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  1. Great advice already from omeinv. Only thing I would recommend if you haven't already thought of it is an actual snorkel bag to carry your gear. You don't want to just throw everything into a tote bag or regular backpack incase it's wet. Most bags have a large mesh area so it could drip if needed plus a non mesh compartment (usually not water proof so be aware of that).
  2. I find the chest strap more versatile. Have both and the only time the helmet one has been used is skiing. For the chest strap it's used a lot for zip lining. Before we got the karma grip we used the chest strap hiking. We also used it places such as Dunns River Falls where you are hiking up the rocks and going through a lot of water (and sometimes swimming). We'd continue using the chest strap there as the karma grip isn't waterproof. I imagine if you do a lot of mountain biking you might find use in the helmet one. We have a handlebar mount for that instance though.
  3. I believe if you want any filters you have to go with the super suit. The color has improved a lot starting at the 6 though so you might be fine without it. The 7 black is waterproof for up to 33' so you will be fine with the camera if you decide not to do any additional housing. The only accessory I'd recommend is what they call The Handler on GoPro's website. It is really a pain to snorkel and just hold the camera as is. I have an off brand from Amazon, pasting link below. I started with the original GoPro and back then GoPro didn't make such a handle so I had to go to off brand. https://www.amazon.com/SHOOT-Floating-Handheld-Crosstour-Accessories/dp/B00MCA17MG/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=gopro+handle+yellow&qid=1582422823&sr=8-5
  4. I would carry it if you are going off just your own group. You are in bear country. Sucks to spend $50 on a can when you arrive (if you aren't driving to the port and could bring your own with you) but better to be safe then sorry.
  5. We aren't cruising until late May but we booked just a RT from Seattle vs a one way with land portion on one end of the trip. The main reason is we want to cruise and of May but touring land based we'd want later in the season. Also for cost once we figure in the two one-way ticket upcharge form the midwest we would be looking at roughly the same cost doing a land/sea tour through the cruise line or just doing the cruise we booked and going back again and doing a weeklong DIY land tour. But we travel like this multiple times a year so the cost, planning, time off work, etc is not an issue. If this is your once in a lifetime trip and don't travel like this often then I would say do the land/sea tour.
  6. We are in WI so we have cold weather gear. We plan on bringing our winter coats. But they are Eddie Bauer poofer style jackets that pack inside a pocket so they will not take up much space in the room or out in town to throw in a backpack. We will also bring a fleece and a rain jacket so we should be set for a variety of temps (our winter jackets are also rain resistant). We are traveling with my in-laws who only have bulky winter jackets so they will plan on layering a fleece and a rain jacket. Then depending on how cold they might have a heavier shirt on.
  7. Great points Cruise Suzy! We have not sailed Alaska before but we plan on doing most of our viewing from our balcony. When we did our Norway Fjords cruise, it was just so peaceful (as in quiet) to sit on our balcony undisturbed. Some days were very cold so nice to just leave the shades open and sit on the couch and get up and go outside if needed.
  8. nicoleinwi

    Boots? Shoes?

    I plan on living in my hiking boots on land in AK. But DH and I visit National Parks and do a lot of hiking so the investment for good waterproof ones for us is something that we will get lots of use out of. I'd check out REI as they will have a variety of footwear both lower and midrise (and high) hiking boots. For women they make some that look a little more girlie depending on your style such as darker colored ones such as purple or blue. Or even black or grey with some accent colors like a yellow or pink. Or as others said, waterproof a pair of sneakers. We are going late May so it might still be a little cool that's why I want my hiking boots as it'll provide a little more warmth.
  9. It says the fee may apply. Do you think this is just during certain hours? If I recall last time we were on NCL they charged the fee from like 8pm - 2am or something like that. Really liked getting breakfast in the room for early port days.
  10. Thanks for posting. We are on the Bliss in May. I saw another review with photos where the person was very disappointed of the cruise and didn't think they were able to see the scenery like they thought. Your video has it looking amazing and makes me excited for our upcoming sailing.
  11. DH & I are heading out on our first Alaska cruise in May. We, as well, have mainly sailed warm climate (Caribbean and Med). We cruised in Norway late May a few years back and the main thing over Caribbean was the chill in the air. Even if the temperatures were in the 60's (which is still not warm) it felt a lot cooler then 60's. Everything always seemed damp so that attributed to the cooler feeling. Even when it wasn't raining just the overcast skies and fog added dampness to the air. Be prepared with some warmer clothes. DH bought a winter hat onboard so we will be packing that for our Alaska cruise. Even though I'm sure we will come across junk stores, I'm hoping AK will be like Norway shopping and not the junk you find all over the Caribbean (the markets). I know some people may like that stuff, but not our thing. Also from what I read unless you are on Disney Cruise Line, you are probably going to have an older crowd.
  12. I've never had issues just fitting our purchases into our checked luggage or carry on. I know I'm going to buy stuff so I just make sure there is room going out there. DH travels a lot to Japan and he ends up with so many purchases each time. He packs a big duffel bag into his suitcase on the way to Japan. Takes up about as much room as a lightweight jacket. On the way home, he fills that duffel with a majority of his clothes (and brings a lock for the duffel) and checks it. He uses other clothes to pack around the purchases in his suitcase. We might start doing that for our travels together if we're pretty packed from the start.
  13. Booked the Westin June 2019 for late May 2020 cruise. I think that was as soon as their booking window opened. Where we wanted to stay and rate we thought so no reason not to book it then. But we’re planners.
  14. Great news! It never dawned on me to do a MDR and buffet is always so crazy. Plus a pain with our backpacks of carry on stuff.
  15. I just wanted to touch on the clothing portion a bit as you have so many responses on the other aspects. We live in WI so the temp for us will be fine when we cruise in May but it's not going to be warm for us either. DH & I both have Eddie Bauer down jackets that pack up into a pocket on the jacket. Check out their Storm Down series. We love them because they aren't bulky. They're rated for like 40 degrees with no activity but down to -15 with activity. They're great because we will wear them on the plane as not bulky to too warm for that as just sitting and if get too warm just stuff them into our carryon. They have wind spoof and water repellent (we'll still take an actual rain jacket though for a downpour). It's the wind that is going to get you. Right now in WI we're in a bad cold snap, it's been upper 30's and 25mph winds. I went for a walk the other day in this jacket and my top part was comfortable with just a long sleeve t-shirt it was my legs that got cold. And, I think with how "warm" this jacket goes to it might not be a one time use as in FL if a cold snap it could be good. You could also look for hiking pants that have wind protection in them (and will usually beed off the rain if light enough). They look almost like casual dress pants. Kuhl, Eddie Bauer and Outdoor Research make some decent ones. You'll probably want a lightweight pair of gloves. And, if you don't get a jacket with a hood, maybe a hat. Lastly wool socks to keep your feet toasty. If you aren't doing hiking boots then they will sure help if wearing sneakers. I think though we'll be living in our hiking boots for all the excursions. Ours have goretex in them to keep them waterproof. If you don't have already, I wouldn't spend the extra money to get winter insulted ones. We are fine in winter in our regular ones with wool socks. Good luck in all your clothes shopping :)
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