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  1. I get all of that about t the big spending Americans who eat/drink/tip and see them as I travel and in fact am one...however I am speaking of right now where one state has more cases per day than most entire countries...as long as Covid 19 is around doubt we will be welcome $$ or not.
  2. Most countries do not want US.....those that do will probably change that too....I would not expect to see any cruise ships that are frequented by US passengers to be operating as so very ports will let them in and that could be well into 2021.
  3. why do people say US Citizens cannot go to Cuba. Covid has certainly stopped all from visiting and US will probably be one of the last to return given our situation....but prior to Covid US tourists were visiting...just not on cruise ships. This idea may be good sometime in the future but cruising in general is not going to return soon let alone from Cuba. I would not get too excited about this one!
  4. not just for cruise lines but so many things the world seems to want to deny that there is anything going on.
  5. "lessons learned" bottom line you cannot safely operate cruise ships during a worldwide pandemic...I get the $$ motive but come on...it can't be done. Anyone booking a cruise has to expect they may well be exposed to Covid. Part of the shipboard-passenger contract.
  6. I think that is a good idea....those businesses that get very creative for the next months might make it...those that don't will be gone.
  7. regarding Broadway...devastating for all involved.....not sure how they will resume...of all theaters those typical Broadway theaters really have TIGHT seating and would have to do at best every third seat...I don't think every other will work. Not sure they can make it with those numbers.
  8. not sure but it was bad. "flying dutchman" strange to say the least but guess this experience has different impacts on different people and you are so glad to have survived it.
  9. I guess there are some cruisers that just cannot accept that this all happened. if you watch this program which I considered well done and frankly pretty fair to cruises in general...the Taiwan stop where they are all sitting in the hall watching some program and walking around with most locals in masks and having their temps taken....get back on the ship...to me that could have been the super spreader right there. I think Princess has some liability in even letting them get off the ship at that point...but it will all be sorted out in thousands of lawsuits big and small. I saw that Taiwan v
  10. I think people willing to invest and sail this summer need to be prepared for a cruise to nowhere. Time will tell.
  11. That same concern to avoid legal liability and shift the burden is still front and center in the boardrooms....they will try to go about it in a different less obvious way. Clearly this was not thought out carefully as the resulting cancellations from their faithful client base could have been anticipated. Stay tuned...they have clearly indicated "more to follow".
  12. who knows but self reporting is not going to work...if someone wants to cruise they will not report honestly...some will but many will not....
  13. their books for 2021 probably look good because everything for 2020 is gone or people have moved the booking to 2021. I have to wonder how much on the books are brand new bookings?
  14. I think the big question on the table besides the bookings on the books...w Redtravel...has it about right...swipe of a pen now over 70 good to go? Nothing has changed at all for them other than no cash refund. They still have the same medical profiles. This is crazy.
  15. yes that is what I was referring to above the "mixed signals"...first it is over 70 then for anyone...then it is there...then it is not there...all of that is in my estimation a PR disaster. It has gotten to the point with cruises and the media in general (Covid 19) that people over 70 are toxic. Those same 70 somethings are the bread and butter of most cruise lines and upscale tour operators.
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