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  1. Wasn't crazy about the Koningsdam at all but I LOVED the shower!
  2. Our kit on the Emerald this time has a Lotus Spa gel eye mask....? And a tube of conditioner—-no shampoo. And lip gloss. A shower cap. Q-tips, cotton balls, emery board.
  3. We met the Maitre d’ @ Vines at 6:45, suited up, and were into the galley by 7. We finished about 9:45-10 but stayed and chatted for 15 more minutes or so. Great night! BTW, thinking about it I don’t think I have ever been to one that started before 7.
  4. Was at the Chef’s Table Tuesday night....amazing! We have been to MANY (10?) but this was the first one where the chef had Carte Blanche to do what he wants, not the Princess proscribed menu. It was great. If you can, grab a house phone as soon as you get on the ship (don’t go to your room or have lunch first), call the dine line and put your name in.
  5. Business....can’t have the possibility that I have to pay usurious rates to get online after using all my free minutes trying to connect on this stupid slow system. With the surf package I have been able to access all sites but not run even a little video. Having trouble downloading a large .pdf file, too. Grrrrr....
  6. FYI~ Got on the Emerald today....with my 250 free minutes, a Surf (2nd level) package for 15 days was $140. Speed is normal-slow.
  7. On the Royal! We love all of the times we have had the luck to have Generoso on our ship. I love the Royal, live in CA and can see MANY reasons to get back on it ASAP 😃
  8. What can the beer be traded for?
  9. Dang. I had (unreasonably) hoped that we’d have the better internet, since they were offering the Unlimited Internet option. Now it is probably more important than ever, if you need to get any work done on the ‘Net. I have lost SO MANY minutes from it not logging out....retrieved by the sweet internet gurus in the Internet Cafe, but what an aggravation.
  10. I am eager to hear if they upgraded the internet....I've heard it won't be until later in the year. Unfortunate, since we are embarking on May 3! (I'd love to be surprised )
  11. How was it? Any different from regular? (We'll be on the Emerald May 3)
  12. Great idea! I find that the kitchen is most accommodating even with the in-room breakfasts. I often will ask for a toasted bagel/cream cheese and sliced tomato, cucumber and ham, maybe cheese, and they always do a terrific job of delivering. Now avocado may be on the list :)
  13. I'll have to look up what hours they are open. I wonder if you could order one for breakfast?
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