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  1. My wife has decided she won't cruise again.even though it's not until 1/2022. I have paid for it with carnival gift cards that have been moved from 3 different cruises.i decided on a journeys cruise out of South Carolina since it's our home port .I have no desire to drive to Miami any more.so I ponied up the extra bucks that Charleston costs and for a lido cabin.anyway I may cancel but the refund will be in a gift card..is there a legal proper way to cash those out and get at least most of my money back.?. I'm hoping not to go that route since there is still 14 months left who knows what the f
  2. We have never sailed in anything but interiors on any line we have sailed.as long as it is just the wife and I ,.no problem but if we take the youngest grandson it will have to be a balcony.we are on sunshine for ten days in January 2022.only thing I did different was pay an extra $300 to be on lido deck because of 4 sea days.
  3. I'm booked on carnival sunshine Jan 2022 going there.Hopefully it all straightens out by then.I booked before covid became a thing.It's a 10 day journeys cruise though.We had been there 5 years ago with Celebrity and enjoyed the itinerary.
  4. We don't cruise until 2022 I'm going to do my knee next summer.i put it off for too long as it is.when it's hot I'm not going anywhere.
  5. I booked a 1/2022 cruise on 1/2020 and I'm really not so sure of that one but if nothing else I hope the itiniary stays the same..i was going to book another msc for next summer but I'll wait.refunds take too long.
  6. We're you actually expecting some ground shaking news from mr.john heald. ? I only look him up because I have a cruise out of Charleston that's mostly paid for and I don't want to be surprised by changes.plus I paid for it with gift cards and I can't get my money back otherwise I'd ask for a refund.my wife told me yesterday she wasn't interested in cruising anymore.the covid Boogeyman got another one.
  7. I'm booked for mid January 2022 I did it when it came available January of this year.it was a journey cruise if it makes a difference schedule wise.it was also before the plague settled in.i keep check cruise critic to see if there are any schedule changes since I'm paid up..
  8. I check mine every week.i think my best price has been got.plus $275 in obc.i did book 2 years in advance.
  9. I'm one of the lucky ones that booked a 2022 cruise before this garbage happened.with gift cards at that so no cash refunds.it was my 5 day Cuba cruise that was cancelled and finally morphed into a 10 day journeys cruise.
  10. Attorneys are looking for a Payday they don't care where it comes from.
  11. My refund from msc took about 100 days.i didn't call but once and that was to cancel a would have been August cruise.they are all taking a long time.
  12. I disagree with Charleston cruises being inexpensive and carnival is not the price leader.if your schedule is flexible you can sail on other lines with the same itiniary for less.which is what I have been doing.i have a carnival Cruise booked out of Charleston it is the same itiniary out of San juan.its pretty expensive but flights and hotels in San Juan have jumped considerably since we last went .we stayed on post at fort Buchanan for $60 a night now it's toward the $200 mark last I checked.only reason I booked plus enough obc to cover our gratuities for 10 days.plus Charleston is a 2 hour d
  13. If you can get discount carnival gift cards that's another 10% .use that to prepurchase the drink package.
  14. That's the best they are going to do is the pre cruise discount .carnival isn't it giving things away.drinks and gambling are big money makers.
  15. We did it on our first cruise.but being an interracial couple wasn't well received by our table mates.i guess they felt uncomfortable.a white man with a black woman wasn't too common back then still isn't now.my wife is retired army,I was a short timer .in military circles it's accepted.anyway after that cruise we just do lido much more relaxed and more our cup of tea.if someone wants to conversate we have no issues.we found people on celebrity to be friendlier to us anyway.otherwise I just enjoy basking in my wife's sunshine.
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