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  1. Philadelphia is a lovely city. Like any city, there are problems. This is a very tense time in our country and no place is immune
  2. LOVE Longwood especially at Christmas! Will probably be doing a lot of drive around to celebrate the season
  3. I agree that the suburbs have so much to offer. The city is expensive to park , dine, etc
  4. Never been there either but my daughter has only been there two years. I think about all the people that come to Philly from all over the world, and I haven’t been there in years. I only go to the city for concerts at the arenas and to the airport
  5. Yes, just up the road. Exeter is a little pocket with a really good school district and lovely houses. Yep, chin up and try to keep hoping
  6. My daughter lives in Exeter. I think Berks suffers because of reading. Tremendous poverty, and over crowding
  7. I totally agree. I am in Montgomeryville and see the same
  8. I am booked on Summit in April. Rebooked in the summer after cancelling Reflection for Nov 2. Sky suite we are booked in is now $5000 more for 2. Also it appears that all suites are sold out and there is only one Sky suite
  9. My grandchildren , Kindergarten, 4th and 5th are doing virtual. The two oldest are doing well but of course would prefer to be with their friends/. My grand daughter just said tonight that it is not bad and as scary as she thought it would be. BUT this is so hard for kindergarten . My grandson had preschool cut short so he , as well as others, is behind and has no school skills. The teacher is fabulous and right on top of them .Thank god she is young. BUT she cannot really see if they are doing ok, some of the kids don;t have their supplies because maybe they had to go someplace else for virtual , like grandmom's , that day and forgot some materials. These kids cannot be left alone I have no idea how a parent can work at home and deal with a small child doing virtual. My daughter has a baby to care for too so it is difficult. Luckily she is not working . I cannot see this lasting all year. I know there are many many parents complaining and some districts are rethinking virtual and may possibly go to hybrid. The catholic schools are open for in school and it seems to be going well so I think that public could try. The numbers in my county are low and decreasing
  10. I totally agree and your dad was a wise man! Where are you in Berks? My daughter is in Exeter with three little ones on virtual. It is so so difficult. I get so angry at these selfish people who claim it is a hoax and refuse to accept the guidelines. They are depriving our children of the education and socialization that they deserve. I could go on and on lol and be thrown off cruise critic lol
  11. I totally agree about the lockdowns being “leaky”. Some states caved to pressure and opened too early thus eventually having upticks. No way to prevent those people from traveling to other states. There is also no teeth in mask mandates. You cannot put a kid at the door of a store to make sure people wear a mask. I was just in OBX standing at the”COVID style” continental breakfast wAiting for coffee at the Inn. Masks are “required” and we all had them on. In walks a man without a mask and the hotel personnel said nothing and gave him coffee. This msn then sneezed!!!!! Upon leaving he says , “have a blessed day”! This kind of behavior will keep us in this torture forever!
  12. Hi there!!! Yes, we have done a great job considering that we were a hot spot in March. I see a huge effort on pretty much everyone’s part
  13. Here in SE PA our numbers are pretty low and deaths have decreased. Most people are wearing masks, and practicing social distancing. We are not allowed in businesses without masks but there are a very few fools who remove them once they are inside or wear them under their noses. Schools are mostly virtual which is very frustrating to children who are kept from their friends. We are opening inside dining to 50% soon and that. to me, is questionable. PA was one of the last to open and I think it paid off other than in certain areas where there had been large gatherings which was against the governor's mandate. People need to cooperate in order to control this until a vaccine, We need federal guidance!
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