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  1. I'm not familiar with the term 'dead and alive' port. What does mean?
  2. fourmile.ranch

    Missed souvenirs?

    So this year will be our 3rd in a row on QM2. Am starting to regret not picking up a dated transatlantic souvenir in '16 or '17. Is there any easy way to find such things now? Would the gift shop have some stuffed in the back somewhere?
  3. fourmile.ranch

    QM2 Arrival in NYC on my 50th Birthday!

    You will want to make your way to Canyon Ranch during embarkation day. Ignoring all the other services, a 6 day pass will be US$105 pp. Out of all the ways to spend money on board, daily access to the spa is the one thing we find worth every penny.
  4. Well then I'll amend my answer. Our best deal was YOUR best deal in '16 as we were plunked down at your dinner table for our first T/A and we got new lifelong friends out of the deal. Best upgrade ever! Hugs!
  5. fourmile.ranch

    QM2 Hydro pool/steam/sauna cost

    The cost of the Canyon Ranch Spa Passport is not listed in the Voyage Personalizier but a quick search on Google will bring you to the spa's website where you can view rates at the different locations. The cost of a Spa Passport onboard QM2 is 1 day $40 / 3 day $75 / 6 day $105 I will tell you, when we boarded last November for a 14 day crossing we bought a 6 day pass. At the mid-point we bought a 2nd 6 day pass and the staff asked us why we did not just buy a pass for the entire duration. Apparently, a 14 day pass would have been $200. It seems the staff would be happy to put some package together based on your needs even if it's not listed in the menu. As for the Passport itself, you get a paper card that should be carried with you and signed by an employee as you enter. Ours was signed the first day, we waited at the counter the and asked to have it signed the 2nd day. From then on we just walked into the spa with a quick wave to the staff. Out of the 14 days we collected 3 signatures. When we bought the 2nd Passport the staff thanked us for being honest.
  6. fourmile.ranch

    Cunard Customer Service (USA) issues

    Recently called the 800 number in the US to make the final payment for our upcoming trip. Called about noon EST and was connected immediately with an agent who handled everything pleasantly. He then volunteered to review the speakers that were scheduled for our voyage and shared some of his own tips and insights. It wasn't a particularly long conversation but certainly he went well beyond the original intent of the call and it was appreciated. This is the norm we've experienced when contacting Cunard via phone. Sorry to hear your experience was different.
  7. fourmile.ranch

    The LOOK Hotel in Redhook

    This year we are sending our luggage on ahead of us with Luggage Free and checking in the night before departure at The LOOK Hotel in Redhook. At checkout we'll walk over to the terminal to meet the QM2 (and hopefully our luggage). Google says the walk should take 15 mins or so covering 0.7 miles. Has anyone had any experience walking to the ship from this hotel?
  8. We are only three years in to our relationship with Cunard. Last year we booked a BY balcony grade at $1749pp on a 14 day RT crossing. This year I would think our $1999pp for a BF balcony cabin (with $50pp OBC) for the same number of nights was the better deal. But we'll wait til we arrive at our stateroom before saying for sure. This is an interesting question! I always wondered what price point other people jumped at.
  9. fourmile.ranch

    Extra charge (late) yet again.

    Assuming they won't use them, are passengers allowed to have the contents of the fridge removed upon embarkation to avoid this problem?
  10. fourmile.ranch

    QM2 westbound Crossing -must do's?

    Our copy arrived today also! Like-new condition from Amazon. For $5 we may leave it for an extra copy in the library. Thanks for the suggestion Kohl57!
  11. Here is a link to a video of disembarking QM2 with dogs, if you have not seen it. It's not comprehensive and it's also Southampton but might help get an idea of how it all works. If the link doesn't work the video is titles 'QM2 Disembark with Dogs'
  12. fourmile.ranch

    QM2 westbound Crossing -must do's?

    Great tip! Picking up a copy off Amazon for our November crossing. Thanks!
  13. fourmile.ranch

    Flower Arranging Class

    I also pre-bought the flower arrangement for our cabin during our first crossing. At some point during the week there was one day when several arrangements were for sale in the Grand Lobby at much more reasonable prices. I assumed they came from the class, but I'm just guessing at that. Since our second crossing was a RT, last year I decided to wait and buy an arrangement in the lobby when they showed up. And of course, they never showed up. This year I'll stalk the Lobby and try my luck again. Is there any logic to it?
  14. fourmile.ranch

    QM2 westbound Crossing -must do's?

    Homer Simpson was on my to-do list on my first crossing. He's hardly ever mentioned here, poor guy. Thanks for pointing it out!
  15. fourmile.ranch

    How does muster work on multiple crossover cruises

    We were required to bring our ship card which was scanned and told we could remain in our cabin during the next muster drill.