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  1. I'm just thankful we got our monies back. I will apply it to our Dec seaside cruise already booked. For this cancelled cruise on Sunday, we got it for free. So we are only getting taxes back.
  2. Didn't have a choice. Friends wanted out, and I didn't want to deal while on my March 15 cruise.
  3. Wished I had waited a few days to cancel the April 4th cruise. oh well..
  4. lol...I finally made it on my 3rd attempt this past December.
  5. And I cancelled our April 4th cruise because our friends didn't want to go. I should have waited. <<crying over spilled milk>>>
  6. I see it now on the website. Thanks for the headsup @WonderMan3 Given the evolving Covid-19 coronavirus situation, we have made the difficult decision to stop the operations of our ships sailing from Miami to the Caribbean for the next 60 days (March 14- April 30). This decision wasn’t taken lightly; however, the health and safety of our guests and crew members is our top priority. Here’s how you can proceed if you have an existing booking. You have two options: Receive a 125% credit toward a future cruise OR Receive a full refund On behalf of our entire team at MSC Cruises USA, thank you for your patience, support and commitment during these trying times.
  7. Is it possible for canadien passengers? Anyone in the US received similar notice?
  8. Oh ok. I thought you may have seen it on another CC board. Hope the cancellation policy of 5PM today does not apply to cancelled cruises.
  9. Ok. I didn't realize Alaska cruises are starting that soon. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Ok I looked up the schedule. This makes sense to me now. Divina was scheduled for Europe next week.
  11. What am I missing here? Are there cruises from Seattle now?
  12. Thanks for the update! Wow! Hope we will know before we get to Miami on Sunday.
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