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  1. So if we are willing to wait two years, we will receive the cash back from our FCC from last year’s cancelled trip?
  2. We had booked and paid for a July 2020 honeymoon cruise for our son and now daughter-in-law. When it was canceled last year due to COVID, we were offered FCC at 125% or a refund. We took the FCC. Today, our travel agent informed us that the rebooked cruise due to go out of London on 7//12/2021 is also canceled. He is having trouble getting through to Viking (understandably) but thinks the message he watched from the Chairman of Viking indicated only FCC would be offered. We are very disappointed about this as who knows whether our happy couple will be pregnant, etc. in 2022. W
  3. Just thought Royal watchers would find it interesting to know that Adventure of the Seas has been hanging out between St. John and st. Croix today. Since arriving on St. Croix in December, we have seen only a few cruise ships passing by (unlike normal times when we’d see quite a few) but today’s activity has been interesting. Wonder if they are doing some kind of training. Anyone know?
  4. Got an email from our travel agent last night saying he had heard from Viking that they are extending cruise cancellations to August 31, 2020. We will now cancel and rebook under the Risk Free Guarantee.
  5. I wonder if Viking is waiting until the Risk Free Guarantee May 31, 2020 deadline passes before cancelling the cruises. I am considering starting a new booking for July 2021 before the deadline so that I will still have that protection and then take my refund for the 2020 cruise when they finally cancel it.
  6. Our son and his fiance are booked on a Viking Ocean cruise on July 12 from London to Bergen. I am just now reading that Norway has extended its border closings for international travel until mid-August. We have been expecting Viking to cancel this cruise and would prefer to wait until they cancel so that we can get our money back. I know no one has a crystal ball, but would you think that Viking will cancel cruises whose itinerary includes multiple Norwegian ports? Or will they simply re route elsewhere?
  7. Just saw this this morning. I’m guessing most ships will skip PR now to avoid the paperwork hassle. https://edition.cnn.com/asia/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-03-09-20-intl-hnk/h_6d1bcaf7b584dba2e9726076b7acf625
  8. Thanks Peregrina. But I fear what Heidi suggests and Heathrow is huge. Think I'll book together
  9. Peregrina, I am working on booking the Midnight Sun cruise for our son and his fiance as a wedding gift. They will fly out of Boston. AA is our preferred carrier and I can get good fares RT on AA in Premium Economy to LHR. But I'm afraid to book the Bergen to LHR flight separately thinking that it will cause them to have to go through security again in LHR to check their bags. Am I wrong on that?
  10. Thanks, all, for the very helpful information! I have passed it along to the happy couple.
  11. I have told then that but, Homosassa, are Norwegian fjord ports often missed?
  12. Thanks for the helpful info. Glad to know I didn’t find the port times because they aren’t on the website! i sense from all of you who responded that I shouldn’t worry that the port times will be inconvenient or too short. My future daughter in law is most excited about the stop in Lofoten so hope that’s a well planned stop.
  13. Thanks Frenchberet! Glad you enjoyed the cruise. But I'd like to know the port times BEFORE we book. Is there a way to see that online?
  14. I am trying to help my son and his fiance book their honeymoon on Viking with the Into the MidnightSun itinerary. I am new to VO and can't seem to figure out how to find the specific times they are in each port. Can someone educate/coach me? Also would be interested in any firsthand experience with this cruise. The 'kids' know that the crowd will be much older than they (mid20s) but they are o.k. with this. They are not big drinkers and are really interested in doing a cruise that would be unique. Thanks in advance!
  15. In case it's helpful, here's what we did on our port day in Hobart off Celebrity Solstice last April (great day!). We took an Uber to Bonorong Animal Sanctuary where we spent time with kangaroos, Tasmanian devil, koala. Great experience. Were relieved to get an Uber back to Hobart where we grabbed some lunch in one of the renovated pubs in the Salamanca Market area. Then we walked uphill to the Cascade Female Factory and took a tour. I had read "The Tin Ticket" before our trip to Australia as I wanted to understand the country's penal history better. Much of the book took place in Hobart
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