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  1. Just heard this morning that our October Japan cruise, paid for with our Xpedition credit, has been cancelled.
  2. HI from Southern California. Yes, we were booked on that 2019 Galapagos cruise with you. As I recall, you had just left the car park at Heathrow. I heard a tentative cancellation with our bags in the trunk (or as you would say, boot) , essentially on the way to the airport. The cruise was finally cancelled for us with DW 15 minutes from leaving for LAX. So now we're booked for a Japan cruise on October 11, and we're waiting, just like you, for Celebrity to make up its mind. Carry on. You Brits got us through WWII, so I'm confident we can survive Celebrity.
  3. See my long post above. Celebrity's position is that the credit has to be used on one cruise. In our case, Celebrity made an exception because several employees gave us erroneous information which we had acted upon. Why Celebrity's employees don't know this answer off the top is unknown to us. (In Celebrity's defense, I had an issue with a credit with RCCL some years ago, and when it finally percolated to the top, an RCCL executive told me that RCCL's credits were "bewildering.") Thus, your refund plus the credit ought to pay for a cruise on the Flora. And I think that's the
  4. Let me review the chronology better. And keep in mind our conclusion that while we are disappointed our cruise was cancelled, we appreciate that Celebrity gave us a fairly large credit to use. First, background. We need to plan our vacations a year in advance or more. There are certain times of the year we simply can't go. Thus, it's not a possibility that if the Nov. 9 cruise we were on was cancelled that we can go Nov. 16 on the Flora. Second, we followed Celebrity's tribulations with the lobster issue (in January, I think) and the licensing issue (over the summer), so whi
  5. As one of the folks cancelled in November, as we booked our air through Celebrity, we received a full refund. People who booked air separately received up to $400 p/p for change/cancellation fees. And some either used the air and made separate arrangements or were already in South America. (Our cruise was finally and officially cancelled about 6 hours before we were to board our flight.)
  6. We recently booked a last minute cruise. Reserved afternoon of November 6. Sailing November 8. On the evening of November 6 I e-mailed Celebrity with our request for shareholder OBC. I have the letter saved in Word, and I copy a page from from brokerage statement, redacting the account number. Confirmation was received by e-mail on November 7. On boarding, the OBC was clearly reflected on the bill. We later received another OBC but it caused no issues. I wish the rest of the late booking process went as smoothly. My RCCL investment has done quite nicely over the
  7. My DW just spoke with the Galapagos desk and we are getting closer. Another refund will be processed. FCCs will be issued in a few weeks.
  8. I don't mean to discourage you, but I followed that route with Guest Relations on our recent cruise. All that they can do is send e-mails. They cannot access the database nor see the communications the Galapagos desk has had with us. But, please try and report back. I wish you success.
  9. We have asked, both in phone calls and e-mails, for agreement on what we paid, which for us is documented by an invoice. We booked air through Celebrity, as Celebrity was offering a good deal on air fare. We have yet to get Celebrity to agree on the amount. Separately, we understand that Celebrity will cover change or cancellation fees on independent arrangements up to $400 p/p.
  10. I called on November 7, spoke to a rep, and was on the phone with the rep and on hold for 58 minutes. The resolution was that I would be called back. The call back has not happened. We have sent e-mails. I spoke to the Guest Relations manager on the replacement cruise we took, who contacted the Galapagos Desk while we were on the replacement cruise. The response was that they were working on it. My wife has sent two recent e-mails reporting exactly what was credited to our credit card, and what we thought the balance due was. Our TA has called. She has been told t
  11. See my post from Wednesday. We have not yet received a full refund, lthough we have received about 8 credits to our credit card for a substantial portion of the trip. (I think we are short about $2,800.) And we have not yet received the FCCs. I say this not as a complaint but as simply a report on status.
  12. To expound further, we learned of the grounding on November 5, via Cruise Critic. That night, Celebrity assured our TA that the Xpedition would sail on November 9. On November 6, we received a phone call at 10 a.m. advising of the cancellation, but that there was a possibility the Xploration would sail, in which we expressed interest. At 3:00 p.m., we were advised that there would be no sailing. To put in context, my car was downstairs at my office fully loaded with suitcases and DW was about 1 hour from leaving for the airport for our 9:30 p.m. departure. (On of our Cruises Critic collea
  13. We have received much, but not all, of the promised refund and we have not received the FCCs.
  14. We were just on a cruise and our non-surge protected power strip was confiscated.
  15. We were offered our money back and a very generous credit for a future cruise or cruises. Then we immediately booked and Celebrity said the future cruise credit could only be used once. We are on a ship right now. Celebrity took the cruise price out of our refund, not the fcc, and will not give us the perks that were advertised for a cash price. The Galapagos desk has not returned my call and the folks on board have no power to solve this problem That is separate from being treated poorly on the replacement cruise because no one knew we were coming and other names were attac
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