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  1. Yes, I kept getting a busy signal - I finally was able to get the fax to go through from my iPhone. Make sure you have an international calling plan. Dianne
  2. Haven't used it in LA, but we have taken the WCA direct super shuttle to Oakland and San Francisco airports and it has worked out well. Make sure you book in advance. Dianne
  3. I am attaching a PDF that lists all the requirements (current as of last November when we were going to the Bahamas). Dianne The+Bahamas+Animal+Import+Requirements (2).pdf
  4. Looking forward to hearing your opinions on the Edge. We will see you on Nov 1 when we board in Civitavecchia for the Transatlantic.
  5. We did this same itinerary last fall and enjoyed all the ports although it was pretty cold and the seas across the Atlantic were rocky. It even snowed in New York City the day after we were there. Have a great cruise.
  6. Chris and Henry did a fantastic job on the Traveling With Service Animals book. It is a wonderful resource. Dianne
  7. I have done the paperwork for Colombia, but it was before they started accepting the electronic version so I do not have any information on your question. On a port stop to Cartagena, they wanted $45 to inspect my service dog. Dianne
  8. Yes, you can use your TA OBC for the casino and excursions, but you cannot book your excursion until you are on the ships. You can pre-book excursions prior to sailing only with Celebrity OBC.
  9. Try calling the Captain's Club. On two of my cruises transportation is greyed out - on one cruise where I have booked celebrity air I can see and book the transfers (even though I used a Travel Agent). I have been able to book transfers on board if needed.
  10. Yes, you can watch them in your stateroom and at the Casino Bar (even in Europe).
  11. I was also told via e-mail that you would not be assured of upgrading to an accessible cabin.
  12. I think CCI is running out of names. We asked about it when we were in Santa Rosa and they said they are now reusing names after five years. Henri has a sister Havana V that is still in service. Dianne
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