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  1. Find and join the roll call for your cruise and you will get more information.
  2. Umm... no. I just checked - and there are at least three Caribbean cruises on two different ships still listed out of NY in January 2021.
  3. Some cruise lines have banned smoking in casinos. Celebrity still has full casinos - even without smoking.
  4. I just went to NCL to see if our cruise in November has had any changes. It seems the first available cruise to anywhere, from anywhere, is not until October.
  5. No, they are not always in good locations. We were upgraded from a balcony to a mini-suite on the Gem a couple of years ago. Great, right? Nope. Almost every morning, at the crack of dawn, we were awakened by the dragging of pool chairs above our cabin. Never again will we take a chance on any location under the pool deck.
  6. AMEX is a much easier company to deal with when it comes to disputes if you are a long-time customer. Other credit card companies aren't necessarily quite as lenient or as quick to offer a resolution. They will usually resolve the issue, but not as seamlessly as AMEX. Just my personal experience 🙂
  7. We just received this email as well for our November 30th Gem sailing. To be honest, the new ships "mini suites" were no different than a balcony cabin. The Escape mini suite was virtually the same cabin, with a nicer bathroom. The Gem mini suite has significantly more space, AND it has a really heavy curtain that separates the bed from the sofa/sitting area. For someone who snores (him) and someone who only sleeps a few hours a night (me), that heavy curtain means the difference between a good nights sleep and a cranky partner 🙂
  8. Love to hear about your experience and I plan to tell my dad about it as well. He's going to be 90 this year, and he's a widower 😉 Lives alone in the house we grew up in, in NYC. By the way, I would love for my dad to take a cruise with us - but he wants nothing to do with it...LOL I can hear the famous tune playing now.... "matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...find me a find...catch me a catch..." LOL
  9. We've been to Moderno's on the Gem - it was just OK. In my opinion, if you live near a major metropolitan city, there are so many BETTER churrascaria choices. Even the chains like Fogo de Chao are MUCH better than on board. I have been to a few different churrascarias, and all of them were better than on NCL. Fogo de Chao was MUCH Better. If you don't have any of these places nearby, and the ship is your only opportunity to try it - then go for it. We personally love Le Bistro - it rivals a few of the other good French restaurants in our area. We'll have 5 specialty dinners on our upcoming 12 day cruise - so not sure how many will be at Le Bistro - I would say at least 3....LOL
  10. We also agree that the theater productions - at least on the Escape - were great. In fact Choir of Man was probably the BEST show we have seen on any cruise - ever. We would see it again in a heartbeat! After Midnight was also great, but Choir of Man was the best.
  11. It isn't necessarily what is "required" as far as expiration dates. What happens if one of you becomes ill and has to be transported somewhere for care? Will that location (country, area) allow you in with a soon-to-be-expiring passport? Will you be able to get on a plane to get home if you spend time at a hospital and your passport expires during that time? In my opinion, it is really silly to take any kind of UNNECESSARY CHANCES while on vacation - just get the passports renewed before you leave. Pay the expedited charges, and have peace of mind.
  12. I am not even sure that their schedule for evening turn-down/cleaning starts that early. They may have other responsibilities during that time frame. I guess they figure that anyone going to dinner early would be out of their cabin at least for a couple of hours after early dinner seating, which would bring it to around 7:30PM or later. Talk to him - give him a time range instead of an exact time. What if 4 other cabins want their cabins cleaned at 6:00PM? Even if he could schedule it on their time, clearly it wouldn't be possible. I don't know how many cabins each steward has, but it's very likely more than we can imagine.
  13. Funny you should say that - what information are YOU sharing? LOL
  14. You won't get charged, and they won't get charged. To be honest, it's just not a very nice thing to do. Someone else may have wanted a reservation for 2 for that time, and they won't get it because.... their table is already booked, but will remain unoccupied. We had trouble getting a table for two at the time we wanted when we were on the Escape last year. If I found out it was because of something like this, I would have been more than a little pissed off.
  15. People help others because it is the right thing to do. It may not be the easiest or the most fun thing to do, but... You do you - and allows others to do what they decide is best. Karma.
  16. You can be completely confined to a wheelchair and still fly and cruise. It just needs to be arranged. Practically anyone can learn to drive a scooter. As for not speaking English on the cruise - perhaps a translation app on someone's cell phone can help.
  17. Just don't forget to read the small print on the link: Beverage selection is subject to change on board.
  18. While I am certainly hoping he had no intention of dropping the child, unless you are him - you cannot say with any degree of certainty that "he had no intention of dropping the little one". Mental health issues aren't always obvious, and they aren't always diagnosed in time or at all.
  19. Insurance is a business like any other, and you have many choices when it comes to purchasing insurance. If someone chooses NOT to purchase insurance, and they can't get to their cruise for a reason that would have been covered - whose fault is that? We always buy insurance - but NOT from the cruise line. We buy insurance that covers what we need it to cover. We take responsibility for our actions, just as people should take responsibility for their INACTIONS.
  20. I "value" the fact that I take personal responsibility for reading the rules, terms and conditions when I invest my hard-earned money and/or sign ANY contract. If you receive an item from Amazon, and you drop it when taking out of the box and break it, and they don't replace it, will you find another company and blame them for not having ethical values? The ice cream cone scenario isn't exactly the same as a cruise worth several thousand dollars. Seriously.
  21. Yes. The room service fee is added to whatever other food or beverage charges there are.
  22. You'd lose that bet. We've gotten free upgrades when our prices dropped a couple of times. Last cruise we chose a free upgrade over an amount equal to 25% of the price difference in OBC. They don't have to offer ANYTHING, but they can and do offer upgrades or OBC.
  23. It's unlikely that it has to do with booking direct or through a TA. It is more likely the bid amount and/or the number of cabins available.
  24. After the second flood, I would have DEMANDED another cabin. Ships always have cabins available for emergency issues.
  25. Do they really do a sea day lunch in a specialty restaurant that is different from the regular buffet offerings?
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