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  1. Yes on Journey now and there are still alarm clocks in the stateroom.
  2. When you logout.com It now shows remaining minutes if you have a minutes package.
  3. Forgot to mention, we didnt have to put in our folio number just first name and year of birth and cabin number. It picked up our details from that.
  4. Will do Phil. Lots of familiar faces and great weather in Venice at the moment a real bonus. X
  5. On Journey now. Discover level ,so free 90 minutes or $100 allowance against full voyage internet package. You log in and choose one of four options,, we chose full voyage and when you click on it , it shows full price and then calculates the $100 reduction, showing you the net price. No need to visit customer relations for codes
  6. All appears ok now Grandma...... Patience is a virtue!
  7. There appears to be major problems on the UK site this morning. Cannot even price up cruises at the moment. Perhaps later in the day normal service will be resumed!
  8. Hi mave r beck Its swings and roundabouts with late bookings and you have to take everything into account .The T&C are quite clear about price match. You dont say how you got to Japan but presumably you booked your flights quite soon after you booked your cruise ,to get the best times , route and price from the USA .When the price of the cruise dropped did you look to see what the air fare would have been at that late date? I dont think you can isolate the cruise portion from the air travel and hotel part of the vacation, unless of course you live within an hours drive of the departure port. In 2016 we booked an Xmas cruise on Azamara only 8 weeks before departure at an incredibly low price. However the airfare to Singapore was eye watering.Flight prices tend to increase nearer departure date .There were no reward flights available at that late date so we stumped up the cash. Probably if I had been able to go back in time and price up all the components of cruise and air fare either six months or a year earlier there would not have been much in it and the prices would have been about the same. Book early ,get the cabin you want and the cruise price is higher and flights are cheaper or book late and the cruise price is lower and the flights are more expensive. Take your choice.
  9. Always a risk, which we all fall foul of sometimes. They always change on 1st October. Perhaps an open passage booking in September whilst on board is the way to go.
  10. Ahhh, I am always looking Grandma!! You never know! 🤣🤣 . Someone obviously clicked send before they had updated the website.
  11. They have just corrected it!
  12. Just received my email also Grandma. And surprise surprise when you click on the link for ‘See all voyages’ it lists the voyages that they had on offer last quarter 1st July -30th September. They expired yesterday! Is it so hard for someone to get it right.!!? Bonnie maybe you could let them know. Thankyou.
  13. Received and completed. Nothing too arduous!
  14. We were also successful with an upgrade on this same cruise. Sadly you do not receive the extra points for a paid upgrade. You will get the points for your original booking which was an oceanview.
  15. Grandma. That one in Panama was the same one! You, me and Jazzbeau were all on the Costa Rica intensive together! I didnt go to that Azamazing evening either, even though it was on the ship! What a great cruise that was. Captains Carls last before he moved to Pursuit and what a great CC group and roll call we had.
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