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  1. Taxi's are plentiful at the airport and not very expensive.
  2. Nice to see more choices. I'm still a tried and true MDR breakfast gal (except the 1 morning I must have arepas and huevos rancheros) but if this helps with the Lido lines then that is great.
  3. If you love live music go see Deep Blue Soul at Red Frog. They are amazing. Ask for Abigail in the MDR. We had her our last night and she was great.
  4. Yes, after the TA and before the repo to Dover there are about 5 weeks empty. I think JH said the drydock would be at Cadiz like where the "Sunshining" is happening.
  5. If you follow John Heald on his page you can see that he posted that, yes, Legend will have a drydock in Spain in 2021. He said details will be released soon.
  6. Yes, Deep Blue Soul @ Red Frog Pub are just amazing! I spent every night there listening to them. The horn line is phenomenal. I wish I had more vacation time because I would take another cruise just to hear them.
  7. Well, there is a 5 week drydock after the TA and before the rest of the Europe itineraries begin so she might get some of those things.
  8. No, we did one of the 10 nights. It was by far our favorite vacation ever. We also did 6 nights Barcelona pre- and 4 nights Rome post-cruise.
  9. Awesome. Loved Greece when we did it on Vista. I really want to go back. Hopefully you won't get the heatwave we encountered; 104F the day we climbed the Acropolis. Thought I was going to die!
  10. Already booked June 25th sailing! My mom can't wait to meet JH. Me not so much.
  11. Gross! Guess this will keep me from drinking any soda for a week.
  12. Sorry I couldn't make it easy and figure out screenshots. There was no Millennial to assist me! http://www.apdl.pt/cruzeiros/previsaochegada.jsp?lang=en Here is Porto. Scheduled for May 30 and August 31.
  13. https://www.havre-port.com/fr/liste/2077/escales-croisieres# filter June 2021 - Sept 2021 https://www.gibraltarport.com/schedules filter 2021 May http://www.olp.gr/en/cruise-greece/cruise-programme download the 2021 calendar
  14. Yes Athens, Le Havre, Gibraltar, Porto. I posted links on another site I follow and am on my phone so can’t do it now. If I have time in the morning I wil post but you can also check the Royal thread for the upcoming season and they have a link to Athens. Legend listed for all ports I mentioned. Plus JH has alluded several times to cruising with him in the British Isles.
  15. Carnival doesn't cruise Europe every year however, they will be cruising in 2021 per certain port schedules and some hints by John Heald. Look towards the end of this week (possibly Wed). Will be British Isles June-August and then down to the Mediterranean until October. There should also be 2 cruises moving the ship from Spain to UK. Late May should be Barcelona to Southampton and then late August back down to Barcelona with stops in France/Portugal/Spain.
  16. I was on Valor a couple of weeks ago and they were making all of the sandwiches. Everyone around me was special ordering and the staff would even ask how I wanted my sandwich made.
  17. Wow, so glad we are booked on Breeze one more time for next year. My favorite ship and I have no desire to sail from Galveston.
  18. Nice start! Can you tell me if they have all the cakes on the buffet during lunch? My friend is doing this itinerary in a couple of weeks and wants to splurge! TIA
  19. I sailed once in an inside and never again. Pay the difference and upgrade to a balcony or minisuite. I have no problem sailing in a single cabin with 4 people. It's all about organization and time management.
  20. Not all the ships are out yet. I would expect it closer to the end of the year.
  21. I just purchased water and soda last week for our upcoming cruise. I don't remember what the category was called though.
  22. We did a Med cruise on Vista in 2016 and to this date it is the favorite vacation our family has ever taken! The ports were all new to us and we just had the best time exploring new places and eating of course. We did enjoy being on a new ship but really viewed it as the vehicle to get us to new places. I can't wait to book another Europe cruise on Carnival.
  23. It's all relative. Maybe when I don't have to pay for kids to travel I can branch out and try other lines. For now I have to be careful with my travel funds and get the most bang for my buck.
  24. Having looked at other cruise lines Carnival is usually the best bargain even in the Med. We have been wanting to do a British Isles cruise forever and Princess has a great itinerary but it would cost my family over $10,000 for just the cruise before gratuities.
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