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  1. Wow, Judy, congrats! Now where to? :)
  2. Wow, just wow! Thanks so much to Terry and many others who have contributed to this very informative and interesting thread! Thanks also for the pics and videos! I've read most pages, and will go back to watch more videos soon. We are going to Venice for the first time in Oct. I've already been stressing over transportation, lol! Now I'm hoping we don't experience flooding, eek! :o We are staying in a house in Cannaregio for a week, so will be in a residential area, which sounds wonderful! I'm seeing we need to go to the touristy sites on days when there are less cruisers there, (which I've now researched!), plus during less busy times. We can do this! :hearteyes: Very excited! We aren't cruising from Venice, as we fly to Rome for a few nights, then cruise from there. We spent a week in Rome a couple of years ago, so chose the longer nights in Venice. I think on the days when more cruise ships are in port, we should go to Murano and Burano? Good idea?
  3. Exactly! This is my thinking, also. Young people may have better odds with the gamble, but as a retiree, I do not.
  4. Thanks for your comments. We will do the TA in April. How was your weather? I have heard that on bad days the ship is crowded, beings people stay inside. We are hoping for nice weather, which we've had on our other TA cruises!
  5. Thanks everyone for my laughs for the day! :D I especially love the WDW, kids, dog, story! Made me LOL! I did hear a funny one from a CD. An older lady went to her cabin upon boarding. She looked out her window and saw the port. She went right to guest relations and said in a huff, "I booked an ocean view cabin and all I can see is the port!" :D :rolleyes:
  6. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. Someone mentioned these cheap cruises, and I went looking for info on them. Appreciate your candid comments! I think I could do this cruise, to save money! :D
  7. Aha, now I know what that service fee is. :mad: I have used VRBO and Home Away, like their sites. But, I am also looking at AirBNB. Have also booked with FlipKey, with TripAdvisor, and they charged a fee, also.
  8. The OP joined CC in Feb. and this was his 8th post. The others were typical newbie questions about his upcoming cruise. So, not likely a troll. So, let's hope they got onboard and have been enjoying their cruise! :)
  9. Thanks everyone! Well darn! It is a small, but nice perk, on RCI and Princess!
  10. Does NCL have this feature, as Princess and others do? I have 2 friends who may join us next year, and neither have cruised with NCL. Other lines offer a $25 OBC or discount off your cruise, I think, for a referral. I tried to find this info on the NCL site, but no luck.
  11. Thanks! Sounds like it works better on the bigger ships. I booked the Epic, without realizing it was a larger ship! :o :rolleyes: Haven't been on one, so was surprised at the differences and comments! So, we are in for a new experience! :D I have never had a bad cruise, always mostly positive. So, think we can make this one work, too! :) Thanks to all for your explanations!
  12. Hmmmm, interesting! From other threads I have been reading, the bigger ships have more cabins, and not always more space? Not having been on a ship bigger than 3500, and preferring 2500 and less, maybe this is more an issue of the mega ships? I have purposely gone to the theaters a 1/2 hour early on any cruise, to get a decent seat for the shows. I didn't find that to be a problem. Been cruising many times for several years, and haven't found this to be a problem. So, wondered why it needed to be fixed? Mega- ship difference, maybe? :confused: And someone was talking about the comedy club? Reservations for that, too?
  13. We haven't been on NCL for 3 years. We have one booked for a year form now. WHEN did they start requiring reservations for shows? :eek: :mad: What is this company doing???? This is crazy. First I hear they make you pay a fee for a better meal, in the MDR. Now this? NUTS!!!! :rolleyes: I am platinum, but if this next cruise doesn't suit, it will be our last with NCL. Someome please tell me these things are not as bad as they sound! :rolleyes:
  14. Me either! I know they have to pay their help to assist us, so it is more money. But, I'm not a fan of a large bus tour. Much prefer 4 to 12 persons, with a max of 20! I heard back from Bumpiing Tours, not available. I waited too long to book. A taxi tour it will be!
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