy!
  13. Loving your review and pictures. Thank you for taking the time to do this. We are going on the Dawn in March and can hardly wait. It has been quite a few years since we cruised on her and through your pictures I see a lot of changes. I am quite excited to be going on her again. The last time was before the refurbishment. She will be like a new ship for us! We are also doing the same ports so reading about each port & what to do is quite helpful. Again I thank you for doing this and I look forward to reading more.
  14. Anyone have information on the Dawn? Especially would like to know who the concierge and butlers that are on as we are traveling on her in March. Thanx in advance.
  15. We are cruising just a few weeks before you. Pan American in Island Grande is where our docs say to go.
  16. We love cruising. We have been on the Dawn 5 times with our next one coming up. We have not been on her since her last refurbishment. I know they have added Los Lobos which is a Mexican restaurant. I am excited to go there as well. I have found the very first week of March has been more quiet then the next few weeks. I think it can be hit or miss depending on school breaks. I think this week is probably going to be quieter. Because of the dates it falls on. Hopefully. You should get active with your roll call as well. Some may want to plan things that may have an interest to you. On the ship there is so much to do. Be sure to go to the shows. Always enjoyable. They have many different types of game shows, events, lots of activities at the pool when it is a sea day, and there is a casino. Many different restaurants. They have the complimentary dining rooms as well as the specialty restaurants. I think everyone should experience the specialty dining at least once. If you get active on your roll call go to the Meet & Greet, NCL always puts out a nice little spread but most importantly you get to meet all those you have chatted with and you meet the head staff. They want to be sure you are enjoying your week as well. Go on some excursions. I do recommend the ships excursions especially if this is your first cruise. You will get to see many different things at each of the ports. It depends on what you enjoy doing. There are always beach excursions as well as seeing the islands. Importantly go with an open mind. This is your vacation. Enjoy each and every moment. Have fun, get involved. This is your cruise vacation.Your vacation is what you make it. We have never had a bad cruise vacation. Sure things happen but they also happen in life. So enjoy each and every moment. Smile and have fun.... See you on board!!!
  17. Thank you. Sounds like I can get on the ship early to enjoy my time on board! As many cruises as I have been on I still like the feeling of first seeing the ship and being one of the first ones to board!
  18. I would also like to know what is recommended for flight time home and what the process would be if there is customs with long lines. I debark also on the time change day not sure if that will have a bearing. Any thoughts would be appreciated as we are trying to book flights. Thank you
  19. Does anyone also know what time you can embark on the ship? We will be cruising out of San Juan on the Dawn as well. It does say we leave the port at 9:00pm. I am used to going out of Florida with a 4pm cruise time. We are always at the port by 10ish in the morning. Yes I like to be first one on!!! Just do not want to get there to early and can not check in. Anyone know? Thank you in advance..
  20. Remembering all the memories!! Does anyone else remember the skeet shooting off the ship? Fun times. How about being able to throw the streamers at sailaway? I think I still have a package! LOL. The real glasses when you bought a drink to keep as a souvenir? Yes I remember the midnight buffets, chocolate buffets, all the little extras. Lobsters & beef wellington. YUM. So many wonderful fun and delicious memories. Would be nice to bring some of them back.
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