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  1. Edith the Cat From Hell and her brother Max the Slow Witted thank you all for relieving their little minds about even the remotest possibility of having to accept more heads in the food bowl;) The information you have all provided is just wonderful and much appreciated. The trolley looks like the perfect solution and as long as they can find their way back to the ship on time (such a bizarre time to depart), I won't have to worry about them. If daughter gets into stores and starts buying, we may have to worry about suitcase space but that's yet another issue....
  2. Unclaimed cats wandering around homeless??? Oh no! She will want to try to bring them all home in her luggage :eek: She has cystic fibrosis and has breathing trouble but I assume they could catch a cab at the port if the heat and humidity are too bad?
  3. We will be in San Juan on the morning of March 22nd, departing at 2 pm. Daughter and SIL (aged 26) don't want to do a bus tour with us old folks since they are not early risers and will probably just walk around the port area. What is there in the area in the way of shopping/browsing for an hour or two?
  4. So what are you supposed to do with your carry-ons while you're trying to get some lunch :confused:????
  5. I quite like the way they do it on Princess actually and am a bit apprehensive about RCI :confused: since apparently they do it differently and assemble folks out on the decks. On Princess, you grab your life jacket from your cabin and head to the interior room where your muster station is. On our first cruise, our station was the chapel, another time it was the casino and yet another was one of the theaters as outlined on the back of the cabin door. This makes sense to me as especially in inclement weather, you don't want panicked pax wandering around on a slippery deck and where you have a lot of elderly or disabled, it's just safer both for the drill and in case of an actual emergency. Princess takes the drills quite seriously and the cabins are indeed checked after the alarms have sounded to make sure that everyone attends although they do not do a roll call at the muster station. The awful situation with the Costa ship just proves the wisdom of lines who do muster immediately upon leaving port rather than waiting 24 hours.
  6. Thanks so much for the info! I'm a bit concerned about obstructing the wait area outside the dining room since we won't make a reservation in advance usually (we have my time dining). Most times we will be part of a party of 6 (like herding cats!) and they tend to pick a different time each day but I imagine they will find a place to stash us out of the traffic pattern:D.
  7. I am planning on bringing a chair for my husband in March so all of these comments were very helpful and much appreciated. Being new to RCI, my concern is muster drill and how they handle the chair for that. Anyone know how they handle that?
  8. Excellent info so far! Are bathrobes in the cabin or do I need to bring one? Are kitchen tours offered on Navigator? Going to sign up for towel/napkin folding course for sure as I am challenged in that area and could sure use pointers but any other little courses like that offered?
  9. Ensure that you get the Twinrix or whatever Hepatitis shots which your doctor can recommend depending on your individual circumstances and it is prudent to ensure that your tetanus shot is current. Once you have done the series of 2, you're good for life and it's not a big deal. Just one less thing to have to think about. A local radio announcer died here a couple of weeks ago from hepatitis he contracted during a two week vacation to a gated community on St. Lucia 2 years ago but he had no idea where he actually contracted it. A needless death since it was preventable.:mad:
  10. Any word on his whereabouts these days?
  11. Carl, I'm glad you added the celsius reminder - probably scared the tea water out of folks who aren't familiar with our weather reports! Layers and rain gear are requirements - umbrellas are useless when you have high winds, unless of course you want to hang glide out over the harbour, LOL!:eek:
  12. There was very little humour to be found in the situation on the Coral except for one particularly rough night at sea. We were having gale force 9 winds and 7 foot seas, making the walking a bit difficult, even for those who hadn't over-indulged in the drink of the day. When the Captain came on to make the nightly Noro status report, he started by saying that people should be careful walking and to make sure to hang on to the railings. Then he proceeded with the update on the health situation and told everyone to avoid the railings, elevator buttons, etc. DH and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. If you had unsure footing you had a choice between a broken hip from falling or getting the virus from the railings.:confused: Interestingly, the one place that there was no hand sanitizer was the casino! However, I washed well when I left and made sure not to touch my face - or anyone else's, for that matter, and added a dollop of hand sanitizer for some extra oomph. It didn't help me win any money at the machines but I was fortunate enough not to get the virus either.
  13. John, I spoke with the couple you referred to. Their teenaged son was in a car accident in Arizona and was in critical condition in intensive care. They were taken from the ship by Jamaican authorities and directly to the airport to catch the first of many flights needed to get them home. As far as I know, nobody got booted, although a few should have. One of my dinner companions mentioned that she was in line to disembark in Cartagena and when the guy ahead of her put in his card, everyone snapped to attention. He was told that he was supposed to be in his cabin and was escorted back there right promptly. The whole thing was annoying but tolerable for those of us who did not come down with it. There were many elderly, rather frail ladies who certainly could not stand to lose 10 pounds overnight with the symptoms!:eek:
  14. Nancy, we're part of the roll-call getting on the ship and you hop off. You can come and stay on our balcony for a few nights if you want, LOL!
  15. I've been to St. Thomas many times but the best deals I found were on Raadets Gade. Purchased things in several stores including Aseck. One of my favourite stores left there and moved to Miami (bummer!) but wherever you go, be prepared to bargain hard and even walk away if you have to.
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