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  1. I usually get Diamond priority tender instructions the night before the port. It will indicate a meeting point like the theater or the comedy club and a time to meet there next morning. FTTFs should get a similar alert. If you want earlier assurances about FTTF tendering, ask GS or attend one of the port talks where an explanation of the process is usually made. Understand that higher level priorities than FTTFs will go first, diamonds and plats, just like in boarding the ship. Your excursion will be waiting for you, as long as you are on one of the first 5 or 8 tender trips ashore. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. I sometimes get the $50 spa credit but I've never used it. I actually don't expect anything from Carnival for my BDay so I'm never disappointed.
  3. We're cruising Oct 14 to Oct 25, southern itinerary, so we'll find out yea or nay after that cruise. Perfectly acceptable if we have to re-route and change ports of course. Safety and comfort first. I'm not concerned, but I'll pack some bonine for any bouncy seas.
  4. many stories that Hawaiian artifacts bring bad karma to those that remove them...here's a little different take: https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2019/08/22/girl-took-heart-shaped-rock-national-park-then-she-felt-guilty-she-sent-it-back/
  5. If visitation is spelled out in a divorce decree, then the OP's son needs to contact his lawyer and have his lawyer take action. The OP says it's only 44 days till the cruise, but bullying like this has to be confronted. I personally cringe when I hear of parents using kids as pawns in their power struggles.
  6. I would just go solo, didn't bother me any or diminish my enjoyment. But now that we are both retired, we now have plans to cruise Celebrity Equinox and the RCCL Symphony of the Seas with other couples that we recently reconnected with at a 50th High School reunion
  7. The newer, larger ship with the extra day and port is my choice - Dream!
  8. More localities are banning this activity. Do you bring back sand or shells collected on a beach? Do you know if there are any local laws against this in the ports you are visiting? I know shell collecting is still encouraged here in SW FL, particularly on Sanibel Island. But bad karma (and a possible fine) can occur if you do the same in Hawaii. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/why-its-illegal-to-take-sand-from-some-beaches/ar-AAG56SM?li=BBnbcA1
  9. Flushable wipes may or may not be biodegradable, most aren't. TP products generally are. These products are actually rated by the way they tear down (or not) when introduced into a ship's or residential toilet system. Again chengpk, resident engineer on CC, broke down the science of what's flushable and what is not. I'm sorry I can't locate that thread using the search engine.
  10. I'm getting close to my 50th Carnival cruise, but I'm in no rush to get there. The rewards aren't that great to continue booking Carnival exclusively. It's more important to me at this stage of my cruising career to continue to experience different itineraries than offered by Carnival as well as new ships and cultures on different lines.
  11. Since becoming Diamond, I've been assigned to a discrete 2 top or a booth near the front of MDR every cruise. Not something I asked for, since we often had great conversations and idea exchanges at an 8 top. I don't know if other Diamonds are seated at 2 tops as a general policy, but if they are, then availability is subject to how many Diamonds are on that particular cruise. We were assigned to the 2 tops in the back of the MDR once and didn't like those as much. If we were to sit that close to others, we'd rather be at the same table.
  12. I'm thinking you'll be best served at a table. I've probably dined solo in various Carnival Steakhouses a dozen times, but I'm a guy and experience it a bit differently than women do.
  13. SW FL is currently experiencing an uptick in Hep A among its residents. Great point!
  14. Well ty for this....I'll keep my eyes open for future Journeys on Dream class ships. As for the dates you listed, I already have stuff booked then - November is a 2 week Punta Cana land vacay and January we're on the Symphony of the Seas for our first Royal cruise in 15 years or so. Appreciate the help!
  15. The older I get, the harder it becomes for me to party all night till 5AM. Over 50 cruises and I've yet to stay awake all night and then get to see a sunrise.๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜
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