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  1. All nine sailings I had planned from May through next September have now been cancelled by MSC. I'm taking it as a sign that cruising is not in my future for a while and going to sit back and watch from the sidelines until the industry settles down. While I consider Fantasia a very big difference I doubt MSC will consider it a big enough change to let you cancel for that reason. I assume you can still get the deposit back under the "normal" cancellation policy? For me there are too many questions regarding how different cruising will be when MSC first starts back, it looks less and less likely those questions will be adequately answered before November. I wouldn't be willing to gamble Yacht Club prices on an unknown product.
  2. Hi Mike, on Divina MSC reclassified the four "square" YC Deluxe balcony cabins on each deck to the higher priced "Grand" name. They used to all be the same price but people preferered the square ones as I think they are a little bigger, however the layout feels much more spacious. MSC used to hold these back because they held more people then there was a wild dash to move to one as MSC made them available. MSC is just taking advantage of the high demand.
  3. The Voyages Selection areas of the US website worked for about a week, about 90% of the US sailings were in the 5+15% section. I almost wish I had kept more bookings but only had one. As usual the phone agents were unable to get the discount applied, they could not find it listed as such in their system. I called again and got to customer service who asked me for a screenshot of my sailing on the US site's 5+15% section, which I provided. I got the full discount and OBC within two days. The US website Voyages Selection area has not been working since. I also now get diverted to the UK site if I try the 5+5% link.
  4. We had a similar experience in YC on Meraviglia, also mainly with the dining. I recently cancelled two non-YC Preziosa sailings due to concerns, but have kept one Preziosa YC sailing hoping for a more typical of the past YC experience. Was the YC director and maitre d' fairly new, or was it more to do with the new menus/food preparation? I'm concerned MSC is spreading experienced staff too thin with all the new ships.
  5. I was in 12010 on starboard side. There was only one EU outlet in the bedroom, we brought an adapter to use a CPAP. In the living area there are both type outlets at the desk, but it would be difficult to run an extension into the bedroom. We only had a double pull out sofa and it was totally worn out. The hot tub is much larger than S3 on Seaside and as Sidari said it was locked at 40C so quite hot for warm weather. The cabin steward said they change the water between sailings and once during a seven day cruise, he offered to change it more often if needed. I think due to the design of the tubs the cabins on the port side have the seats facing aft rather than forward on the starboard side. The glass did a decent job keeping the wind down when at sea, you'll like the breeze though as the tub is locked pretty hot.
  6. Are they offering less than 20% of the 23 day cost? Only an amount for what the 13 day would have been? We had our 20% email within a week, but still nothing for our son. I haven't received Voyagers points for either sailing, my requests have been put off twice now.
  7. The exact same thing happened to friends of ours, but they were not offered to open it for a fee, just flat out denied. What was more offensive was even with us having the Deluxe drinks package there were only two mediocre wines included. Specialty restaurant wines officially available to YC passengers were ever worse. My Meraviglia Black card specialty restaurant experiences were overall dismal, to the point I cancelled the Tryptic dining package I had pre-purchased.
  8. On our Northeastern US/Canadian cruise and also the reposition cruise to Miami they had already made water by the glass available in the dining rooms, something not done on European cruises. I wouldn't be surprised if getting a free glass of water was difficult at bars and specialty restaurants, they are usually oriented towards bottled water - at least available on MSC at a small cost if you have no drinks package. I would carry my own refillable bottle that I filled in the buffet or cabin when traveling with no drinks package. I've never seen water fountains on any cruise line's ships.
  9. I never heard this mentioned before, until on the reposition cruise. We had several MSC VIP's & family on the Oct 28th sailing and at lunch one afternoon I met some who mentioned one of the big problems MSC still had was incomplete shark netting around the island. I didn't even know that was something they did, what have you heard?
  10. Meraviglia had trivia at 10am, 4pm and 7pm in the Brass Anchor pub every day, they also did visual trivia at 4:30pm in the Meraviglia lounge and I think on the pool deck screen on warmer days. Most were very well attended.
  11. "Operational issues" $100 OBC and 20% future cruise credit. We were supposed to call on Nov 9th.
  12. Ocean Cay was just cancelled for Nov 9th.
  13. Can't speak about the one room version, but our true suite with the separate bedroom has no US outlets in the bedroom and it is too far to run a cord from the living area.
  14. Definitely. Luckily I saw the post about only European outlets in the bedroom and had my son bring me a US adapter for the CPAP.
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