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  1. It's the same in reverse. We always take taxi to Southampton Central, then train to Waterloo. No need for 1st Class train ticket - there is always plenty of room in Standard Class if you avoid the rush hour. We book saver fares well on advance at between 6 to 10 pounds each. Only negative, as previously commented, is that there is only limited storage space.
  2. Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish would not like being called English.
  3. Indeed, happy to tell you I give tips, but think additional tips are unnecessary. Might change my mind if the Butler saved my life.
  4. Exactly! Which is why I will not be paying more on top of the $23.
  5. We'll be paying a service charge of $23 each/day in a PH, as opposed to $16 each/day if we had a cabin without a butler.
  6. Apart from getting taken ill off the ship, all of this is really the Butler doing their job. Like everyone else in a PH, I'll be paying an increased daily service fee on our forthcoming cruise, so I won't be providing the Butler with any tip. There again, I'm British & we tend to have a different tip philosophy!
  7. Queens Grill get first priority, then Princess Grill, then Diamond and Platinum.
  8. QM2 can also get busy. We left the liner 10 days ago after 44 nights on board. Had a great time, but we certainly had to wait a while for lifts after talks and shows. Also sometimes in the morning when lots of passengers were going to the Royal Court theatre to report in for excursions.
  9. The QM2 listing is way out from who has been speaking on our cruise for the last 11 days.
  10. It was in the post from Bigmike911 earlier today.
  11. I'm amazed any ATM in the UK would ever have given out £50 notes. I've withdrawn £100+ every week for many years in the UK and have never received one.
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