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  1. We don't have any priority and were given 12.30 boarding of Aurora earlier this month (we were on D deck). I seem to remember that the latest time was 3.30. We were told that there were a lot of people onboard with high loyalty levels.
  2. We disembarked Aurora on Friday and the Captain said that both gastro-intestinal and respiratory conditions were prevalent. We certainly saw evidence of the former with people suddenly becoming unwell whilst in public spaces. We thought we were in the clear but I spent Friday night vomiting, was just glad that it was short-lived and waited until we got home!
  3. Thanks for the comments about temperature onboard. We are going down to the Med. so I hope it will be the 'Goldilocks area'!
  4. Changing the subject completely - what was the temperature like inside the ship? On our last 2 P+O cruises, I have been quite cold. I know that Selbourne said that some places were terribly hot when they were down in the Caribbean, but I suspect that is not the same in cooler climes.
  5. Some cruiselines, including P+O, are now stipulating that people who use wheelchairs and scooters must be allocated an 'evac chair' and member/s of crew in case of emergency. I would imagine that this does necessitate some sort of 'quota' as these members of the crew will not be available for other emergency duties.
  6. I'm sorry that you experienced this. Noro is bad enough at the best of times - and being alone, far from home must be particularly hard. I completely understand that this might have made you reluctant to cruise again, especially if this was your first time. In all fairness, it's not only cruise ships that get Noro outbreaks. It happens anywhere people are in close proximity for extended periods, including schools, hospitals etc. Of course, the same goes for cough, colds, flu, Covid and such like. Even so, many posters here have clocked up dozens, if not hundreds, of cruises without getting ill, so it certainly isn't inevitable.
  7. He would only be able to add an extra passenger later if there were still lifeboat places available for that area of the ship. This could be an issue particularly if the 3rd/4th places in other cabins were taken, so this is something to be taken into consideration.
  8. When the speciality dining is open for bookings can be rather variable. We are embarking on our next cruise in 2 weeks time (we should be onboard and under way in exactly 2 weeks time 🙂) and we were able to book speciality dining yesterday afternoon. Yet I have heard other people say that it hasn't been available until well into day -14 for them, so look early and keep trying if it isn't open.
  9. I also thank Selbourne for this every enjoyable thread. It has really helped pass the dark winter days between Christmas and our first cruise of the year.
  10. We board Aurora on 8th April, so am rather hoping that someone will have found the seasoning by then! However, I am not fond of many veg so would be happy with green beans most days.
  11. As well as physical comfort, the answer will also depend on how your mother feels about being pushed around (literally!). I utterly hate the lack of independence associated with this and will always choose my powerchair over a manual chair. Think also about the respective weights of the chairs as someone will have to lift it in and out of taxis etc (although one would hope that the drivers would do this).
  12. I will add my heartfelt thanks for the time and work you have put into this 'Live from'. As a wheelchair user, I have been particularly interested in your comments about accessibility at ports (and have come to the conclusion that the Caribbean is not for us). I wish you a safe journey home even though, like others, I will be bereft of reading material in the mornings once you get back.
  13. @Junction2 We are on that one too and it will be our longest. Longest thus far is 24 days, also on Arcadia to Canada.
  14. <groan> I admit that I had to read that aloud several times before the penny dropped!
  15. We have a cabin by the forward lifts on Aurora in April. Hopefully, it won't be overly warm then, even in Morocco.
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