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  1. Just not sanitary...get a glass and pour in your cup
  2. Ditto. The staff and officers get paid a lot more than the crew.
  3. Thank you soooo very much for taking time out of your trip to post and keep us all informed. We appreciate it so much.
  4. I am sorry...I forgot to thank you for your service...Nurses are Angels on earth.❤️
  5. Yes, various threads...things ever evolving and changes. our friend from St. Thomas, who is now in Florida, and his friend in St. Thomas, died. She had the vaccine, but she had diabetes. Two days she just had minimal symptoms, but then it turned for the worse and she could not get in Ft. L Hospital as it was full. By the time she went to Orlando, she was on a ventilator and died. He just said he knows the islands being from St. Thomas and now moving to Florida, which is high covid rate, but he said many of the islanders do not believe in the vaccine and are not getting it, so you may stay on the ship and others go off bringing it on board. Just FYI from someone looking out for us. NOTE: This is our own opinion, and just putting it out there.
  6. This will be sad for us. We enjoy the same waiters and table on our b2b cruises and don't want to have to go through all the things with each week 6 times. I thought they still had a traditional dining room? I thought I read it somewhere on CC.
  7. I don't know you but, YOU are a really good person to help others. Thank you from the heart, Mary
  8. I don't know you but, YOU are a really good person to help others. Thank you from the heart, Mary
  9. I BELIEVE YOU. Just sad not knowing. Just talked with my husband and he said he will just say in the room the entire time and be on the balcony except for dinner if he has to mask everywhere. I am not happy with that for 42 day cruise, b2bs. Read on this site about testing in dining room. I am not a doctor or nurse, but how sanitary is that when people will be eating in there? Ewww.
  10. I wonder if they are having the onboard testing because the cruises are so short. Anyone have an answer for seven, ten or fourteen day cruises????
  11. I am glad I am not the only planner! I have already begun setting things out weeks ago in my packing room! Now, if I have to put it all back. Lots of planning for 42 days of b2bs.
  12. I wish they would update their website if that is the new procedure. Just check FAQ section on Princess.com and here it is: Will I be able to book multiple cruises, back-to-back? Yes, back-to-back bookings will be available for vaccinated guests, subject to availability. Guests on back-to-back voyages will need to disembark the ship at the end of each voyage, receive a complimentary viral COVID-19 test, and will be permitted to board the ship again once they receive a negative test result. Guests who test positive for COVID-19 will be denied boarding on the next voyage, together with their family members and close contacts who are not fully vaccinated. If you, your family members, travelling companions or other close contacts are suspected of having COVID-19, you are entitled to a 100% Future Cruise Credit. We will closely monitor all guidance and will adapt and evolve this policy accordingly.
  13. Thanks for posting that about b2bs and testing!!! Keep us updated.
  14. LOL, good way to dry the swim suit! My DH will be jealous he is missing the action!
  15. My husband would have loved the movement of the ship. Seems most times it is very calm, only a few times it has been rocky, and he wishes for that all the time. He is not normal! He can carry a drink during the most roughest we have been on and not spill a drop. Me on the other hand, I can't do it at all. I told him it is hard to walk in heals and I have to use my flat sandals! LOL. You are making me very anxious to go reading your detailed posts. Love it. Thanks for taking the time. We appreciate it a lot.
  16. That is so great they are serving the crew! We usually do traditional in the main dining room at late seating. Hoping that won't be an issue. That drink you are having sounds amazing and different. What day is turnaround for you? Wishing you best of luck that all is good and you are healthy for the testing. Mary
  17. Yes, we are all so very fortunate that they are taking time out of their cruise to keep us informed. 💓
  18. Thank you for the update on the B2B passengers. I wonder why they are not having masks in between sipping drinks at the bars. Your ship is still in the YELLOW on the CDC website. I know this is flu season and they are anticipating more covid cases and for them to peak, as they did last year. Maybe that's the reason. I can deal with the masks and even not being able to get off the ship, but the B2B procedure of being tested and having to be off the ship even though no symptoms, I don't know. My DH just said yesterday, he has now been thinking about this too and having the constant thought we may have to leave the ship and not be able to finish. If we were just doing one trip, that would not be a problem. He even said it would be always in the back of his mind and he wouldn't be able to fully relax and enjoy. How close are the tables for 2 in the dining room? Are they still the same where they are right next to each other? Also, are you able to meet with the Maitre' D to discuss table placement/size? Thanks. We are glad you are having a wonderful time.
  19. Thanks for getting back to me. It is on Princess FAQ area that on b2bs you have to leave the ship to get tested (Alaska was in country so they did on ship, Caribbean would be off ship, which is what we are doing, as it is out of the country). We talked about the testing kits last night. It comes down to for 42 days, plus driving 2 days there and 2 days back and spending 4 days in Florida to be tested, if we are sent home after 7 days, I would be crushed. Hate the idea of driving, but in coming home at the beginning of all this covid from a cruise ship we were fine as we kept our distance, but on the plane someone was very sick behind us and we both got very very sick, sickest I ever was in my life. So, don't want to risk being on a plane and not being able to get away from someone. We just said instead of knowing we were on the ship and not having to put our luggage out, there always may be that what if hanging out there every 7 days and didn't know if we could enjoy ourselves with knowing someone may have to pack up our stuff or a false positive. I would be interested in what happens. I think they test OFF the ship, so they don't have to include that count in the covid numbers ON the ship, as technically, you are not ON the ship. In looking at the CDC site, there are a lot of ships with YELLOW. Green for most with just crew. I hope all will be OK with your trip and you will stay healthy and covid free! Have fun and keep us posted on this please.
  20. Would you mind posting about the b2b cruise procedure and how many were doing b2bs? Thanks. Enjoy
  21. Thank you for posting. This is my fear. We are doing 6 b2bs starting 1/16/22. I do not want to have to pack up all those times. Final payment is due in a few weeks. I don't feel comfortable having to do that and feel we would not be able to enjoy our trip. I wonder if they will still be doing it in 2022? UGHHHH
  22. Can you get them from Amazon with free shipping?
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