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  1. Same issue for us on our Jan salining on encore. Went on today at 120 days and the excursions to St. John were there. 🙂
  2. Labadee: take trolley or walk over to Columbus beach . It’s sandy. The buffet is set up right there and bathrooms aren’t far. We walked there and took trolley back. It was pretty easy. If we went back, I would definitely do the zipline. My DH isn’t a big sit in beach and do nothing type of person. My then 17 yr old ds is. 🙂 SJ: it will depend on your times in port. We have walked on our own after doing a horse drawn tour. It was informative and easy. ST: we have done different excursions here and gone into town. This time around we are going to take a beach and snorkeling excursion over to St John. You snorkel from the beach which to me is easier than snorkeling off a boat. Would be easier for your ds. Never been to StM so can’t help there. Have fun!
  3. We are NCL Encore in January from 8-6. This Excursion opened today. Departure time for excursion is 1:15. Wondering if other sailings have an AM departure and should just wait to book on board. TIA
  4. Thanks for posting this. We will be at 120 days at the end of this upcoming week. I’m consideirng just waiting until the first reviews come in.
  5. This will be our first time on NCL. If I had not booked early flight out of MIA and Cats with a western itinerary wasn’t on Oasis for the week, I would have changed ships due to all the negative posts on the NCL board. I paid final payment yesterday and am going into it glass half full. Looking forward to time away and trying something new. 🙂
  6. We are on The Encore and our first time on NCL. ON RCI, once you book, most excursions are available in the Planner for pre booking. We are 133 days out & still at 47 excursions total. We have been to 2 of the 3 ports but are specifically interested in going to St John from St Thomas. We know the DIY way but would prefer to just do a NCL excursion for this. Any one on earlier sailings and see a St John excursion as an option? NCL Planner is definitely not as user friendly as RCI. TIA
  7. Sounds like a fantastic but hectic cruise! Pictures are not showing up for me.
  8. Enjoy your trip and your retirement! I guess I am the oddball hereI like to do short vacations as I get to go away much more often. I prefer shorter cruises. 5 day is perfect for me. 🙂 Sea days are ok but more than 2 is 1 too many for me. On our upcoming cruise we have 3 1/2 sea days(late arrival in PR). We chose to try a new line and chose the ship over everything else. If I had not booked tight flights out of MIA, I would switch ships.
  9. I’ve nevr been on either. Researching NCL (we are booked on Encore), I came across The regal and if I had not booked flights out of MIA in AM would have switched to princess. It all depends on what you are looking for. It’s just DH and I and we could care less about go karts, laser tag etc..if my boys (20 and 26) were joining us then NCL over princess. We are on Encore because DH wanted to try a new line and the idea of a new ship appealed to us. Happy Choosing!
  10. Looks like the site for planning is now done. error message comes up when I try to click.
  11. We are leaning towards the Biolum Kayak excursion. We had wanted to do on a previous cruises but couldn’t because of visiting on a Sunday. Price isn’t too bad.
  12. I live in MA closer to Newport than Boston and have done a Canada cruise 3x from NYC (all in July). I would say weather depends on month you go, but it’s a real guesser. June was pretty much rain this year. July has been fantastic. I was up in Bar harbor for the first week in July and it hit 90 this year. We are in the midst of a heat wave right now. I have had luck in Halifax as far as sun part of the day but always. Rainy, foggy, and cold in St John. I would say save your $ particularly if going in fall. have fun! NYC is incredible to sail from.
  13. DH and I are on the Encore. It’s the only ship in port that day 8-5 or6. I’m trying to figure out if you book the excursion through the ship if it picks you up right at the ship. The earliest excursion option is 8:15. If it does not pick you up at the ship, does this mean you are taking the 9:00 ferry from the speedy terminal in town? If that is the case, I will most likely just book on my own. TIA
  14. THank you all for the feedback so far. I am aware that usually the excursion will cost more if booking on board. I am asking if the the prebooking (online) prices ever go on sale on NCL. TIA
  15. This will be our first cruise on NCL. On RCL, they run specials where rates are reduced on different excursions, internet, speciality dining, etc well as Black Friday deals on different sailings. You can cancel previous purchases and rebook with no penalty. Does NCL do anything like this? If so, can I cancel a previous purchase and rebook at the reduced rate? Trying to decide on 2 excursions as we have the 4 free offers and while the prices aren’t bad, wouldn’t mind a sale price. 😄 Thanks.
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