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  1. Our last two Explorer cruises - muster stations were Coffee Connection and Meridian Lounge.
  2. Susie, Kindly edit under 'Notes' - Cancelled dispute on 6/11/20, not 9/11/20. Thanks!
  3. Retired TA told us that Regent (contacted TA) could not credit our cards for refund as disputes were filed. TA advised to cancel disputes, furnish documentation, and then, Regent would refund. We did not perceive any sort of threat or retaliation.
  4. We cancelled both credit card disputes, June 11th. Via our retired TA, documentation of same provided to Regent. Regent credited both cards on June 19th for the full amount. Good news; however still sad that we were not aboard Splendor for, what would have been, her fourth journey! Thanks so much for all your work, Susie!
  5. Following my post above, my husband and I spoke to our financial advisor. He advised to immediately file a credit card dispute. Initial deposit (06/2018) on my husband's Chase card and paid excursions (08/2019)/final deposit (11/2019) on my Bank of America card. Our advisor had two concerns. First, the news of NCL's stock plunging and possible bankruptcy (the two billion in funding was a relief). Second, the builder of our new home abruptly left our project declaring personal and business bankruptcies, leaving us to complete the build as general contractors and to undertake his contractua
  6. I believe that CC serves many purposes, including, if appropriate, complaints.
  7. Susie, Would you explain how to do the 'one cabin at a time' search? I have tried on all our past Regent cruises and never figured this out! Thank you!
  8. Scheduled sail date - 04/01/2020 - Splendor, Miami - NYC Regent cancelled cruise and excursions - 03/13/2020 Request for refund submitted via TA - 03/16/2020 No refund of 05/10/2020 Thank you for this, Susie!
  9. Tc2, Curious - referencing your comment "...less money was spent on Splendor..."? Thanks!
  10. In the interest of fairness, someone's age was 'criticized' and thus, seems both posts have been removed! All of us are quickly on our way to getting older!
  11. Cruiser from Maine, Exactly the same for us as we had planned several days in/around Miami with back to back tours, excursions, etc. prior to our April 1st Splendor cruise. All refunded, including hotel and flight. Waiting for our Regent refund as proof needed to submit to insurance company for refund (insurance company will not refund unless full refund amount shown on credit card statement).
  12. Great to hear you're married to a Jersey girl - so cool; from another Jersey girl longing for a Regent cruise to a warm beach!
  13. Some do not have a TA, and thus, seek answers here.
  14. Agree, Mudhen - from one JG to another!
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