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  1. These are very very old ships and looks like it is a party ship. I don't think this concept will attract many from US that travel so far to Greece. Prices are high but probably have lots of sales. Will get mostly party crowd from Europe.
  2. So true...if this had been just a small number of bookings Princess may well have honored them but when the word was spread thru social media and some reported 800 booked on this I guess they had no choice. Good advice above.
  3. I think you will see more of the YT type of tours starting March 9 and March 14..they have invited some YT influencers to sail for 5 nights on each of those departures.
  4. State of Emergency declared today. Not sure cruise ships will continue to go in there. I think this is a major escalation and some desperate people on the loose.
  5. Rex confirmed in latest NOT ADULT ONLY
  6. they have the usual live music but at this point no production type shows as venues are not ready including Spellbound.
  7. WEll I love swimming but one of my criteria is steps to comfortably enter a pool. Given the number of older cruisers this surprises me.
  8. Is that for real..no steps into pool?
  9. There is so much contrary info not sure what really is going on. Some sayit is an old photo from 2017 old sun princess but who knows.
  10. there was no flooding it was in 2017
  11. yes I can see all the complications.
  12. agree so much now is reactive and only when there is so much illness does it get to media or prevents countries from letting them dock.
  13. Seriously why would they change the name of the cruise at this time??? Has to be a reason. If I were on this voyage I would keep a close eye on the itinerary as something will be changed or no need to change the name.
  14. Princess was fully aware of the increased risk due to all aspects of construction as outlined above. That is no excuse.
  15. Agreed...it is simply not a good time for many of the ports...but they got top $$ from passengers to basically "shake down cruises".
  16. I think the explanation makes sense. However RCL really did not have to share much other than the usual lead up to the rollout which happened as planned.
  17. RCL did not need any damage control...it was for the most part a text book roll out of a ship with social media commentators giving great reviews as well as happy cruisers. When I hear friends that are travel agents say they are sometimes on hold for hours with Princess despite being a top producer for them I wonder what is going on with this company. Cost containment measures are now resulting in increased reports of staffing shortage and long waits on ships. Right now if I were looking to experience a very large new ship I would book the Icon.
  18. the release of the new "app" is another case where it is in the testing phase with many issues. I just don't hear this many problems with other comparable cruise lines.
  19. a very fair rant. The fact that they asked you to take down the posts I find troubling. This is a public forum and for all this agent knows is someone should have not given that info out. Their agents don't know about Feb. 28 let alone further out.
  20. You are comparing apples and oranges here. When a flight is cancelled per the contract they have to reschedule you on different day or maybe same day different routing etc. They get you to your destination. The important thing is they are regulated and get you to your destination. Often within hours. I see no comparison to this situation.
  21. JP and top leaders of PCL...apart from them no one. And given the actions sometimes I wonder how much they really know?
  22. above points are all good. Most going on a cruise starting in Europe will be extending that trip either on the front end (probably most) or an extension after the cruise. It is a long expensive flight from US to just stay for a week or 10 days taking into account some jet lag for most. This is a major investment for most. Considering the distance most travel to the cruise at a minimum management of PCL should have made a decision one week out. There seems to be no consideration here for passengers.
  23. at this point passengers need more than photo ops.
  24. I thought the 3 weeks was pretty long...I do think most on the first cancellation got it much faster.
  25. They have too many ships on the books and can't meet deadlines, shortcuts being taken and probably not experienced workers for all jobs. These mega ships are taking much longer and new territory.
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