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  1. I find it hard to believe Carnival couldnt fill a Larger ship in San Juan on regular Basis we sailed on the Adventure of the seas like 6 times out of SJ never once did we not have a full ship . Most of the times we went it was spring or fall . Prices were always decent which is why we wen t they didnt give them away . But Royal always had great itinerary which is why we always picked them and the fact they used the adventure the other reason .
  2. I would rather read this than the ones of people that say they set and cry for days about a ship that is scrapped . Give me a break . Its a ship . Life will go on . Trust me I have tons of memories on a lot of ships but in the scheme of things its a big piece of metal . The crew and the itinerary make the week , not the piece of metal I go on . Just my opinion .
  3. My late wife discover them in St Martin lot of years ago . Yogi became her best friend , she would email him when we were coming and he would have something special made and waiting on her . I recently met someone and turned her on to cruising and made the mistake of taking her to Kays has cost me a fortune LOL .
  4. Well I live near Nashville I mean they live for tourist . Most of those bars have people that work on tips . So I know its other areas are suffering . This whole thing stinks and is not going to get any better anytime soon i fear.
  5. Got an email this morning from Kays fine Jewelry in St. Martin and several other places they have stores we buy our Jewelry from them got me thinking how bad it must be on some of the Islands that live and die on cruise passengers money . One of our last cruises we had to miss Costa Maya so they went on To Cozumel and spent the night we arrived at 4pm and they all stayed open till late just too accommodate us and the stores we were in they were smiling and happy . We ate at Bubba Gumps and I said man you guys must be tired long day they all said we are here for you guys , we love when you come in . They were all so nice to us. This was like 9 pm or something . I Know a guy that works one of the excursions on Passion Island met him years ago he told me his main source of income was that tour and the tips. Pretty sure they dont get unemployment like we do over here . Wonder how they feed their families ?
  6. Lets face facts you can say majority of ships are going nowhere this year . I have said that all along and people are like OMG that is crazy what do you know . Well now they have cancelled until Oct 1 or there about . They will postpone again as long as the virus is still bouncing around . Use common sense rather than I NEED A CRUISE philosophy . Just my opinion no facts but I was right about Sept and said it a long time ago.
  7. Here in lies the problem , how many people do you read …. I NEED A CRUISE NOW . I swear there are people that would get on a ship even if they knew they were sick . They are of the mind oh I wont infect anyone. Same ones running around town and not wearing mask .So many don't even believe its real its all a hoax . You read it everyday . All it would take is one cruise going out and bunch of people coming back sick and the cruise industry is done for a long time.
  8. Finally got a rep … Full refund .
  9. My rep said there was NO WAY you got a refund on this cruise LOLOLOL . I said well I l know she did we are friends , He know way that cruise isn't refunding yet . So I am trying for another rep .
  10. That will give you give you full CC refund , I do not want FCC .
  11. Well I was on the phone and they wouldn't cancel mine , said to call back later .
  12. Well that ends any chance of our Sept Hawaii cruise now doesn't it . Not that we figured it had much of chance anyway .
  13. I agree , we went out this past Feb in the height of Flu season and didn't get sick . But this is way way more contagious .
  14. Well we are on a Sept cruise on Royal that I know is or was sold out . Its a Hawaii cruise . Doubt it goes but if it does not sure how they figure to get it down if that's the route they choose .
  15. So I see a lot of people talking about 50% sailing , I assume most of these Aug sailing have sold WAY over that . So who is getting kicked to curb to get it down to 50% ...asking for a friend 🙂
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