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  1. I'm looking at the internet packages. I'm not sure I will need one that's for every day while on the ship. One is for 60 minutes ($19.95). My question is this: Are the 60 minutes a 60 straight minutes or can I log on and off throughout and stretch it out over a few days? Thanks, Monica
  2. SHIP: Infinity, 9–21 December 2023 Canaries, Morocco & Spain cruise CABIN #: 9127 DECK #: 9 CLASS: A2 Aqua AREA: Aft, port side, near aft stairs and elevators BED NEAR: Bath QUIET?: Yes, pretty quietl BALCONY VIEW: Balcony is covered from the café overhang above. There are also the posts of the overhang that slightly block the views. BALCONY SIZE: Standard size balcony with a small table and two chairs. WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No. PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: The Infinity needs a facelift. Our room was fine but you could see the carpeting needs to be replaced. The tile in the bathroom needs replacing. The small couch has a dip in it, so not very comfortable sitting. The balcony door doesn’t lock with the handle, so there is a lock towards the top of the door. DO NOT go outside and close the door all the way, as the lock will drop down and lock you out. That didn’t happen to me but when I came inside and closed the door, I saw the lock drop down. I would hate to be locked outside on the balcony! Monica
  3. I'm reading up on ports for my 7 October 2024 Italy Intensive Voyage. It's 11 nights. Are you on this same cruise? Monica
  4. My husband and I, along with several other friends, toured with Spain Day Tours (SDT) while in Cadiz (for a tour to Seville, Dec 18th) and Valencia (to tour Sagunto and Valencia, Dec 20th). We were on the Infinity (9-21 Dec 2023 cruise - great cruise!!). I’ve booked several tours in the past with SDT. For our tour from Cadiz to Seville, Oscar was our guide and Jose Antoni was our driver. Once dropped off in Seville, Marina was our guide for the day. Adela was our guide for Sagunto and Valencia and Xavier was our driver. Our guides were informative, friendly, and spoke English very well. They are passionate in wanting us to learn about the history of the places we visited. Adela suggested several places for lunch, places that she frequents. We decided on a place that served pintxos (Basque type of tapas, but individual servings, which are thick cuts of bread topped with a variety it toppings). Great choice. Our tour to Seville was a full day, as it took about an hour and 20 minutes to get there, so we just brought snacks. If you haven’t been to Seville, go! I was there back in 1994 and 1996 and remember the charming area of Santa Cruz. SDT booked tickets in advance for our visit to the Alcazar. We always ask to be returned to the ship by a certain time so that we don't miss our ship's departure. We've never had a problem with this and the guides know this requirement and will work around the tour itinerary. The vehicles they use are very comfortable and in excellent shape. SDT helped me arrange private transfer services in advance to get from our hotel to the ship (for 10 of us); and then to the airport after the cruise (for 6 of us). They used a company that picked us up and dropped us off promptly. Each driver was professional and friendly. We had to provide a count for the number of people and luggage to include whether large or carry-on. This way they provided the right size vehicles. It was perfect. Lastly, working with Emilia and Dionisio has been great. They are quick to respond to my emails and making any necessary changes as we planned our tours. I highly recommend SDT if you are looking to book private tours. Monica
  5. Would 8060 be similar (less noise from above) being next to 8058? Thanks, Monica
  6. Hi Phil, I've done several solos while traveling with a bunch of friends. Two couples are on the cruise too, but not sure if we'll be dining together all the time. We met a lot of nice people on the Journey this past August. I assume breakfast in Aqualina has a better variety of foods? We loved our dinners there and in Prime C. Monica
  7. This will be my 2nd Azamara cruise, so I'm at the Adventurer level. Will be at the Explorer level after my next cruise.
  8. Experience more essentials. https://www.azamara.com/booked-guests/onboard-packages Monica
  9. Thanks Phil. I'm going solo and purchased the EXMO for solo travelers. It's comes with 3 bags of laundry service (don't need all of them) and other perks, but trying to decide to get the 'regular' EXMO, which is $200 less. Monica
  10. I see on the Azamara website that one of the perks being in a club continent suite is, “One free bag of laundry service per suite, each seven days*” There’s no link to the * Does anyone know what additional information applies to this? For example, I’m going on a 12-night cruise next summer, so would this mean only 1 laundry service since I’m not on board 14 nights? Thanks, Monica
  11. Thanks. I don't have a lot of choices. I ended up booking 8033. It's under the pool lounge chairs, so I expect some noise, but hopefully not as noisy as under the Patio. Monica
  12. Was your cabin 8049 on the Onward or one of the other ship? I understand the Onward deck plan is different from the others. Thanks, Monica
  13. Greetings, Friends and I are going on a cruise in Japan next spring and one port is Kochi. I am wondering if anyone that had a port stop in Kochi if the ship provided a shuttle bus and the cost. Looking at WhatsinPort, it mentions a cruise shuttle bus, no local transportation. Thanks, Monica
  14. For my December cruise on the Infinity, I had my agent cancel the original booking and re-booked in aqua class. I saved about $450, got a lot more OBC and am now in aqua class. We love dining in Blu and enjoy the spa area. For us, it was a no brainer. Now, I do need to find new flights to Barcelona, so hopefully I can get the same flights for the same price, or close to it. Monica
  15. So, the premium beverage package doesn't include any better wines? Only the complimentary and ultimate? Monica
  16. I got the same email. I did see the little pencil on the right but when I clicked on it, I got an ERROR message. Will try again another day. Monica
  17. Can you please tell me which company you used? We're a group of eight people. Thanks! Monica
  18. Thank you for the information. Was your tour when you were docked in Tangier or Casablanca? We will be docked in Casablanca. Monica
  19. I would be interested in the tour company you used. Thank you! Monica
  20. Greetings, friends and I will be on a cruise at the end of March and trying to figure out our day in Antigua. Can you please tell me where you had lunch? Thank you, Monica
  21. . I changed hotels to the Movenpick next to the train station. Easy off the ship and to the hotel, drop off the luggage, and dive into the city. Been there before a couple of times as a port visit. May visit Delft the second day or another place. Decided I didn't want us to go back and forth to the hotel since it would mean the train/metro and a shuttle bus. Spending more than I want but paying for convenience. If we want to take a break in our hotel room, it will be easy to get to, rather than trekking back to the airport area. Monica
  22. I just booked a hotel close to the airport with complimentary shuttle. We can use it to get to the airport to get to the train station and head to town. Staying at for two nights. Monica
  23. Thanks everyone for your comments. I think we will spend 1, maybe 2, night in Amsterdam and avoid the hassle the morning we dock. Knitter, yes, I am on the roll call. Looking forward to meeting you. I guess I'll have to figure out where to stay so that getting to/from places will not be time-consuming. Which hotel do you plan to stay in? Monica
  24. Greetings, I've been trying to figure out the earliest flight home from Amsterdam (to Wilmington NC or any nearby airport). I will be on the Journey Norway cruise August 1st to the 17th. First time on Azamara - very excited!! A friend stated not to get a flight earlier than noon. I haven't found many flights after noon (I'm still looking at alternatives). I found one at 10:55am and wondering if this is okay. I looked on some past comments from August 2022 and folks have stated to be at the airport 4 hours before the flight. Is this still true? Thanks in advance for your help. Monica
  25. Thanks everyone, I will look for something later in the day or spend one night (oh darn 🤣 ) in Barcelona. Monica
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