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  1. Just wait until you got to send the vaxx info .say your unvaxxed and you get your refund.exactly what i am doing.i am not going to cancel and take a loss i can play their game Carnival has had my money for 3 years anyway i can wait a few more months.i have been moving around money from my wifes cuba cruise that was cancelled.damn those carnival gift cards worse thing i ever did.
  2. My money has been tied up with carnival over 3 years because i used carnival giftcards.
  3. Tell them your unvaxxed and get a refund. Then rebook later.
  4. Get a travel agent and get some o.b.c. out of it.
  5. My wife is scheduled for surgery st the V.A.next thursday and she goes tuesday to get a covid test to determine if they will do the procedure. I dont know if that is different circunstances or not plus we are in south carolina.they obviously get them back quick.
  6. I just read carnival rented out the glory for a couple weeks as a floating hotel. I guess joe biden pays better than you people do.
  7. They can't be too hard up. They are charging $800 more for an inside on deck 1 than i paid for my inside on lido ,sailing on january 17 on the sunshine out of charleston. Lido deck cost me almost $400 extra but betwen carnival and the T.A. i got $300 in O.B.C.. I booked pre covid but who knows if it will even be a go since charleston has been cancelled thru dec 31. Doesn't hurt my feelings if it doesnt go .My wife thinks its too early to cruise and i agree since it looks like half the ports dont want any visitors.
  8. Who would have thought that people would ignore the instructions? I am shocked. Thats why i want to get my Carnival cruise done and over with as i am not a fan and i think my wife has fallen out of love with carnival now too. I am afraid those carnival gift cards are more trouble than good.
  9. I chose carnival because a port is 2 hours away and i am taking 3 grandsons .Price wise i find better deals and values on other lines but i can sail anytime i have no job to go to. The convenience of not having to go to miami and the boys are all about the ship anyway.i dont think they could care less about the port since they have been to nassau before. Their grandma might love them dearly but they know how to push her buttons so i try to keep our family trips short and sweet.
  10. I can avoid it forever.i have a place at the lake a big a$$pontoon boat and a motorhome.life is good for me anyway..even my liberal wife doesn't want to go on a snowflake cruise..cruises are supposed to be fun but the old days are long gone.
  11. I'm going to wait until last minute just before final payment and move my money. The last time I sailed on carnival was hurricane season all the other lines announced their port changes before getting on board good old carnival kept their silence.one of our port days was pretty miserable in all that rain.i trust carnival as far as I could throw John Heald.
  12. 2021 is almost half over.im sure the good doctor has another card up his sleeve to mess everything up. When your 80 years old and you don't want to retire there is sethingbwrong with you..At this point I don't really care anymore .when I retired 6 years ago I bought a motorhome and a bigger pontoon boat.i have a place at the lake.if I feel like going to Cozumel I'll get an air BNB and fly there. No pushing and shoving to get on or off a ship and no one giving you the stink eye for what ever reason.i.like having the full experience where ever I go not the 4 hour abridged version.
  13. They sell "ox" tongue every where.your just not ethnic enough I guess.we grew up eating it regularly 50 years ago it was dirt cheap like ox tails now it's at a premium.
  14. If they aren't giving it anymore you certainly are not missing anything.ive had $4 bottles of Moscato that were 10 times better. "Free" is a powerful marketing tool though.
  15. I paid with gift cards for the piddly 10% which I wish I hadn't done but I booked pre COVID-19.so a refund is not in my future .I just want to take my cruise and wash my hands of it all. I got other things to do with my life.
  16. I switched after 2 crappy cruises in a row.Carnival is not the low price leader if you are flexible on when you can sail. When I decide to honeymoon on a cruise a few years back I decided on a southern Caribbean out of Puerto rico.Celebrity was the same price and was a huge improvement for us. MSC is #2 in my book.I've come back to carnival to take the grandkids on a 5 day cruise.next year I will do the same.but I already know I won't set foot on a carnival ship after that ,the boys are grown ups and too many other better choices for "US."
  17. It's 50/50 might be good might not.i made this comment longer than it needed to be .so in summary it depends on your tastes and gut.im sure one or 50 of the cheerleaders will jump on and tell you it's great .it's up to you to decide.
  18. I hope you do too.i can wait.i need to do maintenance on my motorhome and pontoon boat.too hot to travel.october will be here before I know it.
  19. The "slob" cruise or the Walmart cruise ,which would I choose? MSC for me.their Caribbean ports are limited though.Southern Caribbean from Puerto rico I would do Celebrity.
  20. I guess they haven't heard the buffet is still going to be self serve either.
  21. They have been giving a gift card back.
  22. Don't worry next week it will say something different.carnival flip flops every chance they get.
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