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  1. Hello, We will be departing shortly on our Alaskan cruise...can't wait. My son has the premium non alcoholic beverage package. I was telling him all that it included and said bottled water etc and then he asked me if they actually gave him the bottle or put it in a glass. I have no idea so I thought to ask the cruise critic crowd.
  2. We are also on this cruise...belated congratulations on your wedding. Enjoy.
  3. Poffles and others....Thank you very much. This worked. Another reason why the Celebrity website sucks.
  4. I too can't pick a country...very frustrating because it says on the top that luggage tags will only be mailed to addressed in the US or Canada.
  5. I have tried ordering luggage tags on line and when I go to input my address, it does not have an option for any Canadian provinces. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I want to first state that i have never been on the 9th level. I just saw a youtube video about someone who booked a concierge class cabin and I believe it was on deck 9 (I might be mistaken though and I cannot remember which ship but it was a celebrity ship and it was a cruise to Alaska). They were extremely disappointed as their view was obstructed by overhang. They posted some pictures and i would have also been very disappointed as it obstructed the view significantly. I don't know if this is the case for your cabin but you might want to check it out.
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you have booked excursions you may want to check to see if there has been a price drop. In my case we are sailing on the Solstice in August and 1 of our excursion had a price drop. They process this by cancelling and giving a credit to your visa for the full amount you originally paid and then charge you at the prevailing rates. As there were 4 of us going we managed to save $100.00
  8. Glad to see it is not just me... I ended up calling. The person I spoke with was helpful and resolved my issue. You would think that they would get this right
  9. Is it just me ...why do I have such a hard time with their website? It is absolutely the worst site that I have experienced in trying to get anything done. I try to search for excursions and it does not bring me to excursion...I am now on the phone with them...what a waste of time.
  10. We got the CBP as a perk with our cruise. My son is under age and likes smoothies. I called and they upgraded his package only to a Premium and it cost about $45.00.
  11. I should have mentioned that I booked directly with celebrity. I will tell you the first time I booked a cruise it was with a TA. it was such a PIA to get the price drops put through that I swore I would book directly myself from then on, which I have. I am not sure what the TA can offer me. I do my own research to determine what is best for our family. This latest Alaska cruise we did receive the price drops and maintained the offers of OBC ($150.00 per person) and the prepaid gratuities. It might be worth it to you to contact your TA (if that is how you did it) and they should be able to check. I honestly would have them do this often. I hope that helps you.
  12. We are going in August 2019 and are very excited to go. I will tell you that I kept checking the prices by doing a "fake" booking on line. No price reduction showed up. Additionally, there were no cabins showing up as available for the deck that we choose. On the off chance I called celebrity and asked them if there was a price reduction. To my surprise, there was ($180) even though the "fake" booking showed no availability. I then called every single day until final payment. In addition to the original $180 I received another price drop of $280.00. All this to say call them and see if there are any price drops.
  13. We got a classic beverage package as part of our "extra" when we booked. Can anyone tell me if we can upgrade to a Premium Package. If yes, what would be the cost for and adult who has classic beverage package and for a child who has classic beverage package (upgrade to premium so that they can get smoothies) Thanks
  14. I searched the FAQ on the celebrity site but could not find anything. Can we bring on a case of bottled water? I like the convince of bringing water with us on the excursions without having to pay jacked up prices.
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