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  1. Is there a list of available liquor, tonic water and such? Do they have diet Fever Tree tonic water available? Thanks!
  2. I was really happy with the perks, our concierge was outstanding, her name was Karen. She would be in Cagney's to book excursions or make dinner reservations, she would come to your suite to see if you had any needs, she was at the evening shows to help with seating in the reserved area in the theater. She also escorted us on and off the ship for embarkation and disembarkation. The butler was good, brought snacks in the afternoon, filled the ice buckets, and refilled the mini fridge. I did a review, and hopefully it will be posted soon.
  3. No we were on the Feb 14 sailing, had a great time!
  4. I don't know how much help this will be...I am booked on Regent Lisbon to Miami as well, but it will be over Thanksgiving. Even though many fellow cruisers won't be American (and celebrate Thanksgiving), I still plan on wearing a beaded cocktail dress. I just finished a cruise from Barcelona with an itinerary in the Atlantic and it was quite warm, 60's and sunny. You could get away with capris and short sleeve tops for sea days and Bermuda, but bring a jacket for outside. It will be tropical the closer you get to Miami, so you may also want some shorts/tanks.
  5. Carnival is my favorite because of the nightlife, the piano bar is great! RCCL is my next favorite, better than Carnival with the amenities provided in the suites. With Carnival if you are in a suite, you only get a larger room and priority embarkation. RCCL and NCL have similar suite amenities. The food is similar across all three lines, Carnival has great Indian food! The staff are very friendly and smiling on RCCL and NCL. I have been on 3 NCL cruises and have found the staff to be unhappy and not smiling. This reflected in poor service. The staff would take over the nightclub dance floor and guests were unable to enjoy, both on the Star and the Sun. I have not been on the larger ships of any of the lines, as we like under 2500 guests. That being said, my next cruise is on NCL, solely based on itinerary. I am going in with low expectations, determined to have fun anyway. Who knows, I may be surprised!
  6. As with any product, including hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants, it is very important to read the instructions for use. There is a specific amount of wet contact time that the product needs to be on the surface to be effective. Some products need only 30 seconds and others require 10 minutes (all products will evaporate/dry before 10 minutes).
  7. There are some non alcohol wipes for hand hygiene that are individually wrapped which may be used instead of the alcohol sanitizer. You will need to do some research to see if the specific active ingredient is effective against norovirus. Amazon has several brands, just do a search.
  8. Just wondering if there is a concierge lounge on the Spirit for suite or upper latitude guests? Thanks!
  9. San Juan is a wonderful city. There is a lot of nightlife and shopping in Old San Juan. I had the best meal of my life at La Marmalade last year. I have been tempted to just fly out for the weekend to go again!
  10. Oh no! How many are affected? Hopefully, the measures taken by the staff prove to be effective! We board in a couple of weeks. Wash your hands frequently!!
  11. I agree! Shoes are the hardest, those 3 would work!
  12. Thanks for sharing your review! It’s been a long time since anyone has posted a Spirit review. We will be on the ship next month and hope to be diverted to Tangiers as well! I am going to have to rethink my packing plan, I was hoping for a dressier experience since it is a European cruise. I miss the old days of cruising with formal and semi formal nights! I also miss the seating times for dinner, it was always exciting to meet your table mates for the duration of the cruise. Lisa
  13. Thanks, Dexddd! We are actually on the starboard side, in-laws have the port side. I have heard about the shaking, hopefully it doesn’t last long (days)! Lisa
  14. Wow that is great, thanks so much!! Lisa
  15. Hi, I am booked in the owners suite on the Spirit. I see that there is a TV in the living area, but is there a TV in the bedroom? Thanks! Lisa
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