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  1. Have done Aqua both times on Equinox and LOVED Blu. It is our main reason for booking Aqua. NEVER had to wait at breakfast or dinner. Food and service were great. We were always seated at the same table if available. The hostess both times was very good at trying to seat us there. The sommelier was fabulous. We also ordered items from MDR with no problem
  2. A few years ago on Adventure of the Seas we had a real elusive and obnoxious attendant. She never came the first day so we called her. When she came, ALL we wanted to do was ask for ice and extra towels daily, she was angry and told us "how it was". She pointed her finger at us, told us "her hours" and that we were the only cabin she had at that end of the hallway so if we didn't put the clean up sign on the door, don;t expect her. We still gave her a tip hoping her attitude would change. Our beds were made but after two days we had accumulated wine glasses and coffee cups so obviously we were not getting full service. We called hotel services and the manager came to our cabin and explained that our attendant hadn't shown up in two days so we had a sub. Hadn;t shown up?????? Did she go overboard? Well, she finally "showed up" the next day for the remainder of the week. We never actually saw her close up again but she would glare at us if she saw us in the hallway and our only towel animal was a scorpion LOL!!! This woman became a source of a laugh to us. Needless to say, no tip at the end
  3. I was also told that a number of times when I called
  4. Thank you everyone for caring to respond and I feel a bit more relaxed. We are four retired women so should be able to handle this LOL Yes, my best friend and I plan on talking to our friends as suggested. We are Elite and they have no status so we will be invited to activities that our friends will be excluded from. That will force them to engage in other activities. We presented them with links to Cozumel Bar Hop and Maya Chan. We have left it up to them to make the reservations or not. No idea if they did. I tend to worry and overthink. Hopefully I am worried for nothing. I do not want to lose these other friends but also do not want to ruin my cruise by having dependent people.
  5. We are all Aqua so that makes it easier. My friend and I plan to purchase the specialty package once onboard so they can decide then if they want that. Since we have been on equinox before, we are going to repeat that we want them to do whatever they want on the ship and not be concerned with us because we have done many of the things and many are one time activities, which someone else wisly pointed out. I think I am overthinking LOL
  6. Great suggestions. Thank you. We have booked excursions that we all agreed to and in some cases nothing. They know to plan what they want in Grand cayman, for example, because we are staying on the ship. Been there, done that. We also said we would always have dinner and happy hour together. We will reiterate that since we have been on this ship before, we want them to do what they want and not worry about us. Repeat LOL
  7. My friend and I have cruised together for 10 years and will be on Equinox next week for the second time. We are cruising with two other friends, not extremely close friends) who have not cruised in years. They are a bit nervous about the whole thing. We do not want to be "tour guides " and yet want them to have fun. Any suggestions about how to manage this?
  8. Does anyone else think the new commercial is weird? Using Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" as the music seems very strange
  9. I totally agree! I sailed with Captain Kate last September and did not get the hoopla. I was impressed that there was a female captain but that is it. She was more like a celebrity and honestly, it became quite annoying with all the cloying over her,
  10. After many years of sailing in Sept and October, we have made the same decision after last year. 2016 we left out of Orlando early to beat a hurricane heading for FL. 2017 we sailed out of SJ three weeks after maria. Hotel and airline reservations were cancelled and we didn't know if we would sail until a week before. SJ was destroyed and we felt so guilty sailing away with food, water and AC. Last year hurricane heading to carolinas and N FL the day we flew to Miami. We changed flights to day earlier at great expense. The third times was the decision maker. Never again
  11. I could not agree more! So people who are older are just supposed to wither away in a nursing home? There ARE younger people requiring scooters, etc due to a disability. Such insensitivity is appalling. My friend and I are in our 60s and do not consider ourselves over the hill and could outrun many who are much younger. I resent the ageism and disrespect here.
  12. Last September, we had Jack Jones, of Love Boat song fame, as a passenger on Equinox. After I was home I saw a video of him singing Love Boat on the bridge with capt kate. Never saw him until we disembarked and were waiting for a cab outside of the terminal
  13. I heartily agree! I was in 1605 on the hump and LOVED it so much we are booked again in same cabin for November. I also have had Mohs so appreciate the shade. We loved Blu! All I can say is, people have their opinions and much I read about Aqua is from people who have not been. If you don't like it , don't do it but don't ruin it for the rest of us. BTW we are paying less for Aqua than a Veranda is going for today
  14. Thanks for responding! We got our biggest reduction before that and kept our OBC and drink package. November cannot come soon enough
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