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  1. Your not alone I booked one more because I had gift cards and their non refundable otherwise I would spend my time and money elsewhere.carnival has gone down greatly.faster than the rest.we will not be missed and so will carnival not be missed either.
  2. We don't drink alcohol so I guess I'll pack a bunch of r runners with spring water and smuggles them on.im too cheap to pay $5 for a half case of $2 a case water.i got nothing to lose I told the wife yesterday our cruising days are over.i rather use my motorhome for short trips monthly .plenty to see and do close to home.
  3. Same here insides the whole time .first balcony next summer (not carnival) back to an inside after that.(carnival sunshine) after that who knows .
  4. I cruise to spend quality time with my wife do to our other family obligations.i am so glad I don't give a flying donkey about status.i read all this to see how first world problems can effect people.i am glad I have more in my life to occupy my time than cruise status.we are actually tired of the cruise hassle and after these last two will be going back to short land vacation.the motorhome awaits.
  5. I'm not even gold and I feel that away about carnival.if I didnt have carnival gift cards I would have called the last carnival Cruise the last.but 2021 I'll be done.back to land vacations for me.
  6. I chose a cabin on lido because we spend a good bit of time on lido.we eat all our meals on lido.so when we get bored on sea days and want to go to the cabin it's close by.slso my wife prefers to use the bathroom in our cabin rather than a public one.this only applies to carnival for us.other lines I pick different locations depending on the ship.
  7. I sail other Cruise lines to get away from you people.please stay where you are at.thank you.
  8. Costco sells wagyu at $108 a pound. I'm sure at $38 you might get a snout.
  9. #1 celebrity #2 msc #3carnival. All 3 are price wise similar if you go balcony ,ocean view or inside. They all go to the same ports.someone said carnival goes to more ports which is not true.food and entertainment is much better on the first 2. I'm going msc again next year.i do have another carnival booked and paid for.but it will be my last I don't care about loyalty perks.carnival has gone to far down hill for me the other lines have much nicer ships love the msc seaside.it is a bit passenger heavy though.just my $.02.
  10. How do you not take away from the experience?every change they have made has affected my Cruise experience.thats why I went in search of a better cruise experience after the third carnival cruise.yes the other lines are cutting back to in places but carnival has taken it the farthest.we retired in our 50's so we can go anytime so we can get comparable fares from other Cruise lines.i can sail celebrity for a hair more than carnival and they are a premium cruise .where as carnival is carnival.we are taking one more carnival just to be able to cruise from our home state it's cheaper for us to cruise out of Florida and spend a night in a hotel then to cruise from charleston.if I had a way to cash in my carnival gift cards.i would probably try a norwegian.our first two carnival cruises were great.we had an issue with the mdr with seating arrangements but the cutbacks ruined it for us.rant over.happy sailing.
  11. Who knows? Jamaica is a beautiful place but they have a high prey drive.looking to make the kill with every tourist.not the most honest place to shop at.ive worked on a coffee processing plant as a maintenance tech for almost 10 years.never tasted blue mountain coffee but have tasted 100% pure kona.i can tell you it won't be 100% more than likely unless maybe if you buy green coffee beans at the plantation.it is always reduced to 10% during processing.10%good beans 90 % garbage beans.whatever junk the brokers sell the cheapest.
  12. Yes but the default drop off is Dunn's falls and you will ride through Fern gully.it was expensive compared to other islands I think they got me for 90 bucks 2 people and you have to pay the entrance fee $40 (2 people) they will load the van with any body they can get and drop them off at different places.i asked for a general tour and they agreed but dropped us off at Dunn's River falls and I walk with a cane.i wasn't walking on those rocks .we were there 2 hours.if your not climbing the falls it's like a 15 minute activity.and your surrounded by vendors trying to scam you every chance they get.i would take the ship excursion do not fool with the taxis at Port in this situation.your not going to save money or get a good tour.they may not pick you up when your done.we are going back next year but this will be the only Port I book an excursion with the ship.they act like this might be your one and only visit and try to sock it to you.all while being super friendly.jamaica is a beautiful island just use caution.just my experience.
  13. Might work out better than the Haiti fiasco who knows.
  14. He will like yacht club everyone does.i refuse to pay out that much money .so I sail steerage.i can go on 3 steerage class cruises for one yacht club.
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