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  1. I have been able to get a lower price also through my TA after booking onboard when she had group space available.
  2. It sounds like things may have changed, but on our transatlantic on the Edge the streaming internet was very good.
  3. We love both the Lawn Club Grill and Roof Top Garden - have eaten at both several times (on the Silhouette and Edge respectively). You are going to get negative reviews on every speciality restaurant in the fleet. You will find that the number of positive reviews of both the LCG and RTG far exceed the negative reviews.
  4. I agree that all the rules can be super confusing - but don't let it discourage you from cruising with your service dog. The CDC has come out with some more guidance about visiting high risk countries (see https://www.cdc.gov/importation/bringing-an-animal-into-the-united-states/dog-importation-changes.html) and has added 17 more airports as approved points of entry to the list. They haven't yet added any sea ports. Under the new explanation they split the rules up between a transitional period of July 14, 2021 to October 14, 2021 and then after October 14, 2021. They do now speci
  5. Our transatlantic cruise from Rome to Florida has been recently canceled. It was doubtful if we were going anyway since I didn't want to take the chance of getting stuck in Rome if one of us unexpectedly tested positive for COVID-19 while in Europe. We are switching to a California Coastal since that will keep us within driving distance of home. Has anyone been to Mexico by air or sea recently? Mexico has changed the import requirements for dogs and you no longer need a health certificate to enter the country. The USDA website states “Upon arrival to Mexico with the pet dog(s) and/
  6. What cruise line are you taking? Check the cruise line website for information on what might happen if you test positive for COVID. For example, here is what happens on a Celebrity cruise: COVID-19 Assistance Book a Celebrity cruise that’s sailing on or before October 31, 2021 and you’ll have the following reassurance at no extra charge: 100% cruise fare refund for you, and your Traveling Party, if any of you tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days prior to the cruise or at the boarding terminal.* Pro-rated cruise fare refund for anyone who has their crui
  7. We got new passports last summer (took about eight weeks). I was able to update the passport info on-line on the Global Entry website without any issues.
  8. My husband and I just renewed our Global entry cards - approved in one day and no in person interview this time. We applied right after our birthdays (a year ahead of time) and the cards are good until 2027. I paid the fees with the Sapphire Reserve and my United Card. Since Global Entry is only $15 more than Pre-Check, it make sense to get it for us even though we don't use it that often. In addition to Ft Lauderdale, there was a line for Global Entry when we were boarding a ship for an Alaskan cruise at the Port of Vancouver.
  9. I was told by Celebrity that they cannot guarantee an accessible cabin on a move up. The only thing you can do is watch for an accessible cabin to open up and then try to switch to it.
  10. Not in Chinatown, but when I worked in the Financial District Yang Sing and Great Eastern Restaurant were very popular.
  11. I'm not an expert on the Bahamas as I have only been to Nassau. The application for the permit does ask for the “EXPECTED ISLANDS VISITING WHILE IN THE BAHAMAS (for vacation and service animals visiting)” so it may be possible to list more than one on the same permit. You might try calling the number on the permit application and ask (242) 397-7450/325-7438. I agree with Chris to call the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It doesn't make sense to me that you would need to have the health form signed by the USDA (or that the USDA would even do that). When I travel to the EU, I get th
  12. I cannot be of much help since my service dog was fully trained to go on a leash on almost any surface when I got her. I agree with Chris - lots of praise and treats. When I trained my dog to go in a specific place in our yard, it didn't take very long. Just be consistent and she will figure it out.
  13. Assuming you have late dining (as opposed to Anytime Dining), you will be assigned to one of the four dining rooms. You have the option to request to dine in one of the other dining rooms once you are onboard.
  14. Yes, contact the local operators for information on accessibility. In 2017 we took Dolphin Jet Boat Tours. The boat was accessible for a manual wheelchair and I'm pretty sure I was able to roll right on to the boat. The only difficulty was when we came back the ramp up from the boat was fairly steep (due to the tide) and we needed assistance getting to the top. mail@dolphintours.com
  15. Yes, if you have a Celebrity Captain's Club number you can call to get the discount ahead of time. The discount is off the price shown on the Cruise Planner.
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