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  1. I have seen other posts about Sunday. I have been looking at tours and it appears they don't run on Sunday. Is that because the chocolate and rum factories are closed? There are other things that I want to do and see too, but I am fascinated with the chocolate process and love rum. lol Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your review. I am looking for a good tour operator. I was to Grenada 25 years ago and remember going to a spice market and how beautiful and green it was. My dh has never been.
  3. Yes, it was the Heritage Rum and Chocolate tour. You're good!! Thank you so much for all your helpful tips here. I will do just that. Great suggestions and I appreciate you taking the time to pass them along.. Thank you again. 😄
  4. Question about the mud baths. Are you able to get the mud out of your suit and such before you move on? Do you actually get any physical benefits that you noticed? I would love to do it, but was uncertain about getting all the mud out of places that might be uncomfortable later in the day. LOL
  5. I know no one is going anywhere right now and I can only hope that they will find a way to cruise by next February. Soooooo I am looking for a tour of a few places and includes rum and or chocolate. There is a Viator tour that is perfect but 1) they only leave from the north hotels and 2) not Saturday when we are in port. Thank you for any help.
  6. I was just wondering if someone could recommend one of the tour companies that have the stair type thing as a means of getting on and off their cat for snorkeling. My husband is in great physical shape (for his age) but for some reason struggles with those ladders, especially if they are short. Thank you.
  7. Any suggestions as to where to go in Curacao for free wifi? I hate to pay the ship's ridiculous prices for wifi when all I need to do is quick check email to make sure all is well at home once a day. TU I am also posting this on Aruba and Bonaire so if you know those ports too, you could post that too.
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