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  1. I beginning to think they aren’t even answering phones or even processing anything, They canceled our B2B cruises on the Freedom out of New Jersey by just putting a little oh your cruise is canceled on the page where it listed on where u manage It . No email no nothing. I tried yesterday sat on hold for 2 hours and nothing, have sent emails to 2 different sources and no response. So just going to do something else for August. I assume eventually they will refund my money who knows.
  2. We are booked B2B on The Freedom in August . A 4 and 5 day cruise already paid in full on both wondering if it’s going out ? Been waiting to see if they are canceling it or what . Have air , hotel in NYC . Guess maybe we have a shot now.
  3. I will see you in 2022 . Or maybe NYE of 21 . But good luck .
  4. I was hopeful for March -May timeframe . I had said all along we would not sail in 2020 but now 60k cases the other day everywhere is spiking people just dont seem to care . Maybe mid summer if we get a full vaccine . Hope earlier . I saw Dr, Faucci say we could start by late 2020 with or early 21 . Hoping our April TA will go. But will not be shocked if also gets cancelled.
  5. Really wow I never would have figured that out on my own , thanks for point that out ... LOL
  6. We have a Feb cruise which I found doubtful at this point . I do Hold some hope for an April TA but who knows . Dr Faucci seemed pretty optimistic about a couple of the vaccines by the end of the year starting to roll out and he acted like by early part of 21 they would mass available. But like you I will wait and see,.
  7. It will continue again until the end of the year , I said this long long long time ago when people where oh we will sail in Aug , then Sept then Oct. Nobody is going anywhere until they get a vaccine. But hey what do I know .
  8. That was my point with The NYE cruise , Not only did we have air and hotel paid for the cruise itself was quite expensive . I had most of it paid for plus a couple of excursions . Nice to get the money back and use it on something else.
  9. We had a NYE cruise with Carnival so glad they didnt keep us guessing . It was out of Long Beach . Just wanted to know . I do not see Royal getting things up and going in 3 weeks . But who knows . Carnival is down to just a select few sailings out of Florida.
  10. Your not confused Carnival is smart enough to realize that the virus is still out there and is not willing to risk their staff or endanger people just to make a buck . Even though everyone would jump on a ship and go . I personally will not go until there is a vaccine but hey that’s just me. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. My thing is people cant even follow rules going to the grocery store .... wear a mask . stand 6 feet apart . How are going to follow rules on a ship . They couldnt even follow rules before Covid like wash your hands before going into the buffet . I am sure all us of saw many people walk right by the washing stations and go straight in. Yea good luck with having a lot of rules for people to follow.
  12. I find it hard to believe Carnival couldnt fill a Larger ship in San Juan on regular Basis we sailed on the Adventure of the seas like 6 times out of SJ never once did we not have a full ship . Most of the times we went it was spring or fall . Prices were always decent which is why we wen t they didnt give them away . But Royal always had great itinerary which is why we always picked them and the fact they used the adventure the other reason .
  13. I would rather read this than the ones of people that say they set and cry for days about a ship that is scrapped . Give me a break . Its a ship . Life will go on . Trust me I have tons of memories on a lot of ships but in the scheme of things its a big piece of metal . The crew and the itinerary make the week , not the piece of metal I go on . Just my opinion .
  14. My late wife discover them in St Martin lot of years ago . Yogi became her best friend , she would email him when we were coming and he would have something special made and waiting on her . I recently met someone and turned her on to cruising and made the mistake of taking her to Kays has cost me a fortune LOL .
  15. Well I live near Nashville I mean they live for tourist . Most of those bars have people that work on tips . So I know its other areas are suffering . This whole thing stinks and is not going to get any better anytime soon i fear.
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