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  1. I am not familiar with 'NBT', will someone please explain?
  2. I bring my own products for hair and skin; small alarm clock cos I can't sleep if I can't see the time; a small, light blankie - for using on the balcony, daytime naps and, more recently, when I'm out and about in the wheelchair*; sachets of instant hot chocolate drink, or a jar for longer cruises; usually a tube of 'hand wash' detergent but I am taking a pack of laundry detergent sheets for our upcoming 24 days cruise cos I can use them for hand washing and in the machines in the laundry room; a bottle of cola to get me started. We drive to the port and don't have any limits on baggage *We rarely do 'hot weather' cruises. @Huskygo I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot read the Rainbow Bridge poem without crying, even if I haven't recently lost a 4 legged companion!
  3. We had our first Celebrity cruise on Silly last year, visiting the Med. On the basis of that, Celebrity is not our favourite line. However, we had a lovely time and there was certainly nothing to complain about. As the previous poster said, it is hard to make specific replies when we don't know the exact nature of the complaints.
  4. HI, I am a part-time powerchair user and completely understand your problem. I'm lucky though in that I am able to get into a bus and my chair folds to go into the trunk of a bus. I know that things would be much more difficult otherwise! Old Stavanger is very steep and cobbled, not great for wheelchairs/scooters. However, there is a wide, flat path along the inlet that goes as far as the oil museum (much more interesting than it sounds!) and the new town is much more accessible. As for the 'In search of the Northern Lights' tour, we spent a disappointing evening looking up at a cloudy sky. We did get a good show that we saw from the ship the next night, and again on our way back down the coast the night after that.
  5. Goodbye Oriana. We too have happy memories of her.
  6. If we had to wait for the facts before making a comment, most forums I know would die overnight!
  7. Me too, I send Mr Slugsta to do the laundry!
  8. I thoroughly enjoy watching the shows, wearing earplugs simply increases my enjoyment as they cut out some of the unwanted volume.
  9. We were on Celebrity Silhouette last year and conform that the accessible cabin we were in had automatic doors. It is so useful as one cannot be truly independent if the door cannot be managed. I know that this won't be relevant to many who post on here, but I will say it anyway - P&O have automatic cabin doors on some of their ships. Certainly Oriana (although she is leaving the fleet very shortly) and, I'm told, Aurora. I will let you know about Arcadia when we have been onboard next month. I found the doors so useful when we were on Oriana - although I did have one occasion when the door kept opening again on its own. The cabin steward came along and cleaned a sensor and that solved the problem.
  10. I had this really badly over the weekend but hoped it might be better this morning after the 'fix'. Nope, still getting the Error 500 message this morning Sometimes 'reload' works first time, sometimes it doesn't. 'Back page' isn't usually very successful either. I am using Chrome.
  11. This is my argument when OH says it is not worth locking the cases.
  12. The map is a lovely idea! The explanation of how to do it is lost on me too, the OP's wife is clearly talented. I'm sorry it was taken .
  13. One will be 'black and white'. Other than that, formal nights are not usually themed.
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