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  1. I would not be surprised is some cruise lines start to add free laundry to the booking. I received an email from Regent a few months ago saying they added it to our booking which was only an 11 day cruise. Michael & Patricia Plano, TX
  2. And it is convenient since the laundries get a lot of use. You can quickly check if equipment is available. At times, we have been a long way from the laundry and had to hike to it only to find it was busy. Return to the cabin and try again later.
  3. After spending an hour on the telephone with the Viking Air representative, he gave up and so did I. As it turned out, our flight DFW/ANC and return YYZ/DFW cost the same as the Viking Air. I did have to pay for YVR/YYZ but that was expected. Now we are free to go to ANC whenever we wish and return to DFW on our schedule. In this particular case, Viking air was no bargain but that isn't always the case. I always compare the cruise line air to the market. On several occasions, buying air independently was less expensive especially is it was business class. You do lose transfers though but that
  4. We just ran into a surprise when speaking with the Viking Air Plus agent. We are booked on an Alaskan cruise, flying DFW/ANC. Viking buses arrivals at Anchorage to Seward (126 miles) which is the embarkation port for our cruise. We planned on going a day or two early. We also aren't returning directly to DFW. We are going on to Toronto to visit friends before returning. We learned that Viking Air Plus could not handle our air. We expected that they could handle DFW/ANC and YYZ/DFW. We knew they could not handle YVR/YYZ. That would be up to us. As it turns out, they cannot handle ou
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