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  1. Enjoy the ice skating show. I make no comment on the mad part.😁
  2. Do they have seat belts on those trucks/buses yet? It's a fun ride around the island on them, with stunning views. Now you are making me want to go back. 🤣 Thanks Gwendy for taking us half way around the world with you and keeping us up to date on the Kiwi/Aussie World Cruise. It has made my winter here at home just a bit brighter.
  3. Thanks for updating us about the Grand. Always good to get up to date information.
  4. Thank you Idahospud. Since the price is under the US system I just wanted to make sure that it was not something that was added onto the fare.
  5. I am wondering what NCF means it is the last column of the fare download after the taxes and port fees. Any ideas anyone?
  6. I looked at the photo of the beach in the article and couldn't believe my eyes. And this is happening on an Island where nobody lives. And as you said this is a World Heritage Site. Shame on us as a species. We can't change the past, but we can change the future. Lets hope that man can clean up this mess in the oceans and on land but it seems a lot of the time making money is king and increasing the GDP of a country always wins and the enviroment loses. Just my opinion. Thanks David for the link.
  7. Hi Syliva, When a PVP from Princess sends me an e-mail at the bottom it always states, please disregard this message if you are working with a travel agent.
  8. Is there such a thing as the Pitcairn Canal? It looks like they went through the island. 😁
  9. I have been wondering about that myself. After 8 years of cruising I feel like I don't get as sea sick as I used to. But I'm not ready to throw away the tablets just yet. I know I don't get that swaying feeling anymore after coming home from the cruise.
  10. We took the shuttle to town and then walked to Olverston House. For memory it took us about 25- 30 minutes. We were in our mid 40's then. What I do remember though was the strain on the knees when walking back down. It wasn't too bad but you could feel the pressure. If you have knee problems prehaps get a taxi back. The walk itself was interesting and we enjoyed looking at the various houses on the walk. We had no trouble buying a ticket on the day at Olverston.
  11. Bitte (you're welcome). It sure was a pretty little town.
  12. Yes you are right, they do convert when they start cruising out of Australia. We were on the Emerald out of Sydney for a NZ cruise (the Emerald came out from the west coast for one season only and returned there at the end of that season) and onboard charges were in Australian dollars.
  13. We have found the menus to be basically the same on Princess no matter where you cruise with them in the world. They always have a few regional specialities on the menu but this makes up a very small part of the food on board.
  14. Hi John, We did this tour with Princess in 2015. We had plenty of time in Handorf. At least a couple of hours. We walked the main street twice, visted the art gallery, browsed the shops, walked up to St. Paul's church and had a bite to eat in a lovely cafe to fill in the time. On the drive up the hill the bus driver stopped the bus for us to see a koala up a tree ( I don't get to see them in the wild where I live) which was a treat for us. After Handorf we had lunch at a restuarant that over looked Adelaide and had an extra ten minutes here to look at the view and use the facilities. We both enjoyed the day. If you are concerned about the amount of time in Handorf look at the excursion on the Princess site (I assume you are refering to your cruise on the Sun Princess next year) and on the right side you can click on the Handorf part and it will tell you how much time at the site and what facilities are there. I find this very handy when selecting excursions.
  15. On our crossing we did have rough seas with the drawers in the cabin opening and closing by themselves. ( the old Dawn Princess) I took another sea sick tablet in the morning, popped the sea bands on and had an extra cup of coffee to stay awake. Then we spent the morning in the atrium (center of the ship down low) with half the ships passengers having a wonderful time talking and filming the waves crashing on the windows while the other half of the passengers stayed in their rooms. The rough conditions only lasted a few hours and settled down when we reached the mainland as the captain hugged the coastline. Take some ginger along too, to settle the stomach. Do read the information on the packet to see how many tablets you can take.
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