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  1. 30 days hath September, April, June and November. . . . Okay, then. LOL
  2. Cabin location for us as well. We've always paid extra to get the location that we wanted so the little extras that they provide is icing on the cake.
  3. Should lead to interesting reading on the boards. 🤣
  4. Thank you! Heck no, I don't believe their numbers. Hope you get lots of offers on your oceanfront!
  5. I would but I have airline credits for the cruise that we missed in May 2020. But, I like that idea for my July cruise.
  6. That in itself would be enough to cancel the Alaskan cruise season.
  7. I hadn't thought about that scenario. To "zero out" a ship might be a good way to get the right percentages of cabins across the board. By eliminating, say all interiors you aren't necessarily keeping cabins and their occupants apart. Financially, I don't know if it would be smart to "zero out" a ship after final payment and hope that you will get enough people to rebook.
  8. I understand your reasoning and I agree that they probably won't have problems reaching their reduced capacity goals. That is one less thing to worry about. LOL
  9. No, I have not price checked, but that makes me feel better that they seem to be pricing themselves out of the market. I think cancelling your Mardi Gras cruise is the smart way to go. Fingers crossed for your summer sailing!
  10. Yes, we will have to wait and see - I only have three months before final payment before I have to make my decision and I was hoping for some word of wisdom. ☺️
  11. Does anyone have any thoughts about reduced capacity sailings once cruising starts up again? My first cruise will be May 7 in Alaska. If it sails, most likely it will be a reduced capacity cruise. Lets say that it will be sailing at 60% (1710 passengers) and by the time of final payment they have already booked 80% (2280 passengers). I will be making that final payment in good faith (buying airfare, hotels, etc.) thinking that I will be going on a cruise not realizing that I might be one of the 600 passengers that will have to be cut from the sailing. How do you think they will make those
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