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  1. I just glanced at the prices and it seemed to me that P+O were not offering any amazing deals. However, I could be wrong in this as I don't know what the full price upgrade might cost.
  2. @tring I think we must be on the same cruise as you - 19 nights on Aurora, departing 8th April? We had an upgrade email a few days ago but are not interested as we need an accessible cabin. I'm afraid that I don't remember prices - although I do remember being unimpressed!
  3. Thanks for the heads up. OH was able to complete the process this morning.
  4. We* are having problems with the app too, despite 'help'. Zac sent confirmation of the login details but we are still getting an error message. It's a good job we are not onboard until April! *We being OH who nominally owns the shares.
  5. @Selbourne My electric chair has a reversing 'beep' and I cannot control the volume on it. It also beeps when first switched on. I am careful that I don't disturb people with it which can mean sitting through a performance when I would prefer to leave, but that's just the way it is.
  6. Adding my thanks for an informative and thoroughly entertaining review.
  7. Thanks Selbourne, we are on her in April and it's good to know that I will be able to get in/out easily on my own. It gives both OH and I a bit more freedom!
  8. I agree that the balcony doors in the accessible cabins on Iona (and, I assume, Arvia) are so easy to use. Selbourne, are the doors to the accessible cabins on Aurora automatic opening? I haven't been on her for a long time and can't remember. It really makes a difference to whether I can get in and out easily on my own in my chair.
  9. We very much enjoyed our visit to the Tudor House, so that is something else to consider.
  10. @Lickylips I am very sorry to hear about your friend. I do hope that her surgery, recovery and repatriation go smoothly.
  11. Good luck with that one! If you should be lucky enough to find one, please pass the details on to me 😁
  12. I read, with interest, your thread about your first cruise. It's great to hear that your mobility has improved too!
  13. @carlanthony24 Would you mind terribly pulling up the times in Port for Aurora R406, April 2024, please? Or give a hint as to where it can be found.
  14. The ferry is by the market, not far from where the shuttle bus dropped us off. It was just one tram out to the restaurant but I'm afraid I don't remember which number it was. The tram stop, again, was near the shuttle drop-off.
  15. I'm not very mobile these days, so we mainly pottered one day. The other, we took the ferry over to Suomelina island. We had been there before but still found it worth a visit. In the evening we took a tram to https://ravintolakuu.fi/en/home/ for traditional Finnish food, which was very good (I'm afraid I ate Rudolf!).
  16. Great review, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
  17. I always say that I don't need assistance on embarkation/disembarkation as I am fairly independent in my powerchair. I have always been on the list when they come to check that my chair has been declared though.
  18. I so glad that you asked this question. I have been retired for years and didn't realise that I would be eligible for a BLC. My friend is still working and uses hers a lot.
  19. A few weeks ago, it took us 2.5 hours just to get to Southampton from Poole!
  20. We had a request to do the Feefo review after our May cruise but didn't get a post-cruise questionnaire from Cunard.
  21. @twotravellersLondon @Eglesbrech Thank you both for your kind words. I thought you might like to know that my friends boarded Bolette today and have reported that the dining arrangements are satisfactory, so that is an excellent start.
  22. I love the first glimpse of Salisbury cathedral from the A338. Ignore the houses and that is the same view that people have seen for many centuries.
  23. We pre-registered with our TA and got an inside accessible cabin on QA for August 25 - accessibles tend to go fast so we were very happy to get one.
  24. The smallest ship we have been on was the old QEII and the largest Iona. There have been pros and cons to each one but we have enjoyed them all. The smaller P+O ships are older, with fewer bells and whistles, but can get into different ports and we find it easier to get to know crew and other passengers. The bigger ships we have been on have been newer with more entertainment venues and speciality restaurants. However, the number of passengers can be a problem at busy times and the itineraries tend to be more limited. On the whole, I would far rather be on a cruise than not!
  25. @Palaceman I'm sorry that you had such a disappointing experience and really hope that you enjoyed the rest of your cruise. Can I ask, was NY your first USA port? We are doing this cruise next year and are wondering what to expect.
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