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  1. I only remember $5 rebate at 500 points and again at 1,000, and I started sailing Carnival in 2003. Maybe they were more liberal with rebates before then?
  2. All sorts of stuff can happen between now and then....or nothing bad may happen at all. If the OP can afford to either change the sail date or lose the deposit if bad stuff happens, then okay. I booked a cruises for Nov and Dec - Nov is a $198 deposit on Carnival Magic and we'll see how things are when final payment is due. either I pay in full, try to transfer to another date, or just lose the deposit. The Dec cruise is a free balcony cabin on Celebrity Edge, just taxes and port charges. If it looks dicey, I can shift the same rate and cabin in Dec 2021, so not much to lose there. Hopefully the best stuff will happen, but I can easily handle the worst as well. More will be revealed. No one can definitively answer the OP's question.
  3. Iceland has just announced a protocol for tourism re-start: Prime Minister KatrÍn Jakobsdóttir announced this week that the country would begin allowing tourists to enter as early as June 15. Additionally, each visitor will be given a COVID-19 test upon arrival, results of which are processed immediately. Those who test negative will be free to enter, while infected tourists will be required to self-isolate for 14 days, at their own cost. In an official statement, Jakobsdóttir explained Iceland would loosen travel restrictions “no later than June 15 2020, while from May 15, some professionals arriving in Iceland — including scientists, filmmakers and athletes — will be eligible for a modified quarantine,” Lonely Planet reports. The statement adds that those who can prove they recently tested negative may be allowed to forego the arrival exam, though exactly how to apply for said waiver was not reported. Now can cruiselines adopt something similar? This is a learn as we go process, and what works for a country would need to be tweaked for a cruiseline, especially for shorter vacations. I imagine the lack of recent proof of negativity would then require an instant test, and those who test positive, {even false positives} would be denied boarding.
  4. Can't go back, just wishful thinking. Maybe even wistful. But time marches on and everything changes, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. I'm thinking COVID 19 will bring about sudden changes in many areas of our lives, not just cruising. Hold onto your hats for this ride.
  5. Imagine if you were given access to a generic history of previous occupants of your newly booked cabin - how many had died or gotten sick or had an accident, got divorced, drunk, had an affair, was thrown off the ship, arrested, etc. Would you really want to know? I would pay more attention to current CG and health inspection scores .
  6. Another vote for Celebrity Edge. We have a free midship balcony cabin booked for this December from a casino promotion. We can change it to the same ship, same promo in 2021 if this year's booking looks chancy. { Free means we paid taxes and port charges of about $220.} We only did 1 Celebrity cruise in 2019, and I have but 3 total over the last few years, and getting a free "comped" balcony cabin is an offer I couldn't refuse. I've cruised Carnival 42 times and their casino offers me $50 - 100 off the cabin fare and $100 casino cash. Listening Carnival? To the OP, I've been on the Conquest class ships (Conquest, Glory, Valor, Freedom & Liberty) maybe 25 times, they were nice when they were new up to about 10 years old. Now I prefer the Dream and Vista class, although those too are starting to show their rust. Lots of newer ships on other lines to experience.......
  7. More towards the casual side of attire on the Carnival ships I've been on......but the OP should wear whatever makes them comfortable.
  8. Just received 2 gift cards from Carnival that total about 75% of a June 19 Norway Fjords Cruise from Dover on the Legend. Still have balance left of just over a thousand as well as refunds to our CC for Shore Excursions -maybe by next Tuesday after holiday w/e?
  9. How effective were the health questionaires some lines required prior to boarding? There is no method available today that will be 100% effective. So we go through the motions and it will make some people satisfied and others (like me) cynical.
  10. Florida is not trending down, local news reports here in SWFL have cases trending upward since re-opening has started.
  11. Will the ports even allow pax to get off the ship? Will tour buses, vans and groups be spaced by social distancing? Will beach loungers be placed 6' apart? I booked the Magic for mid November, btw.
  12. Another thing I should have mentioned was the vibration/noise of the side thrusters when docking. If the ship neared the pier early AM, my sleep would get interrupted; didn't need an alarm to wake up. A little off topic, but there was one day I couldn't use a treadmill on a smaller ship's high forward deck gym above the bridge because of the rocking side to side.
  13. The OP states the open heart surgery was 2 years ago. I'm guessing the OP thinks that a doctor's approval is necessary to cruise, but that consideration has been discontinued. Unless the patient had long lasting complications from the surgery, or any other medical issues, he should be good to go. Again, Carnival and other lines have stopped asking for the over 70 age group to get medically clear before boarding.
  14. I've had a few very forward cabins when I first started cruising in 2003/4 on smaller ships. In heavy seas, there was the up/down motion of course, but sometimes we'd get hit sideways with a roller wave and the slamming would make this part of the ship shudder. This is at least lessened or minimized by being on a larger ship. We were recently on the Symphony of the Seas, and the aqua show in the aft pool was cancelled due to the water really sloshing around. We could see a difference in the water level of about 4 or 5' in the pool but I couldn't feel the ship moving at all.
  15. I sailed Paradise for my first 2 cruises back in 2003, when it was a completely non smoking environment. Everything changes, sometimes not for the better.........
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