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  1. Damn, was hoping my October 4 cruise would be cancelled. I am not comfortable going on the first cruise out or going to Florida in the near future. Guess I better call and see about taking the ES hit and cancelling.
  2. After having 3 trips cancelled this year already I just spent the last 3 days off work and home taking care of my son who had surgery Wednesday. I have been working from home since mid-March and it was just nice to not have to get up and work. He has been a trooper and is healing well. Back to work tomorrow. Not a staycation but our only real trip this year looks like the long weekend we have planned for Independence Day. We have a cabin booked for 3 nights near Asheville, NC and will spend 2 days hiking in the Pisgah National Forest. Plan to check out some of the film locations for Hunger Games and Last of the Mohicans. Not sure what will happen with our October cruise. I do know we are not to keen on going to Florida any time soon.
  3. Just saw this on another cruising board. My October 4 Breeze cruise is now gone from the website. In fact, all the October Breeze cruises are gone. I am not sure if I should make final payment and wait for a cancellation or just take the ES hit and cancel myself??? I also don't want to be a guinea pig. I would rather the kinks worked out before going.
  4. The Carnival Legend is making some stops at Portree, Isle of Skye next summer starting June.
  5. Hello fellow cruiser. I think you are in another group with me 🙂 I totally recommend a balcony (regular is fine, the extended aren't that much bigger) and if you want the view of the White Cliffs as we sail away you want the port side (even number rooms). I like to stay away from the Atrium area because it can get loud at night and as a light sleeper who gets up early this is not much fun. If you don't mind some noise or are a night owl you may not care.
  6. I have not been to Chichen Itza but Uxmal was a highlight for us. It was just amazing and one of the few where you can still climb some of the buildings. We have also been to Dzibilchaltun. The ruins are not as extensive but they do have a cenote and you get to swim. Also an amazing experience. I highly recommend either.
  7. I've been waiting since April 2 for an excursion refund. Nothing as of this morning. Getting a bit frustrated.
  8. I want my life back but I have to BE alive for that to happen. Not getting on a ship with 3 or 4 thousand people who may or may not have stayed at home and practice good hygiene. I'll wait to travel until there is a vaccine and I can get it for myself and my family.
  9. If my mother caught this virus it would probably kill her and we are not taking any chances. Of course we want to "live our lives" but that means not dying! When the virus is under control with a vaccine we will be back to traveling.
  10. I'll tell you after our cruise next year! Hope we have good enough weather to enjoy that balcony!
  11. We plan to take a taxi directly to Blarney Castle. How long is the walk into town? My mom uses a cane and goes slow but can probably walk about 1/2 mile. If it's more guess we will have to take our chances at the port!
  12. Thank you! I just kept wondering why I didn't see it.
  13. Hmm, I want to say dinner began at 5:30. There were actually some of the same options as on the MDR menu for entrees. We actually ate entirely buffet for dinner on 1 cruise and never missed the MDR. They do not have the same desserts which was the only bummer.
  14. I can't even see where to book airline in my cruise planner. I have clicked on everything and nothing comes up. I'll just continue to book directly with the airlines websites. Won't make phone calls!
  15. It included the chairs and umbrella. There was a restaurant where you could buy food. It did not look appetizing though!
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