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  1. If it If its a Night Game On ABC I would think you could see it . I am an Ohio State fan and normally I always see Nationally Broadcasted games with them . But then you never know on a cruise LOL.
  2. Heading to Alaska in a couple of weeks , did a quick search with nada results . Just curious what kind of hours does the casino keep with so much time in ports in Alaska . We like to spend a little time there in the evenings , but some days we don't leave till late so Curious are rules different since we are ported in the USA or are we closed at port like other cruises. TIA.
  3. I went to Breezes a few years back and did their AI and loved it . I also am not a fan of Nassau so if we ever do go back which is doubtful I will go back to there .
  4. Huh didn't know that , nice to know. We are so borderline on the Drink Pkg we don't get our moneys worth just more or less like the convenience of it that fact we are pre payed , but if we can get 3 free drinks anywhere , well that makes it nice .
  5. So as I approach the Diamond level and read more and more about the over crowding of Diamond lounges and honestly I could care less if I go to a crowded lounge a set time to just get a few free drinks . I would love to see them offer me a bigger discount on the drink pkg. as a perk rather than free dinks between the hours of whatever and whatever . Not saying do away with lounges as I know they are favorite for a lot of people just saying offer an alternative to people that would rather not go there .
  6. I believe half of what I read and doubt the other half . Most people on here wont cruise Carnival , its garbage they are the terrible , whatever . I cruise and look for myself and let me be the judge .
  7. We were also on this sailing had a wonderful time the crew was great the food was ok the Playmakers bar was the BEST , except for the fact our Jr Suite Flooded on day 1 and they yelled flood flood flood deck 9 and we had to endure giant Fans for 3 or 4 days to dry our carpet and they were so nice to make sure it got done right .The ship looks great and hope you all have great time on her .
  8. 2 days ago the App had all of our info in , set sail passes everything , now it doesn't even support our ship , I would figure its an App problem.
  9. I remember You I chit chatting several times about cruises when I lived in Oh . life has now led me to TN . I am still cruising but My wife passed , and I now have a new cruising partner and last NYE was her first cruise so it was like starting all over again. Hope all is well with you in the Buckeye state .
  10. Sept 2007 we tried Royal On the AOS after several Carnival cruises , first cruise out of San Juan , we took at least 6or t more out of San Juan , I will hold all of them fondly in memories as my wife passed away last year of Brain Cancer. But God has led me on a new adventure and Now I am starting new adventures with a wonderful new women On cruises that we never Did On Royal , Quebec City this Fall and Alaska coming up this May . Life is an adventure live it to the fullest .
  11. huh ? Why would that matter ? My app doesn't even include the Navigator .
  12. Why is when you add the app now the Navigator is not on there as one of the ships ?
  13. Is JR going to be to Go Now ? I notice On the Deck Plans its called Express . Does that mean its no longer a sit down place .
  14. Usually Yes . I used to be TA , gave it up do to my wife having Brain Cancer , , I did it cause I am control freak and like control of my reservation . But I always gave my clients some OBC you were allowed to give up part of your commission to and my agency would match what I gave you so if I gave you $50 they gave you that so you Had $100 OBC. Nice perk , Trust me agents don't make that much but if you come back it makes it worthwhile .
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