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  1. We also took the airport bus - very easy. The person assisting us off the airplane even took us to the booth at the airport to buy the tickets and then out to the curb where the bus leaves from.
  2. You make some very good points. Everyone has a different comfort level, but I would never ever leave my service dog alone on the ship. What if one of you had an accident or medical emergency while onshore? Two years ago, we were in Hilo when there was a 6.9 earthquake, luckily there was no tsunami or the ship would have left port before we could get back. Last year, when there were fires on Maui a Celebrity ship had to move to a different docking location and guests who were on shore excursions had to be bused to the new location and could not re-board the ship until very late that night. You can never predict what might happen.
  3. They also changed out the balcony chairs for the IV cabins - here is a picture of the new furniture and a picture of the frosted glass doors.
  4. We went for dinner - the view of the sunset is spectatular. I also wouldn't go during the day and sit in the sun.
  5. Here's what the Roof Top Garden looks like now with the wind panels.
  6. It is correct that there is no certification or registration required in the US for service dogs. I only raised the issue in the context of traveling to Europe. My service dog is professionally trained by a member organization of Assistance Dogs International. When flying to Europe from the US I do not need to provide any paperwork for my dog (because the flight is covered by the ACAA). However, once we get to Europe I have needed to provide my dog's training paperwork to fly between EU countries and to take the Eurostar from Paris and London. I do not know what an airline or other travel provider would accept as proof if your dog is not professionally trained.
  7. In the past two years I have taken my service dog to Italy, Spain, France and England. Its really not that difficult to get the EU Health Certificate (which must be endorsed by the USDA) and once you enter the first EU Country you are free to travel for the next four months to any other EU Country. Be aware that the UK has an additional requirement regarding tapeworm treatment that makes traveling there a little more difficult unless it is the first country you are visiting. Also, I don't know if any of the rules have changed for the UK due to Brexit. It will be more difficult to travel with your dog in Europe if he/she has not been trained by a organization that is a member of Assistance Dogs International since airlines, etc. will ask you for proof of training. I am not aware of any cruise lines that allow you to leave your dog alone in the stateroom. I would be happy to answer any other questions you have.
  8. We have been able to book our seats before final payment every time. It depends on the airline on whether you can do it or not.
  9. No you don’t have to book the cruise with Celebrity. You can book through a travel agent and call Choice Air and book the flights yourself.
  10. Roz, you are taking such good care of Horton. I would become a gourmet dog chef if I had to!
  11. We always wait to head to the port until the day of the cruise. As others have said, even one night in Rome is worth it. You really have no worries about getting to the port in time. Once you are out of Rome, there is usually light traffic on the road to Civtavecchia. Any reputable private transportation company will get you to the port in time. We prefer RomeCabs or RomeInLimo. Not the cheapest method of getting to the port, but comfortable and reliable.
  12. You cannot book with points, but you can earn points for the flights.
  13. We have found the best prices on one-way fares to Europe in business class on Celebrity Air. We have been able to select seats in advance on all flights. We were able to get price reductions and no payment was due until final payment. We are very glad we have booked with Celebrity Air for our upcoming transatlantic in October. If we end up canceling that cruise before final payment we won't be out any money to the airline. So far we haven't had any issues with our flights.
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