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  1. Could anyone tell me which hotels NCL uses in Venice when booking through them? Thank!
  2. I saw it described somewhere as a "traditional English/Irish pub bar (gastropub)" which led me to believe that they served food. Based on all your replies, sounds like not. Thanks all.
  3. I am seeing the "King and Country Pub" on deck plans (deck 6), between the cinema and the casino. Is this still there and if so, can anyone provide info. Thank you.
  4. Could someone please tell me the locations of the designated smoking areas. Thanks.
  5. We sent out a bag of laundry this past November on the TA Barcelona to Tampa on the Rhapsody. It was returned nicely folded in the straw basket. We did not have a free perk, we paid the bag charge.
  6. Thanks so much. Can I also assume that shops and restaurants will open as normal?
  7. I have read that all banks and shops and most museums and ancient sites close on this day. Can anyone confirm. Thank you.
  8. Have any recent cruisers taken the short ferry ride to Placencia? It's a fairly new offering, hoping to hear some reviews. Thanks.
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