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  1. This is the first time getting the BSE in all our years. My question is are you able to get a small bottle of Korbel, they are under $12? Also, if ordering Baileys. Do you only get one shot per drink? Thanks.
  2. Before my Dad passed, we were not going to go on vacation but Mom and Dad wanted us to go and he was doing very good (they were living with us for 6 months and we were taking care of them both...as parent they knew we needed that time). Then we got the news he took a turn for the worse...Mom said he was holding on to see you. Then trying to get home, doing all we could, and my sister said to my Dad holding his hand, it's me your favorite (which was what I always said to my dad...my Dad always said we sounded alike and had to ask who was who on the phone--but when I said it's your favorite...
  3. Are the aft Dolphin totally covered on the Royal Class? We have not done the Royal Class, as we thought there were no covered balconies on the aft.
  4. Here in PA, I just checked yesterday, and there are no vaccines for anyone other than medical, well Phase 1. I assume you are from Florida? I'd feel safer driving to the port, which is what we will do in 2022. In last week of February 2020 got off the Crown Princess, we were keeping our distance from everyone and it worked, no sickness at all, but on the 2.40 hour flight on Southwest home, there was a guy behind us that coughed the entire time, and it was a chest cough. I heard him telling people he was so sick. Airline did nothing, didn't even offer anyone a mask. Anyway,
  5. I am so sorry for your loss...I know what it is like to loose a parent and not be there at that time, but for you not to spend time with your Mom and family now. That is...well...I have no words for it truly. Prayers go to you and your family for strength and courage during this most difficult time in your life. Here you cannot even be in the room with your spouse if they have covid, even if they are dying. Same with nursing homes, not allowed to say your good-byes.
  6. Wow. Thank you. Someone mentioned to me yesterday that people they know got the covid test and it was negative, but 3 days later they had symptoms and were tested with it. I wonder if on the ship we will have to be in the isolation bubble if we get it onboard. That would totally suck.
  7. Thank you for your response. You must be in the medical field to know so much about this. As with everyone else I am sure, we are anxious to go in January 2022, 16th, and hoping we will be able to cruise. It is a 42 day, all B2Bs.
  8. So if you have the vaccine, you still have to get a covid test before boarding or does Princess give the test? How long does the test take to say positive or negative? We are driving instead of flying to avoid the airplane, so it will take 2 days to get to Florida. Does Walgreens give the test without appointment and how long does it take to get the results for that test?
  9. Was that just through May 14? Don't want to watch the entire video. Thanks. We are going in January 2022 and have 7 B2Bs already booked.
  10. Let's all pray all the covid will be behind us by then and we won't have an issue on the ship!
  11. We are doing the Caribbean Princess for the entire time. We love the Grand Class ships and I know my way around and don't get lost after all these years! LOL. I hate traveling to and from and packing and unpacking, so we like to make a "home" for the time. Plus, I usually clean "everything" in the room, as the stewards cannot possibly be expected to clean all the rooms they have in such a short time. Then, we know all is clean. Takes some time the first day, but well worth it to us. So, if we can only do 7 day cruises, we aren't interested. Our first cruise was 7 days 30 years ago and
  12. Agree with you. But I was talking to a friend who frequents the bars a lot and she said they are just getting together at peoples homes now with bars closed. So people always find a way. I agree to keep things open. The people who want to go can and the ones that should not go because of issues, stay clear. Everyone do their part and wear a mask and keep clean. It is spreading and really I don't think anyone knows how. It could be airborne. I feel going on a plane and spending time in an airport is more hazardous. Just my own opinion. No where to get away from someone who is sick. F
  13. A lot of red tape, I agree. The news...they are telling us what they want us to hear I believe. I hate to turn it on anymore. It is such a shame of all the people who lost their lives, businesses, homes, etc. etc. My heart goes out to them. I know it has been a struggle with us having our own business too. The bills continue to come in. You would think that everyone would work together for a common cause...The People and their futures and the futures of their children. Seems so simple, but will never happen.
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