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  1. I'm not a carnival cheerleader.i sail other lines my wife likes carnival (sometimes) so I have no need to lie to you.but I would not cruise on carnival for lots of reasons spend your money elsewhere.if you don't set foot on carnival you will not have missed a thing.but there is only one way to know.do you feel lucky?
  2. I used to use them but anymore I do it myself .I research online and call the cruise line directly.i have gained nothing by using travel agents and actually saves me a headache from having to straighten out their mistakes when they enter the wrong information..I usually get a better price than they quote even with obc.
  3. Just smuggle some booze onboard that will make up for your ink and paper.that will show carnival a thing or two.
  4. scpirate


    They are all cash only I believe I paid with us dollars.at the place close to port.the tour guide said scotches was much better.my goal to go there next summer when we get back to ocho Rios.i don't member the name of the place we went the meat was dry.the driver says you have to go earlier in the day to get better food I guess they push it off to the side on the grill to keep it warm and the meat dries out.
  5. Yep plenty of people selling excursions at the pier.thats who I buy from.i get off the ship and question the drivers and look to see what they are driving.i got put in a 1990 dodge van I didn't think was going to make the trip one time.
  6. I left out something.ask the crew members on the ship they would know where to get "ethnic" food.i remember talking to a server on celebrity saying something about getting some food from home in port when she got off for a bit..sorry best that I can offer.
  7. Went there last year .no more street vendors.i had my jerk and beef Patty in ocho Rios.t hey banned street vendors trying to make the place more respectable.i guess.i actually liked them.
  8. It's time consuming only other easy way is travel agent call them up and tell them what you want..I just do it myself.i come out better.
  9. That is true.i have yet to sail from Charleston and it's only 100 miles away.but I sure do get tired of driving to Florida.so I paid a few hundred more and booked Charleston.will see how it goes.not paying a motel and free parking for me at the port makes up the difference.
  10. That seems to be the new trend.i can do without.
  11. Good idea I have some to use up.im not planning on sailing with carnival again no time soon after this one.
  12. Me too but I took the refund.i forgot I paid part with a carnival gift card so now I am going to Bahamas anyway.had intentions of putting that money on my msc cruise.oh well.
  13. I've seen it twice too by going on a 2 hour city tour we pick up in port.
  14. That's where they do the mid night buffet.
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