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  1. Good news...was worried about my Enchanted cruise in December, but now it seems good to go, just hoping DeSantis won't complicate things.
  2. Could it be that the two systems are somehow not 100% in sync (Princess and AA)? If Princess can update the PNR, that might fix the problem. You might need to ask them to transfer you to the air department to see if they can help... I also can't change my seats on AA website, only on Princess website...
  3. I have AA flights and I am able to select my seats. If you log in to Princess on the desktop/laptop, you will have the ability to change seats. I just checked, I can't change seat on the phone when I access Princess website, but it shows the "Change Seat" button when I am on the laptop.
  4. Nevermind, I thought I understood how they applied the discount, but it turns out every booking the math is different...
  5. This one was sent on 9/15/20: National Family Day is September 26. Celebrate by giving the gift of adventures ahead. This exclusive offer gives you a $50 bonus gift card to use through the end of next year. *Order $500 in Princess Cruises Gift Cards in a single transaction and receive a $50 Promotional gift card. Promotional Gift Card Offer is applicable to orders placed from 9/15/2020 6:00AM PDT to 9/28/2020 11:59PM PDT, while supplies last. Not sure if they will repeat it this year...
  6. Thanks for the instructions, this worked to get the documents...
  7. Not on my Blue cash either...
  8. Can't get the Dine My Way to work. For one cruise, there is no table for two until 8:40. For the other, there is table at a time I like. But in either case, when I click to confirm, I get an error message. So frustrating...
  9. So frustrating, it doesn't work for me on Android phone or iPad An error occurred, please try later What a piece of crap
  10. If there are no changes, that would be a big relief, as I don't want to rebook the flights and ask for more vacation days. Just hoping things will sort out in the next few days...
  11. Where did you get this list from? Perhaps this is a more accurate list than the one I found on their website.
  12. I am on that cruise, why else would I want to know if it is 7 night or 9 night? The flier is found on this website: https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/Deployment/CEL_Apex_2021_Deployment.pdf
  13. I don't understand how you can have these dates listed, but they don't make any sense... 10/24/21 + 4 = 10/28 ok 10/28/21 + 3 = 10/31 (missing) 11/4/21 + 9 = 11/13 ok 11/13/21 + 7 = 11/20 ok 11/20/21 + 9 = 11/29 (but the next sailing is 11/27?) 11/27/21 + 7 = 12/4 ok 12/4/21 + 9 = 12/13 (but the next sailing is 12/11?) 12/11/21 + 7 = 12/18 (but the next sailing is 12/20?) 12/20/21 + 7 = 12/27 ok 12/27/21 + 7 = 1/3 missing 1/15/22 + 9 = 1/24 missing
  14. Congrats Chris. I look forward to meeting you in January on the Odyssey.
  15. Just pointing out the facts. 10% is 10%. You can make whatever arguments you want, not trying to argue with anyone, but you can't say 10% is the whole country. If the other 90% of the country shows a different breakdown of how many people in each age group is hospitalized, that will change the narrative.
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