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  1. I saw it described somewhere as a "traditional English/Irish pub bar (gastropub)" which led me to believe that they served food. Based on all your replies, sounds like not. Thanks all.
  2. I am seeing the "King and Country Pub" on deck plans (deck 6), between the cinema and the casino. Is this still there and if so, can anyone provide info. Thank you.
  3. Could someone please tell me the locations of the designated smoking areas. Thanks.
  4. We sent out a bag of laundry this past November on the TA Barcelona to Tampa on the Rhapsody. It was returned nicely folded in the straw basket. We did not have a free perk, we paid the bag charge.
  5. Thanks so much. Can I also assume that shops and restaurants will open as normal?
  6. I have read that all banks and shops and most museums and ancient sites close on this day. Can anyone confirm. Thank you.
  7. Just starting to look at this RoyalUP thing. Can I assume that you don't know the exact cabin # you are bidding on until it's accepted, with it then being too late to back out?
  8. Thank you all for your responses. As for the crowds, I will be there late October and hoping that makes a difference.
  9. I have a cruise stop coming up. As it is my first time in Santorini, I am trying to figure out the logistics. I will be arriving Oia by bus from Fira and believe I can pick up the main street there. Do people mainly stay on this street and then backtrack (to where I got off the bus?) About how long is this street?
  10. I have not been to Livorno but will be there in November. I've done some research and have listed the following, but be aware it is based on posts I've seen by others. Shuttle bus to downtown Livorno, 5 euros round trip/day pass, to be paid in cash on the pier. 15 min. Shuttle service is avail. from 7:30 am - 5:45 pm. (dropped off at the Piazza Municipio in downtown Livorno.) Shuttle to the train station - $15 pp return, avail. on the pier and charged to your onboard acct. *If the latter is arranged/booked by the ship, I would expect that it would be available as the ship docks.
  11. Thank you both. I had hoped this was not the case.
  12. It currently defaults at 25 posts per page. How can I increase that number?
  13. Not to side track but I believe we are sailing with you on the 11/9/19 TA Barcelona to Tampa (we've signed up for your winery tour in the Canaries). You mentioned above that you'll be on the Summit in Sept. We are on the 8/30 Canada/New England cruise, could that also be the same as yours?
  14. We wanted to go to Sandcastle this past February. Right outside the terminal there was a table set up for shuttles to both Sand Castle and Rainbow Beach. At 10:00 the Sand Castle shuttle was shut off as they had received word that the resort had no more chairs. Sorry, but I don't remember the cost.
  15. I've run several pub/poker crawls in the past and have found that trying to select 5 bars before boarding is not the best plan. Bar hours sometimes change from cruise-to-cruise. Some of the venues may be holding special events (trivia for example). For the purpose of informing the participants, they only need to know the "first" bar to meet-up. Once onboard I check out all the bars in advance and eliminate those that just don't fit (too small a venue for the numbers on the crawl for example) and come up with a list of possibilities. Then I check out the activity newspaper the night before to eliminate any that will be holding an activity that will conflict with our crawl. I've found it better to NOT tell the participants in advance which 5 bars we will be visiting to avoid the confusion of last-minute changes onboard. Just give them the meetup point (first bar) and you can do the rest in the background. Hope you've found this useful. Have fun!
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