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  1. Thanks Todd for your lovely words about our country. Have a wonderful time when you come down under and if you have any questions closer to the time about where you can hug a koala or see kangaroos or even the best sites to visit just pop over to the Australian/New Zealand board here on Cruise Critic for answers. I'm sure that our country will be open again and ready to welcome foreign visiters to our shores in less than 12 months.
  2. Hi Todd, Only one locally acquired case today and it's been many days since the last death. We are only now dealing with a small outbreak from hotel quarantine (28 cases) in South Australia. About 5 000 people were identified as close or casual contacts in the outbreak and are currently isolated. We are still requiring Australians returning from overseas to go into hotel quarantine for 14 days and they must have a covid test before they are released. If positive they go to a medi hotel until they are virus free. There are only 22 people needing hospital care across Aus
  3. You might be able to enter later in 2021. Lots of jobs here depend on international tourism. Once the vaccine completes the roll out across our country the international border should open. I would say there is a good chance you will have to be vacinated to enter (I think this will include returning Australians as well). We will have to wait and see on this. Our country has bought the rights to produce millions of doses of the Oxford vaccine (I think I have the right one) that we have already started making. Just waiting for the last results to come in and approval to be given.
  4. This is the only cruise of the 21/22 Austalian/NZ season cancelled. It is different from the others as it starts in North America and this is the last segment before it arrives in Sydney.
  5. Thanks David for the photos. Not as scenic on one side of the harbour as Akaroa but as least cruise passengers have a much faster run into Christchurch. I haven't done a tour to Christchurch so looking foward to this reopened port.
  6. According to the ABC news web site they have been fined $5 000 each and moved to Howard Springs.
  7. Yes it was installed on the Explorer and yes it does look like a food court. Sometimes it felt like one as well with lots of rice (or other carb) and a little stir fry. But I did have some good meals on the ship. Others enjoyed all their meals.
  8. I sailed on her in 2018 and the cabins hadn't changed from her Princess days besides from a lighting strip under the bar fridge which was a good edition for the night time. The dining room and buffet were completely changed. Not much of the fixed fittings in the wheelhouse bar were different but all the soft furnishing had changed. Outside the wheelhouse, the corridor had comfy cushions placed in the window ledges. These were a popular spot to relax and read a book in.
  9. I will probably (98% sure) have to cancel a European one for next September. We are holding out until Jan/Feb next year to see how that vacine is going and if Australians will be allowed out of the country. I don't think "I have a cruise in Europe" will be a valid enough reason to be let out of the country. Thanks for posting as it gives me hope we wont have to wait months to get our deposits back.
  10. I must have been going to the buffet where they jam that food into people. No wonder my cloths didn't fit at the end of that 24 day cruise. I will have to find the Windjammer next time. Thanks for the laugh Uncle Les. 😄
  11. The fire boats spraying water, only occasionally happens such as when it is a brand new ship for Sydney or say three ships from the same line are meeting up in the harbour and the cruise line wants publicity. In saying that it is a wonderful sailout and we always enjoy it. Especially exciting if you go under the bridge. Though that will happen less now as there are more larger ships.
  12. In 400 years from now the government may have done it. 😄 Or not. Did they give a time frame when they said it? 😁
  13. I'm still waiting for the NorthConnex at Pennant Hills NSW to be opened. Has been listed as opening soon for long now.
  14. Wow what a game changer for the region. Maybe my future includes a cruise on Hurtigruten. I liked the sleek video. Now if only they can complete it on time and on budget. 🤭 Thanks Chiliburn
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