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  1. I wonder how many they could fit into the theatre with the 1.5 metre distancing and who is going to police all of this? I know the no saving of more then one seat in the theatre is not enforced. And towels will be removed from unoccupied deck chairs after an hour (whatever time) is rarely enforced either. Most staff don't want to deal with these things and I can't blame them for it.
  2. If these conditions are through a travel agent have a look at another agent to see their conditions or look directly on the Princess site and do a dummy booking and find out their conditions and what they are offering. They will list the date of the final payment here. Are the savings worth paying ten months before the cruise. I have never had Princess ask for the full payment 10 months before sailing but these are strange times we are living in. But I have certainly seen it on OZ travel agents websites and I will not book under these conditions.
  3. We have not heard a bo peep out of HAL since they asked us about our refund for our 1st of May cruise. They have not even tried to sell us another cruise unlike the other lines that regulary send us emails. Though we did have our shore excusions refunded but no email was sent when this happened.
  4. We did this cruise on the Golden in August a few years ago. It was a great cruise. But I did wonder why some people complained about the number of sea days (this was after the Hawaii ports). If wasn't as if Princess added extra sea days after people booked their cruise. 😁 We are looking foward to the days when we can do this cruise again.
  5. I read the article and it does seem very logical especially the part about the upcoming federal election in NZ. I can't see the bubble operating either until after the election and Australia gets the rate of community spread down to almost zero for a month or two.
  6. I'm with you Mic, two weeks quarantine for a weeks holiday is not worth it, I'd rather fly to Coffs Harbour. By the time they sought out this Fiji bubble it will be warm enough to swim off our lovely northern NSW beaches.
  7. That would upset the apple cart and I would think one person in particular would have a twitter rant about it, if the US were on the list of excluded countries.
  8. I see that your cruise goes to Dravuni Island. One of our favourite cruise stops. You can hardly call it a port but that is what is so charming about it.
  9. Hopefully after two weeks those numbers will come down. I feel for the cafe/restaurant owners who were expecting increased numbers this week. All the rest of the Australia is wishing Melbourne all the best and we here in NSW realise how easily it could of happened here after the clusters we have had in our state. A very complicated and nasty virus. Stay safe to all in Melbourne.
  10. There goes the retirement plans.😄
  11. I heard on the news that Queensland and another state (I think SA or WA) were discussing the user pay charge for isolation hotels. Now that Queensland is going to charge about $3700 a couple (about $2800 for singles) I wonder how many Queenslanders will now book their flights into other Australian states thus pushing up the cost in other capital cities. If I remember correctly it has already cost NSW $50 million.
  12. Maybe I will get lucky next time I travel by train to the Upper Hunter. 😁
  13. On the 4th of July down here in Eden-Monaro. I often use the main road between Eden and Canberra and don't really have any trouble with the trucks on the road down here so it won't sway my vote. I'd rather see some of the money go towards a few more overtaking lanes for the ski season. There seems to be a lot of people in a rush to get to the snow at times.
  14. This happens a lot in the Hunter Valley where the giant coal trains bring in a lot of money for NSW railways.
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