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  1. Just found out that Princess has cancelled this trip! 😔
  2. Thanks for your input! I guess I am asking more about the physical Medallion itself...if other cruise lines have something similar. (I thought Disneyland/World does!)
  3. Are they similar in size (ie., can you use the Medallion accessories.....bracelet, necklace, etc with others?)? Thanks~ Kathy
  4. My SO isn't a lanyard guy so I got him a clip from Amazon so he could clip it in his pocket----worked great! I made myself a paper bead lanyard (I think I'll make another one from the Sky patters!) :
  5. You are welcome...it is a nice view of the ship. He must have been on the same time we were, on the TA from Barcelona.
  6. OH....and beautiful wine glasses....not the nasty little ones! 😂
  7. We found the ship to be, for the most part, delightful. Truly beautiful ...and the level of service was outstanding! We were a little disappointed with the entertainment/ things to do on sea days. I like the cruise director, Alex, but the offering were uninspired. I wish there had been more enrichment lectures, etc. The show, Rock Opera, was the best we have seen on a Princess ship; the other, 5 Skies....well, I am not sure they picked their demographic properly. Video game theme and VERY LOUD...even with earplugs. Food was uniformly good, from the main dining rooms to
  8. We got home a few days ago and Michael has had a few marathon sessions editing photos and assembling albums. There are over 1000 photos among all the albums, so enjoy them at your leisure. All are free to download! It is best to view these on your home computer on a larger screen (not on your small phone/tablet), and ensure that your speakers are on. Once you open a gallery of photos, click on the small right-facing arrow to view a slideshow with captions. NOTE: There are many videos in each gallery. When you reach a video (it will have a circle and arrow in the
  9. We are on the Sky....if you look at our “invitation”, which is really just a listing of what goodie is served every night, there is no mention of Platinum ON THE INTERIOR. However, if you look at the outside cover it says,” a special invitation for our elite, suite and platinum guests”. Look at the front cover.....I’ll bet it says the same.
  10. We have done the Chef’s Table many times and will always choose to do it on a new cruise. We just boarded the Sky for the TA on Nov. 17 and were told by the maitre’d that there are 110 (!!!) people on the waiting list from the previous legs of this cruise. Looks like we might not make this one 😫
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