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  1. nice post...prayers for all involved.
  2. VERY sorry for the victims. I am wondering why they continue to sell this particular excursion when the track record is not good. This is not the first crash. I assume people have to sign a waiver but still maybe just give this a miss.
  3. WEll in UK where this variant has really taken hold the vaccine may not be effective against the Delta Variant.
  4. boy that is the first that I have heard of mixing the vaccines.
  5. i did see that and agree it was a good report...I checked back and cannot find any more from that reporter...if you please very much appreciate a link. Thanks.
  6. note to Big A....please note screen name of poster. This debate will still be going in five years...pointless to try to argue....unless it impacts you close to home many choose to ignore the facts.
  7. The message in US is that we are "back to normal" and no restrictions on anything ...comes from the White House down to main street. No incentive to get to the 70% hoped for vaccinations anymore at all...doses of J and J being thrown away and many not getting second dose. Our numbers are down RIGHT NOW but no telling what is ahead. It is tempting to want to believe this but caution is required. Again to tie this to the cruise ship involved...just not surprising and not the last such report.
  8. I don't blame people for thinking like this...the message has been sent (at least in US) that we have an "all clear' and those of use that continue to be cautious are somehow not understanding things.
  9. this is all impossible...these passengers all go to the airport and get on many different flights to get home...the only answer is getting all vaccinated.
  10. agree...I think RCCL here handled it very well for sure...this will happen...no mystery or forged vaccination cert etc. If you want to cruise best to be realistic and flexible.
  11. Yes the important take away from this post is "the cruise may be 100% vaccinated but the world is not" Also have to consider time in ports in countries where few are vaccinated.
  12. it is common knowledge...have read it many places and been told the same by the testers at Mayo Clinic who will not use it. Sorry no link but if you do the research you can find it.
  13. this cruise was a close to 100% as you can get...it was the first and it had two positive results. Sorry but not that remote and it will be a very long time before children of all ages can be and will be tested so those cruises that cater to families will never be 100%,
  14. is there some official statement as to the normal test being antigen and now a pending pcr after two positive antigen. there are so many stories flying around that I tend to not take any seriously. I am pretty sure that the normal tests for these cruises is antigen as they are far less expensive but if false ++ get too frequent that is going to really mess things up.
  15. Can anyone confirm what kind of testing is being done? As a passenger I would be far more comfortable with the PCR than Antigen aka Rapid Test which tends to have more false positives. Usually if an Antigen is positive they would follow with PCR and I assume that is what happened here resulting in the confirmed positive. While the ship continued on to be honest this does impact the entire ship and can create stress for many passengers. I think these days one has to evaluate your individual tolerance for this level of testing and potential stress before you travel...there will be positive cases...there will be false positives (and probably negatives) and travelers need to get used to this for quite some time in the future. Getting fully vaccinated is the most we can do.
  16. agree...second summer in a row not going to Europe...it is not IMPOSSIBLE this year but seems like too much uncertainty and work and test after test. The Rapid test that US asks for also has a higher false positive than the PCR so I can anticipate some real hassles for travelers. I hope I am wrong.
  17. This is being done to Europe...in particular I am aware of Delta and United going to italy...by taking one of these flights you can avoid the mandatory quarantine period when you arrive. Probably none impact cruises right now other than Med cruises etc.
  18. it is honestly not that rare...unless you understand the virus it seems stupid...anyone having any surgery has to be tested...even the "covid tested" flights are requiring testing prior to boarding and upon landing. On that one I think it extreme and will not last. Frankly travel right now sounds like too much work.
  19. what is so hard to understand about this? Has anyone been paying attention the science here and statements by experts regarding the vaccines?
  20. as mentioned in another thread your calculations are all off and most of us are speaking of efficacy rate for the country not one small state.
  21. Employees at pharmacies here in Mn. report that they have just as many thefts of the cards as they do of controlled substances. Sad.
  22. why are people talking about DOs??? So many posts about this. Not sure of the relevance to this situation on the ship.
  23. I watched some videos from that cruise and masking was clearly not 100% nor can it be at bars and restaurants and chin guards don't work!!
  24. Here is US I have never heard an efficacy rate of more than 95% and probably less on certain adults with compromised immune systems. That number if for Pfizer and Moderna and is less for J and J. We know nothing about these passengers yet...what they did while in port, their general health and age group and what vaccine they had. Look forward to more details and assume CDC watching this for data. We are all still in a giant experiment with a vaccine not yet approved except for emergency use and a virus which continues to mutate. I think many tend to want to ignore some of the risk in order to feel better about traveling.
  25. yes as I understand it the 95% takes into account children. What is for sure is at some (not all) ports passengers can go and do whatever they want, mix with the locals etc. and return to the ship...and that is a likely spot for them to pick up the virus..clearly these two picked it up between the last testing and final testing and shore excursions or time in port seems to be the variable that cannot be controlled.
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