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  1. So funny (the unlined part). I applied for a new passport last month and was told it could take up to three weeks. Like you I received mine in 8 days. My husband said that I must have made their day at the passport office. They must have jumped with joy when they received an application.😄 Ten years ago I was worried if I would get my new passport in time. How times have changed.
  2. Sorry Caribill for not making myself clear, I did mean the pizza from Alfredo's not the one on the kids menu as the OP asked if he could bring it into the main dinning room.
  3. Sometimes the waiters will go and get things from other restaurants/buffet if organised the night before and this is approved by the head section waiter. This is usually done due to diet issues but hey for kids they may do it for them as well. Ask nicely and you never know.
  4. We often go on the relocation cruises back to Asia after the Australian cruise season in which there are very few children on board due to school having resumed. What we have found is the same as the above that Princess go above and beyond to spoil these kids, in a good way. They appear on the wake show, they win lots of prizes, they are the centre of attention of both staff and fellow cruise passengers. They do have a blast! So no matter what time of year you choose the children will enjoy themselves and be very well looked after.
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