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  1. OK, flame me now👿. I am glad they are requiring everyone to have the vaccine. GO PRINCESS!
  2. OK...I just think if it was me who could not get the shot and at this stage, I would not cruise and put others at risk, no matter how much I wanted to cruise. Again, this is me. How can others live with themselves?
  3. Ummm...what if they bring it on and are a carrier and you get it and worse??? Just saying
  4. I know for a fact that Princess gets a kick back from the stores they recommend. I am sure this is part of Princess having their eyes on them too. Good for you on the pubs!
  5. I am not a tech person. Just what I heard. You know the cell phone signal is there, maybe is it something off the ship? I don't know. You know the ship gets a percentage from sales to stores they recommend, maybe they are tracking this. Just thinking in my small mind.
  6. This is why I love this board, you guys think of everything and look at the big picture. Very intelligent!
  7. That is what I heard from someone on the ship. I assumed it was correct as the ships are close to the ports.
  8. Just putting it out there not to you directly. Most people we know who are our friends are our age or close and have the vaccine. However, there are younger people who are not getting the vaccine because of possible side affects. I just think it would be easier to have a cruise for non vaccinated people, that way they can't complain. This way it alleviates a lot of problems.
  9. Why didn't they just keep them in an isolation room that are supposed to be on board? I thought that was the protocol. Why don't they have a covid vaccine cruise and a non covid vaccine cruise, they have all other type of theme cruises.
  10. Really? I did not know that. Someone once told me at the pool that there are VIPs on board that get free stuff because of the casino.
  11. You are probably right. It is just going to make things harder for the room steward.
  12. You can still have it done. It is just not going to be done unless you request it. Sort of like the robes.
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