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  1. I must just acknowledge this picture was from Capt. Carl last May when they were repatriating crew to Harmony of the Seas at Cococay.
  2. The ship on the right is one of many that I think gives cause for concern and rightly so. Azamara in comparison on the left could hopefully fall within the guidelines .🤞
  3. We will just have to keep an eye on the prices and post here if we see anything worthwhile happening.🤞 I have been watching prices on a couple of May/June 2022 cruises. One example for a 10 night Club Continent Suite has gone from £9110 per cabin in January down to £6458 in February/March and since the sale ended is now back to £9106 as from 1st April. As @Host Jazzbeau mentioned in another post there really were some decent prices knocking about. Unfortunately the Cruise with Confidence promotion only extended to sailings up to end of April 2022 ,so I have delayed
  4. Trying to find any tonnage figures from the latest announcement is not easy! Figures mooted about over the years mention over 96,000 and then 55,000 tonnage. I’d like to think that Azamara at approx. 30,000 stands a chance to dock at the very convenient small dock. When you compare them to the top ten largest cruise ships at all over 170,000 , there may be room for the little ones!! 🤞
  5. Husband always has a white shirt with him ,which is easy and I’ve worn a white cardigan or a white /cream wrap over a pale coloured dress in the past. I did eventually buy a white dress which will come out on all future cruises. 🤞🙏 I would agree with @donaldsc , whilst we enjoy the theme, we have never eaten up on deck in our 10 cruises. We always eat in the main dining room and then go up for the dancing and entertainment later.
  6. I believe the lift and shift option stipulates that the new cruise must be within 4 weeks of your originally scheduled cruise date but in the following year. So that means it is between April and June 2022. If the price is more expensive it will be honoured at your cancelled fare. Back in January I did L&S to April 2022 on our May 2021 cruise which was a 125% FCC booking from a cancelled June 2020 cruise!! If we ever actually get onboard, we have a cracking deal, but I have worked hard to keep it moving forward without losing any promotions. The 125% FCC will allow you
  7. combine


    I think between us on this thread we may have sold this trip to many more for 2022?!
  8. combine


    Great video and good to see the sail away from a different perspective. Thanks
  9. With all thats happened in the past year and subsequent refunds, there has been a lot of negative publicity here regarding those TAs who processed the payments to be forwarded to the Cruise line and when refunds were made ,were rather slow in returning said funds to customers. Even though Cruise lines had refunded the TA in a timely manner. I guess you never know how good your TA is until the unusual happens. That has certainly been the case this past year.
  10. There are many Travel Agents in the UK that take your card details and pass them to Cruise line for direct payment. I use one that does. They are normally the smaller independent agents. However , yes the majority of large high street agents and UK online agents take your payment and they then forward it onto the Cruise line when payment is due .
  11. combine


    Its a very popular trip and they are doing it several times in 2022 to keep us all happy!
  12. combine


    Its a tight fit! I dont recall any locks. The place where we did a 180 turn was also very interesting but unsure how early you would have to get up for that, I am sure Capt will give you a rundown of times the night before. On a separate note , during a land based stay in Seville in 2015 , we caught the train to Cordobo and had a wonderful day. We were there late April and the weather was gorgeous.
  13. combine


    Actually if you get up early on arrival day and get to the back of the ship, the last part of the transit is done in reverse and quite interesting. The road bridge is raised to allow access for the mooring at the red cross. On departure night I would recommend dining at the buffet and you would get a good view for a few hours. Alternatively try and get a window table in the main dining room for the view.
  14. combine


    Seville is about 70 miles from the coast. We sailed in daylight both ways . Its a great river transit. If I remember correctly it took most of the day arriving at 6.30 pm the first day and we left at 6am on day 3. You can easily walk to all major sights from where Azamara docks. There is such a lot going on along the river and at times we were very close to the river banks. It made for a very relaxing two (sea ) days , but with plenty of things to see. Others have mentioned sailing at night which would cut down on a sea day but you miss the sights.
  15. It’s getting that it’s almost in touching distance Denise ,🙏🤞, well if you’ve got long arms and all the stars align! Patience is a virtue so they say!
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