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  1. I think it must have been a computer glitch. Sounds like they converted $US to $AUD at a rate of there own choosing. When no conversion was needed.
  2. I haven't noticed any for the holidays on lines that target families, this of course includes RC. The only bargains I came aross this cruise season for around Xmas was on HAL. Just make sure if you get a sale price it really is a discount. I have seen before where they have rasied the price of the cruise before the sale and then given you some onboard credit for the sale price.
  3. It certainly does pay to shop around. But who would think you would have to, on the same web site for exactly the same product.
  4. What Princess ship did you sail on?
  5. According to the Pacific Princess Bridge Cam she is bound for Port Chalmers. I assume she has already been to Auckland on her world cruise. So you are right, they may be very close to each other. Maybe they will sound the horn if they see each other ( If they are allowed).
  6. sewgood

    New Princess Ad on TV

    In terms of the1st external shot in the ad, my husband votes for a grand class ship because it has Skywalkers. He then said it has the fake jet engines on top of the ship therefore it would be the Diamond or the Sapphire. It has no jut out on the promenade deck where the stairs go up to the bow of the ship therefore it isn't the Golden et al. It doesn't have enough decks to be one of the later ones in the Grand Class. It looks like it has a covered pool. Do you think he is right?
  7. sewgood

    Why can’t anyone name TAs?

    Our first cabin was an inside under the pool. No problems with noise and it was very handy to go to the buffet. Which may or may not be a good thing.
  8. sewgood

    Why can’t anyone name TAs?

    I've never had a cabin near the lifts but I notice on the deck plans they seem to be the last cabins in an area to sell. I have asked passengers who have a cabin right near the lifts if they can hear the bing and they say they can't, some have said they can sometimes hear passengers talking loudly while waiting for a lift. I must admit I can hear people walking down the corridor late at night if they are talking loudly.
  9. Really enjoyed our day in Port Arthur. Fantastic place to vist. Hobart is good as well.
  10. The one and only time we sailed to Tasmania the seas were calm on the way down and the roughest I have ever encounted on the way back. I get sea sick in the bath tub so I usually take sea sick tablets on a cruise when white caps are visable. I had taken a tablet the night before but when I woke up at 6am to the sound of the dresser drawers sliding in and out with the waves I took another sea sick tablet and was right for the day. We stayed in the atrium for the morning with half the passengers and watched/filmed the waves hit the windows as the ship dog legged up the Bass Strait. Half the passengers had fun that morning, the other half of the passengers were in their cabins, I assume in bed. The rough conditions only lasted until we reached the mainland when the Captain sailed the ship close to the shore. Therefore if you do get seasick take an extra travel tablet and you should be right if conditions are rough for the crossing. Hopefully you will have good seas both ways.
  11. sewgood

    Why can’t anyone name TAs?

    I find the bargains by checking the hot deals or cruise of the day pages on a cruise TA website. I find by the time you get an e-mail about a bargain, everyone else has that info and it is already booked out. The better the bargain the faster it goes. Just remember that with a lot of bargains you may not be able to choose the room you want. If you are are flexible about where your room is (it may be next to the lifts or under the buffet or right at the front of the ship) this can work for you. Everytime I have taken a last minute cruise I have been lucky with room allocation, even the time we received a room under the buffet (5 mins of noise during the night when they cleaned)
  12. sewgood

    Why can’t anyone name TAs?

    Interesting information. Sounds worth trying if the cruise you want to do is a little bit above your price point. Good to know you were able to do this with RC.
  13. Thanks Megsie for explaining what a Reef Runner is. I think I have seen them up at Port Douglas. They are the boats you want to catch back to the ship if you want a fast ride.
  14. Poor Queensland. It looks like they are still getting rain. What are reef runners? I hope you see some sun today.
  15. I like the sound of the upgrades. Thanks for letting us know.