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  1. John Heald has posted Europe 2023 on his page. Not online to book just yet.
  2. The Pride is listed in several port schedules for 2023. They released 2022 in January 2021 but when they released the now cancelled 2021 season it was November 2019. So could be anytime late this year to early next.
  3. I think 2022 was released January 2021.
  4. No tape. You can use Command Strips and they work really well.
  5. The cruise lines better stick to vaccinated cruises. With the widespread Delta variant and all the young people refusing vaccines they will be in a world of hurt with an outbreak. Anyone who says there won't, or can't, be one on ship lives in lala land.
  6. There is no irrational fear of children. There is a fear that unvaccinated children could bring covid onto the ship. They can and do pass this virus to others as evidenced by the continued positives at my son's school.
  7. The US might not but other countries could. If you want to dock in that country then people will have to have the proof of vaccine. Could make for some very dull cruises if you can only go to Mexico.
  8. It might be safe to travel but it is still not safe to gather in large crowds. A sail away deck party is definitely a large crowd.
  9. Well if Jamaica all of a sudden requires proof of vaccine then I guess if you want to cruise to that country you will comply. Otherwise stay home. I find all those arguments against a simple vaccine ridiculous. No one is saying a vaccine will be required to go about everyday life. If it is required to get on a ship or enter a country then that is certainly fair. Travel is not a right. The constitution says nothing about you having the inalienable right to cruise or fly on a plane or enter a country where you are not a citizen. if Carnival does not require vaccine then my family will certainly move to a cruise line that cares more for crew and passenger safety.
  10. Don’t need to worry about HIPPA. When you get malaria vaccine or Hep vaccine to go to Africa or Central America it’s all in paperwork you must supply to get in the plane and in the countries.
  11. That excursion thing is a total deal breaker so I love this. If I was going to sail that is. We have 2 land trips booked for the summer so no travel probably until next year for us.
  12. Europe 2022 is already open for booking on Pride. Legend will be in the US for Caribbean so if you are booked it should be fine.
  13. Excursions and masks are a no go. I don't recall seeing this when I booked a cruise in December 2020 to sail summer 2022. I just moved all of my money from a cancelled cruise to this one too. Will not be happy if I lose thousands of dollars.
  14. This happened to me last Fall. I got a notice from the CC that I had a "credit". I had to call them and when the refund went through to them they issued a check to me. It didn't take too much longer but I did have to make a couple of extra phone calls. Otherwise it was easy.
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